OT: What do you cook for dinners most nights

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I alternate between meat, fish and chicken, usually with two sides a salad and vegetables . I really enjoy cooking. Everyday I cook but I try to cook so that there’s leftovers for our lunches

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I usually cook 5 or 6 nights a week. Usually we go out on Saturday and Friday it’s a toss up. Tonight I made homemade pesto, grilled chicken and carrot noodles(frozen). Probably took about 45 min but I did some minor prep (toasting pine nuts and washing veggies) before hand. I’d say most meals take 30-45 Min to prep. I only buy pre made meals as a last ditch effort to avoid take out but try to avoid if I can. We keep the freezer stocked with Wegmans pre marinated chicken breast and always have fresh and frozen veggies so worst case scenario, we have grilled chicken and veggies. This week on the menu: homemade beef stroganoff (new recipe I’m trying), spicy pork noodles (another new recipe), and honey chipotle chicken bowls (recipe is for tacos but I will make as a rice bowl).  I also resort to stir fry when I’m out of ideas. I always keep frozen rice and cauliflower rice on hand so I can focus on the main dish. I spend a few hours during the week perusing Pinterest for new recipe ideas and try to switch it up but I keep a list of ones that are tasty and easy and will dig that up if I need ideas. It helps that we don’t have kids and I don’t anticipate spending as much time cooking once we do. But we try to eat relatively healthy so eating homemade food is important to us. We lived in a major city for 5 years and did take out 2-3 nights a week and we both gained weight and I swore we wouldn’t do that again.  

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Since having a kid we do freezer meals 90% of the time. I especially like freezer crockpot meals. Just put all the raw ingredients in a bag, freeze, thaw when ready to use and throw in the crockpot. Sooo easy! And you store them in gallon freezer bags so they don’t take up much space. https://www.thirtyhandmadedays.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/12-Crockpot-Freezer-Meals-That-Will-Save-You-200-This-Month-Printable.pdf

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We also mKe a bunch of burritos, taquitos, and similar items that we can freeze and then pull out to eat on busy nights. 

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We eat in every night but I usually only cook 2-3 different meals each week and we eat each one for 2-4 days. On Sunday we usually have frozen pizza since it’s D.H’s favorite and we’re tired from doing the weekly cleaning. I love cooking and would make intricate homemade meals every day if I had unlimited time, but except for special occasions I do very simple meals that take little prep work. 

We recently cut out red meat and are cutting back on chicken so I’m learning a few new go-to vegan meals. Tonight I made chicken alfredo pasta (sauce from a jar) with steamed broccoli and it should last us through Wednesday. Our other meal this week is cooked barley with roasted squash and vegan meat crumbles. Baked fish with pasta, veg, and salad is also a go-to. Or shepherds pie with puréed squash and mashed potatoes, taco bowls or zucchini taco boats, yogurt marinated chicken with pasta and veg, spaghetti with vegan meat crumbles, etc. I pick meals with simple ingredients and cook in ~30 minutes not including whatever meal prep I do. Usually on the weekends after I shop I’ll go ahead and prep everything. I didn’t this week, but if I had I would have thawed, cut up, and cooked the chicken, cooked the noodles and mixed with the chicken and sauce, steamed all the broccoli, cubed the squash so it was ready to roast, and made sure I had the correct portion of “meat” crumbles ready to thaw. It takes me 1-2 hours on a Saturday or Sunday and then very little cooking throughout the week.

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I have a two person household. I used to be a bit more adventurous and thoughtful with cooking but I’ve toned it down a lot. I’ll cook 2-3 times a week so that there are leftovers. I’m a big fan of soups but I’ll also make pastas, chicken with rice and vegetables, etc. I always have certain frozen foods (chicken patties, nuggets, frozen pizza) on hand because sometimes I can’t get around to cooking and it’s more economical than other options. I also keep a bag of frozen chicken around because it usually takes a few days to unthaw in the fridge. I like to put the marinade or seasonings on the chicken while it unthaws, so that when it’s ready I just have to bake it. When I do cook, I prefer simple recipes that have fewer ingredients and don’t require a ton of prep. I have a document on my laptop with different recipes saved. 

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Many people think that cooking from scratch takes longer than it really does, or needs to.  I cook most nights. We have fish, chicken or a non-meat alternative most nights, beef perhaps once every two weeks or so.

