(Closed) Opposites Attract?

posted 7 years ago in Relationships
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    I used to think opposites attracted when I was with my ex because yes, we were attracted.  However, in the long term out personalities were just too different (plus our backgrounds and what we wanted with life… lets not forget that tid-bit!) and I find my relationship with my Fiance is like 5 billion times better, and we are a LOT alike!  Two dorks over here ๐Ÿ™‚

    but of course it is different with every relationship!

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    I think we were complete opposites, but years of being together I think we are now pretty similar

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    We are total opposites. It bothers me sometimes, but he’s totally fine with it.

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    When I was getting to know Darling Husband, I was completely amazed that he seemed to be the male version of me.  We met at work, so we work in the same field.  We’re both vegetarians, runners, readers, like the same type of music and vacations… it just kept going on.  ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I wouldn’t say we are opposites, but I would say that we complement each other personalities vs. being the same. I have a very opinionated and demanding personality and like things my way while he is laid back and go with the flow. This is one of the reasons we get along so well. His presence also relaxes me and makes me more easy going and I encourage him to voice his opinion more often and always listen to him when he does.

    As far major life decisions (kids, careers, where we live, etc) we want the same things. We enjoy many of the same interests.

    My ex was similar in personality to me but opposite in interests, that simply didn’t work.

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    We were pretty similar when we met (music we liked, things we wanted, general likes) but we were 14 and 15 years old, so yes we are pretty similar today but it’s mainly because we kind of grew up together and complementing each other, we’re similar but not the same I lack what he haves and I have what he lacks but it’s because we work as a team.

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    Fiance is the quiet thinker, I am usually cluttered everywhere. He likes to do things in a slow pace, I like living life at times when things happen more often.. Adding up all of our different qualities, me and Fiance might be nerdy but in a different way all together. I have my nerdy stuff, he has his.. but in the end, it turned out pretty fine!

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    We are just opposite enough to make things interesting, but similar enough to make it work.


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    @Mrs.tobe: This!

    On major things we see eye-to-eye on Ie. how to raise children, we have similar values, how we deal with family drama (our family histories are eerily similar). We have similar tastes in music & entertainment. However, there are other issues where we are like oil & water. He’s far more organized and overall alot more responsible than I am. He a saver, I’m the spender; he’s the cooker, I’m the eater; he can be hermit, I love to socialize and go out. You get he picture.

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    I think when we met we were very different, and over time we grew in very similar ways…. 

    what ever that means ๐Ÿ™‚


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    @Mrs.tobe: That’s how I think of it, too!  We come from very similar backgrounds (heck, we went to high school together) and have the same core values, but handle situations and stress differently.  We agree on the big stuff, which I think is important (to us, anyway) but disagree enough to keep us interesting ๐Ÿ™‚

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    there are some ways that we’re very similar but also different. like, we’re both pretty quiet around other people in general, but in different ways– i’d say i’m better at maintaining acquaintances than he is and talking to new people, but he’s better at maintaining a larger number of closer friendships than i am. our main difference was that in college i was extremely studious and he was more interested in having fun with his friends; there’s still a little of that, i’m in grad school and throw myself into work, he has a good job but it isn’t his entire life/he doesn’t work all the time, etc.

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    I am the loud one, who can not spell, who looks into the furture. He is the shy, quiet one, who can spell, who lives life everyday like it was his last. We love to shop, we love to see movies and go to dinner, we love to watch football on sundays. We were very different at first, but then we grew up together, learning and growing from one another, so are we truly different or smiliar? 

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    In some ways we are the same and in some ways we are the opposite.

    I’m blunt and truely believe people need to hear my opinion if I don’t agree while he will keep his thoughts quiet. I am all about going “out on the town” with friends, drinking and dancing while he is a homebody. He likes to sit and relax while I can’t, I am always moving. He is quiet in public places where we don’t know many people while I have no problem singing and dancing and acting crazy. I am a big dreamer and he is realistic. Whenever I am quiet and shy he is loud and talkative.

    However, we have the same sense of humor usually and find each other to be the funniest person ever. We both love sports, being outside, working out, country music and a good beer. We are also both pretty laid back and family focused.

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