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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: December 2013

Hmm. In lots of ways Fiance and are alike, and radically different in others.

  • Fiance is really quiet. Doesn’t talk, loves sitting in silence. I’m chatty chatty chatty
  • Fiance is like Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting. He’s creepy smart and in the rare moments he does make small talk, it’s usually something ridiculously intellectually brilliant. I am an intelligent person, but he makes me feel stupid (unintentionally) with the amount of knowledge he has
  • Fiance hates any form of social discussion, I love it. Fiance doesn’t care what so-and-so did, or what they said. He just has no desire to know about other people’s lives whatsoever. I love making small talk with family, friends, etc.
  • Fiance looooves fish. I hate it. I made him scallops last night and my entire condo smells horrendous
  • Fiance doesn’t care about weddings at all. He’d go to a courthouse if I’d let him. Hates the planning, wants nothing to do with it, etc. I LOVE WEDDINGS.
  • Fiance has NO drama in his life. No skeletons in the closet, nothing. I could write a soap opera on years 13-20 that teenagers would go nuts over.
  • Fiance is SO calm. I’m the anti-calm. I have severe anxiety and get panic attacks. I’ve never once seen Fiance remotely stressed. He doesn’t even bat an eye in stressful situations.
  • Fiance is more of a “traditional nerd” than I am. He loves WoW, Dungeons and Dragons, etc. I love weddingbee.

Overall he’s a sweetheart and he treats me like a princess. But his weird little quirks are so different from mine!

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: May 2012

FI;           Planner                                Me:  Fly by the seat of my pants

Fiance:           Structured          Me: fickle

Fiance:           Saver                     Me: Spender

Fiance:           narrow minded Me: Open minded

Fiance:           Home body        Me:   Outdoorsy

Fiance:           TV shows             Me:  bore to easy movies only for me

Fiance:           worrier                 Me:  wonder what he thinks worrying is good for

Fiance:           Dog lover             Me: cat lover (or all animals but love cats a bit more then dogs)

Fiance:           mature                 Me: immature

Fiance:           no imagoinations             Me: can’t turn off my imagenation

 I could go on all day, we are opposites for sure.               


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Bumble bee

I thought we were so alike when we first started dating…

  • DH *likes* organized, clean and tidy and *trys* to uphold that to prove that he takes care and takes pride in his things (I say “likes” and “trys” because he does get behind on it at times).  I, usually couldn’t care less.  I’m messy and used to live in a disorganized life.  My car still shows that…
  • Our political views are complete opposites.
  • With that said, so are our views on issues such as gays and gay rights and some aspects of health care.
  • I like showing some PDA (not shoving our tounges into each other’s throat, but little flirtations), DH doesn’t.  He won’t kiss me in public just for fun, unless he looks everywhere to see if no one is looking.
  • I’m a bit of a nomad, DH is more of a homebody; though we sometimes bring out the other in each other.
  • DH is very specific (and sometimes a diva) about certain things, I’m much more laid back.
  • I’m more apt to try new things and change. DH, not so much.
  • DH is more private, I’m an over-sharer (I’m on WB, that says it all)

A lot of communication and compromise is needed, but we are alike in our understanding of what each other needs and wants so that and our love for each other is the glue to our marriage.

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Bumble bee

Oh, this is an amazing post! 🙂

  • Fiance is into science; he’s very logical, critical, and analytical. I’m into the supernatural; anything impossible or weird I just adore.


  • Fiance is loud. By that, I mean he is opinionated to anyone around him, wherever he is, whatever the subject matter is. I, on the other hand, have GAD/social anxety, and refuse to talk to people I don’t know. I’m not being rude or standoffish intentionally, I just dread the thought of talking to people I don’t know and having them criticize me.


  • Fiance never wanted to get married. He was dead against it, and imagined himself as somewhat of a neverending bachelor. I’ve been ‘planning’ my wedding since I was old enough to speak. I’ve had numerous ‘wedding ceremonies’, in which I would take whatever unlucky friend/cousin/sibling was around me and they would be my ‘groom’.


  • Fiance loves video games. CoD, Skyrim, the works (I don’t know any other games, hah! That shows how much I care about them). I love board games. Clue, Life, Monopoly, Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit…that is where my heart lies. 🙂


  • Fiance loves heavy metal music. I mean, the screaming-in-your-face kind with loud guitars and even louder drums and so many lyrics at once you can’t think straight. I like indie.


  • Fiance is an aquatic biology major; he loves fish, he loves water, he loves learning salmons’ mating patterns and how long it takes to freeze a cube of ice if there is a minnow trapped inside swimming rapidly around and warming the water up (lol, idk what I’m talking about); I love to kill fish. I was a brutal fish murderer for my entire childhood….I’d take the fish I caught (did I mention I was skilled at catching them? I’m a pro) and lay them to ‘bake’ in the sun. (Note: I don’t do this anymore; it was just the childhood psycho in me.)


  • Fiance has an incredibly steady hand; he can do anything art-related without a care in the world; yeah, you can just call me “Klutz” from now on.


