Optional 3D/4D ultrasound worth it?

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I didn’t have one with my first two children- not sure they were even offered 14 years ago? But with my last baby we opted for it so that our older daughters could see their new baby sister to make a connection before she was born. It was actually pretty cool.

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I didn’t do any elective scans with my first and won’t with this one either. Don’t really see the point?

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I thought they were cool, my husband thought they were creepy, and so I decided that for $180 (in my area) I’d just skip it. The last 12 weeks will go by more quickly than you think, but you just have to decide whether or not you want to spend the money!

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We’ve had an 8wk(dating), 13wk(w the blood work for abnormalities) and 21wk scan. I was in a car accident at 26wk so they did another scan. Im 31wk and my OB said she doesnt suspect there are any problems but wants 1 more scan to be sure.

This is a lot more scans than we initially had planned so we are opting out of the 3d/4d one, as exciting as they seem! Just dont see the need to expose the baby again just for our pleasure.

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I suppose how much you want to see. 

Personally I’ve opted for minimum scans from a health point of view and I just don’t feel the need for it. We aren’t finding out the baby’s sex until birth for example. 

I like the element of not seeing everything about the baby while in utreo. 

If you feel it really would be an important experience for you and your husband than go for it.

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every ultrasound i had included 3d.  i didn’t realize it wasn’t standard. the machines all do them, it is just a button click.  i think it is amazing what technology can show.  it is up to you if you think the $125 is worth it.  i think the pictures are pretty neat to have.

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I LOVED my elective scan, however we went to a place that considers themselves a “boutique” and we went strictly to find out the sex. I will probably go back later in my pregnancy so my Mom can join us since I think she would get a kick out of it. I also want better pics in 3D/4D. We spent $130 (we bought a heartbeat animal too) and it was just such a great experience. I say if you can afford to do it, then do it. If it would strap you guys down then I wouldn’t.

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My doctor’s office does do the 3D/4D images with each ultrasound included, and honestly, I prefer the regular 2D.  Yes, the 3D looks more like a real baby, but the image is distorted (especially if your baby wiggles a lot) and you can actually see more as far as organs and parts in the 2D.  Some people get a 3D of the face, which gives you an idea of what they will look at, which is pretty cool, but my baby absolutely would not cooperate with that!  She was busy sucking her fingers and would not look out at us to capture pictures- I guess she really wants to be a surprise!!  I’m not a patient person and definitely didn’t want to wait to find out the sex, so it is nice to still have a lot of surprise when she is born, and had we got better images from her we wouldn’t get that as much.  As a FTM, I probably would have at least been very tempted to purchase the 3D/4D had they not been included, but I definitely would have been disappointed.  I NEVER look at my 3D images, but I do look at my 2D ultrasounds.

I understand being tempted just to see your baby too!  I’ve already had 3 (9 weeks, 13 weeks, and 20 weeks).  My doctor does 9 weeks for dating, 12-13 to test if you are at a higher risk for down syndrome and other syndromes (they carefully measure the neck), and 20 for the automy.  I will we getting one more at 32 weeks- I think my doctor often does one of the cervix around that time to check risks for preterm delivery, but there was also a minor concern with baby they want to get checked out.  I love getting to see her, and having to wait 2-3 months in between that feels like an eternity!!  I just try to remember that in 2 months I’ll get to see my baby every single day and I try to be patient.  Unless there is a reason for an ultrasound, minimal scans are supposed to be better- but I would trust your doctor’s advice.      

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lula0508 :  I’ve had plenty of additional scans at a specialist since my anatomy scan due to a possible health concern (confirmed it wasn’t there) and then because baby was measuring very small and they want to monitor her growth. So I was going weekly for a bit, having a full growth scan one week, and a biophysical profile the next. When I have the full growth scans, they’ve switched over the the 3D/4D (we didn’t request it and wasn’t an extra charge).

I LOVED IT! The first 3D/4D image we got is still my overall favorite image from all the ultrasound pics we’ve gotten to date now. I honestly used to think they were kind of creepy, but when we saw her face, I instantly recognized my nose and chin. It was incredible and definitely strengthened the bond, and added to our excitement. 

That said… I’d still have a difficult time paying for it. Mainly because there’s never a guarantee you get a good image. The techs have the ability to remove some things blocking baby but not all of it and in doing so, it can take away from the image of the baby too. Just make sure if you decide to have the scan, you don’t go in with the expectation you’re going to get a perfectly clear picture of your baby’s face. 



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My perinatologist did one for us at a regular appointment (no extra cost) and it was pretty cool to see baby’s face so clearly. But I don’t think I would have paid extra for it. Also, they tried it at couple different appointments before we could even see the face clearly (finally did on attempt #4) so I would have been super disappointed if I paid extra for all those tries!

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We’ll be doing one! Currently scheduled for the end of August when I’m 30 weeks 🙂 I’m pretty sure it cost around $180 for the package. 

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