Cooking a chicken breast, and steaming some carrots or broccoli takes less than 30 minutes, and you don’t have to be standing at the stove the whole time. Add a salad and we’re done.

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Starfish55 :  DH and I both work fulltime with long hours.  We usually take it in turns to cook and we washup on the same night that we cook, so the next night we have completely off.

Two nights a week, usually in the middle of the week, we have meat and veg.  The first night I’ll quickly help him peel some potatos and carrots etc and we have potato, sweet potato, carrot, peas, broccoli and pumpkin.  We cut up enough for 2x nights and put the rest in the fridge.  We’ll couple that with steak or lamb chops, chicken kiev etc.  If I’m cooking, I’ll make a fancy sauce but DH usually just uses garlic butter. It makes the second night a breeze, just chuck everything in the oven and your good, and it makes sure we get some veggies in us each week. 

Otherwise we have things like tacos, chicken parmas, homemade pizza, pasta dishes etc.  

DH is the fussiest human you’ll ever meet (drives me crazy) so our options are pretty limited.  I would like to eat cleaner for dinner  but I cannot be bothered making 2 meals.  I eat very healthily and vegetarian during the day, and only have a smallish portion for dinner to balance it. 

DH takes a frozen meal for lunch every day (I batch cook for him on a Sunday) so he refuses to eat from the freezer at dinner too.  If we aren’t prepared to cook then we will get takeout.  We used to be pretty bad with takeout, getting it 3ish days a week but now we are pretty strict about only once a week. 

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We cook about 5 nights a week, one of which is a pre-made meal from Trader Joe’s that we just toss in the oven (highly recommend their chicken parmesan or meatloaf 😍). We generally just steam vegetables or make a salad for pretty much all sides, easy-peasy. We usually rotate between chicken, hamburgers/ground beef, & the occasional steak, etc. We’re super basic. Neither of us enjoy cooking so our meals tend to be pretty plain & quick.

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I cook 5-6 days a week depending on what we have going on with social outings and how far our leftovers go.  Household of 2. 

Typically do meatless 2-3 nights a week. Meat 1-2 nights a week and fish/seafood once a week.  I always do something easy & quick on Mondays, a 30 minute or less meal. By Wednesday I’m up for making something more fun and often do a more involved meal on Wednesday or Thursday.  I meal plan Monday through Thursday or Friday and the weekend meals are made out of whatever’s hanging around needing to be used up.  

I tend to gravitate towards one pot meals or build your own type meals (like tacos) or spread of mixed small plates.  I don’t do a lot of cooking in the frame of a protein + a starch + a veggie.  I do some though. 

I enjoy cooking a lot and some weeks I put many hours into it but I get in ruts from time to time too.  I’m in one now actually.  Simple egg or pasta dishes help fill in the gaps during these ruts, I will pair them with a simple green salad or wilted greens.  If I have cheese I’ll make basic quesadillas and cowboy beans.  These are all things that can be done in 20-ish minutes.

I try to have a decent stash of leftovers in the freezer for emergencies.  


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This week I’ve been cooking a lot salmon. Tomorrow night it’ll be garlic lemon butter salmon with rice and some green beans on the side. I tend to cook a lot of the same meats every week (a week for salmon, followed by a week of chicken… with some lamb chops or steak sprinkled in.) I try to mix up the spices to keep it interesting. But dinner almost never takes longer than 30 minutes to cook.

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cooking is my down time, so I cook dinner 6 times a week. I use sunday afternoon to meal prep a few dinners and lunches. this week i have prepared:

  • slow cooked chicken drumstick coconut curry
  • meatloaf
  • roast veggies
  • kale and spinach salad (used for lunches, add boiled eggs, smoked salmon, grilled chicken, canned tuna)

And during the week I will make:

  • stir fried noodles with veg and leftover crumbled meatloaf
  • lasagne with leftover meatloaf and veg
  • lamb chops with sweet potato bake and greens
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My husband works longer hours than me so I cook every night, and he will a bit on the weekend! 

I usually do spiced chicken or beef or seafood, with rice or cous cous, and vegetables or salad. Other regular things I do are pies and quiche. 

I also do simple pastas and ravioli, and a Sunday roast if we have people over. I love baking because I can just put stuff in a dish in the oven and leave it xo

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