(Closed) Organized Bees, I need your help! (LONG – TL;DR included)

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storage shelves are great and you can organize them by purpose; tools, paint stuff, housewares, xmas/holiday decor, etc.

as for other stuff, store them in the room that they will be needed in.  towels in the bathroom or linen closet.  table cloths, napkins, placemats in the dining room.

i am not sure what areas need the most attention.

a garage sale might be a good idea too.

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Okay, this woman is amazing: http://www.abowlfulloflemons.net/

I did her 21 days of organization like two years ago when Fiance and I needed a home facelift. It was insane and awesome. It was like P90X for your house.

She has tons and TONS of ideas and suggestions. Obviously, you want need/want to do everything, but pick the things in your life that you know need organized and just follow her instructions to the letter.

Also, don’t be afraid to throw stuff away or donate it! My BFF is such a packrat, and it makes it so much harder for her to stay organized because she just has a LOT of stuff. It’s not impossible, but if you have less stuff, it’s easier to stay on top of it all.

My best tip: when you’re done using something, put it where it goes. Seriously. That 30 seconds makes all the difference in the world.

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following, I am very very good at organizing , have considered it professionally, and can give you tips and pictures post wedding (9 days left) or when I get a little break : ) 

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To @SakuraBlossomBee:  Lol, I read a lot on cleaning & organization… but unfortunately I’m not the best one to put it all into practice.

I think the key is tackling just one thing at a time… I know that is where I’ve had my greatest successes in the past.

Mr TTR & I live in a not too big darly 1980s house… so space is at a premium.

Cupboard space is particularly dismal.

Our Kitchen is the worst…

Awhile back as a stop gap measure until we gut the Kitchen down to the walls and start over with a new more modern design & fittings, we decided to turn a rarely used Closet in the Hall (Mudroom / Laundry Room actually) into a LARGE Panty.

We ripped out the hanging rod, and installed Rubbermaid heavy-duty wire shelving that we bought at Home Depot.  It took is quite a few hours to do this project… but the change has been dramatic in that we now have a single place to store the majority of our foodstuffs (and we don’t miss the underused Clothes Closet… we hang ALL our outdoor coats etc now in the nearby Front Hall Closet… no big deal to walk the extra 20 feet).

Where I have found inspiration is off of Pinterest… the secret tho for us disorganized procrastinators I’ve found tho is not to overwhelm yourself.

Pick a project you want to do and WHEN… One Closet, one set of drawers, one set of cabinets… and then go to Pinterest to get some insipiration.

I say pin for a few days / week.  And then gather up your ideas, choose the best ones, buy your supplies, and take a half-day / day / weekend and implement them for the particular project you have in mind.

Then bask in a job well done, and plan the next one.

Hope this helps,

PS… Lol my current life is a mass chaos, as Mr TTR & I are now in the process of combing 2 households into one (and as I said not a big house)… going thru a lifetime of stuff, figuring out what to keep, give away / sell, throw & recycle is a HUGE undertaking.  And no doubt it will require a good part of this Winter to do.  So I truly do get the “too much stuff / where do I put it all aspect of your post”

As they say the best plan is…

“A place for everything… and everything in its place”

Remembering to put things back where they belong is a challenge of its own sometimes.

Just keep on truckin’, and do the best you can.

I think that the rewards of a job well done, and things looking good is a reward in itself.


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A. I think yuo and hubby will learn to put things asway in the same place over time.

B. “Gee Mother-In-Law I would LOVE to take this but we are just so short on room right now, can I store these here for now?”  or “Thanks so much for the napkin rings”  –and then donate them. or ut them in sotrage. Then donate them after a little while. 

C. Paperwork, Depending on how much you have. I love these. 

Smead Antimicrobial A-Z Accordion Expanding File

Or these with file folders inside 

Snap-n-store Snap N Store Storage Box

Or if you have a ton of stuff ten a filing cabinet. I would probably lean toward the boxes though. Buy file foldersl Make categories: Taxes, legal papers , records, Marriage, pets etc. Expand as needed 


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1. Getting Organized! Getting started! Materials 1



2.  Getting Organized! Getting started! The Method 2



3.  Getting Organized: Sample Room: The Office. 3





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First of all, get rid of all that stuff you will never use.  I would even go through your own stuff.  If you haven’t used it in 2 years and it doesn’t have sentimental value then get rid of it.  Take it to Goodwill.

You can get filing boxes so I would either get those of a filing cabinet and put it somewhere out of sight but easy to access (office, basement storage area, etc).

If you have storage space I would look into getting shelving for that.  That way everything has a place and you can see what you have.  Also good for a garage too.

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I find that going through “stuff” with a trusted friend is likely to tamp down the hoarder in us all. They can help you identify what’s important and figure out what to do with it. Donate, unpack, start using, return, etc.

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Don’t be afraid to get RID of the stuff Mother-In-Law gives you if you find you can’t refuse it (or want to give yourself time to work toward refusing)
If you don’t need it and it becomes “yours,” you may do what you like with it. My vote is to throw it out!

Don’t be afraid to throw things away – consider tackling one room at a time and aiming for one big garbage bag full of throw-out items, and another full of donate items (donate as much as you can! and get receipts for tax refunds!)

I am a big fan of experimenting with organization systems. It’s a bit more work, but worth it if you find a system that you like. I usually DIY it at first, then if I really like it I figure out why (and what I don’t like) and improve on it in a few months. I don’t always get it the first time, but sometimes I do!

I’m also a big fan of researching different organization methods and picking up a few ONLY because you think they’re pretty. If you like the look, you’re more likely to use it. (my personal exception to this rule is covered boxes. They need to be see-through or they just don’t work for me.)

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@SakuraBlossomBee:  I am too organized for my own good, BUT – three things that will make life a million times easier


(1) A filing cabinet, file folders, and a sharpie. I found a little filing cabinet on kijiji, bought some file folders, and now all of my paper is filed and put away.  Everything from credit card bills, to mortgage information, to wedding invitations I have saved, etc. It’s all filed and in folders.


(2) A label maker.  Yes, I own one – you can buy them at Wal-mart and they have models for $25 – 50.  If you get one, pick one with an easy-to-use keypad as it makes it so much easier to use. To avoid any arguments with where things go, I’ve labelled their bins/shelves and now everyone knows where things belong!

(3) Clear tupperware bins of a variety of shapes and sizes – if they are clear, it’s easier to see what the contents are. Organize your bins (e.g. office supplies, printer paper, tools,  christmas supplies, etc.) and then label them.  If you’re short on storage space – which it doesn’t sound like you are in your home – there are shallow ones great for extra dishes, wrapping paper, DVDs, etc that easily fit under beds. Just label everything so it’s easy to find!

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@SakuraBlossomBee:  I think your number one step should be getting rid of some of your stuff. I like the garage sale another bee suggested. I’m a personal believe that everything needs a place and if it doesn’t have a place, it does t belong in my house.

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Scan in paperwork, back it up to the cloud, throw everything you can out (after shredding it). We only keep things that have to be originals on hand.

Learn how to say NO to the Mother-In-Law. Purge purge purge. I bet you could take 15 bags of stuff to Goodwill and not even miss anything – do that this weekend.

Living in tiny spaces in cities has taught me that you don’t need all the “stuff” most people in the average huge US house have. We lived in 620 sq ft with no clutter. We now live in 1600 sq ft  – no attic, no basement, no garage – with no clutter. No excuse for having a 5+ bedroom house, no kids, and clutter!!

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