  • Fiance can play the guitar and sing, beautifully, and he can actually make me tear up from some of the things he’s written. I just can’t. I don’t even want to try singing in front of him; it’d make his ears explode.


  • Fiance has NO grace when it comes to dancing, though. Couldn’t dance to save his life. I was a ballerina, a gymnast, and a tapdancer. I was also in danceline. 🙂


  • Fiance knows SO much. Talk about any subject, (well, related to something outdoors) and he can go on for 20 minutes about everything related to the subject and a few things that are interesting facts but are really just about something nature-related. (He’s adorable; he does this subconciously without even realizing he’s done it); I, on the other hand, am intelligent (when it comes to English or math), but nothing science-y. Not at all. I’m horrible.


  • Fiance has the WORST memory of anyone I’ve ever met in my entire life. Just last night, he was going to get some gum for my dad, and right as he got out, I told him, “He wants cobalt and ice. Remember that. Cobalt. and Ice.” 3 minutes later, he calls me, “What kind did you say he wanted again?” Sheesh. I’m glad he remembers my birthday at this rate…if he does. I have an excellent memory, and it’s why I’m so great at test-taking. Give me something to memorize, and I’ll have it done in 5 minutes and remember it for 15 years.


  • Fiance is amazing; I am just lucky to have him. (Okaaaay that last one didn’t follow suit but I AM lucky to have my wonderful man.)


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Worker bee
  • Wedding: November 2011

  •  DH is a cave dweller and would not notice an apocalyspe occurring outside. I bounce around all over the place, and am more than well prepared for any situation. (I carry a large purse that usually has something someone asks for – including snacks :))
  • DH fixes everything as mentioned in the earlier posts.  Sometimes he even fixes things that don’t need fixing – hence it’s about the 3rd week we’ve not had cable b/c he’s decided he no longer believes we should pay to rent the box.
  • DH spends, I save. 

  • DH has no desire for cuddly animals and has had reptiles and salt water fish in his past.  I’ve had dogs and cats. 
  • DH is a morning person, I’m an all nighter
  • DH prefers to work on one project at a time, I have at least 4 things going at any one time
  • DH is a technical genious and handy man, I’m not so technical but can putz my way through my own fixes if necessary. 
  • DH is afraid of drawing, I’m pretty comfortable with the arts
  • DH loves to sing, I won’t sing unless I’m intoxicated or in the car alone
  • DH is a bit of a hypochondriac and has a closet full of vitamins, I take a multi vitamin maybe twice a month if I remember.
  • DH says he eats to live, whereas I live to eat, and wander all over town for new items 
  • DH is resistant to change whereas I tend to go with the flow and not resist change much 
  • DH loves video games, the last time I was addicted to anything was Tetris. Angry Birds didn’t even get me. 
  • DH has a pretty horrendous memory also.  I recall everything to the nit picky details no one else cares to retain. 
  • DH’s humor is animated where as mine is more subtle and based on what’s said not how it’s said. 

How are we alike? 

  • We’re both oblivious to politics
  • We both tend to research purchases to no end before buying them, however if its electronics related he probably already knows
  • DH views himself as an anti social person but when we’re out and about he’ll chat anyone up. 
  • We like to hike and wander the town together


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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: April 2012

I am very out going, my husband is on the quiet side

I am messy he is cleaner

He is organized I am not

I am a saver, he is getting better at saving!

… there are a lot of things we are opposite on which is why I think we are so good for eachother, but the things we are not oppisite on are the things that matter, which are our morals and our foundation to our relationship!  I think oppisites attract, to a point, you cant be opposite on everything or it wont work!

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: September 2012 - Southern California

Aww.. this is so my FH & I!

  • He is so smart when it comes to seriously like everything!  I know what I need to know [ie school, work, etc], but don’t generally really know all the detailed random facts FH does haha.


  • He is so stubborn & I am a people-pleaser to it’s farthest extent!


  • He plays video games at every free chance he gets & I haven’t the slightest clue about any of them.


  • He’s a Dodger fan & I’m an Angel fan ;].


  • He is not a great listener.  He interrupts & always has something to say.  I, on the other hand, can listen for hours to everyone ..I’m not much of a talker anyway.


  • He is always hot & I am always cold!


  • He’s a saver, I’m a spender.


  • He will any & everything, but I’m a super picky eater [sue me!].


  • His favorite music artist is Eminem & mine is Rascal Flatts.


  • He prefers fictional movies/books [Harry Potter, Star Wars, you get the idea] & I am strictly ‘real life’ kind of scenaries [chick flicks, comedies].


  • Aside from our movie/book tastes, he is much more of a realist & I am always so positive.

We always joke about how opposite we are “inside” because physically we look so similar which is slightyly disturbing sometimes haha.  We’re both white with broad shoulders, long arms, bad eyesight [we both wear glasses & I know that doesn’t help], & of course just super duper handsome/pretty ;] jk.  On two different occasions, we have been asked if we were brother & sister!  ..see pic!

I love him so much though & I wouldn’t trade any trait about him for anything <3.

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