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Use myfitnesspal to track your calories. It keeps you accountable for what you eat, and you can make better choices basef on your allotted calories.

Keep nuts on hand. They are high calorie, but satiating. Peanut butter is great, too. 

I eat what I want in moderation, but find salad to be essential because it is good and very low cal. I also love tuna salad with onions, sandwiched between two slices of cucumber. 

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@elle_z:  I use myfitness pal too. Works great (when I use it). I like it better than diets because it doesn’t restrict what I eat, just how much I eat. Much easier to stick to it than trying to cut out all the food I love cold turkey.

I go to the gym 3 times a week for light weight high rep lifting. Helps me stay toned and burns a lot of callories if done right. I jog with the dog when the weather is good enough for it, but it’s getting colder, so I’ll probably have to start doing cardio at the gym again now.

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Myfitnesspal is great too because it has a pie chart that tells you what proportion each component of your diet too.  It helped me realize that even though I was in the right area for my calories I was eating far too many carbs. 


Good luck!

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The most successful lifestyle change I had was after I read “The Abs Diet for Women” by David Zinczenko. Completely changed how I looked at food and how my body reacts to different food groups and beverages. Made me think twice about what I put in my mouth, because some realities of our modern diet scares me! Especially the part about beverages and fast food. David Zinczenko co-wrote the books “Eat This, Not That!” which I also highly recommend!

When I started, I was around 175-180, and now I’m 130. I did suffer a knee injury that put me on crutches and I did lose weight from loss of muscle mass, but that book changed my life, really. I recommend it to everyone because it’s not a “diet” but a lifestyle change. I do have to tone up again, though. I haven’t gained any weight, but I just generally had a hard time exercising after my injury. I swim, but it’s not toning me the way I’d like. :/

Jillian Michaels’ books are great, too! She has a no-nonsense approach to fitness and discipline! I have her yoga DVD, and I love it because it’s intense with the benefits of yoga.

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I have recently lost 130+ lbs since early 2011.  I started at 298 lbs.  I toggle between 165-170 now (if it’s getting close to that time of the month).

I started with a modified atkins.  I didn’t deprive myself of carbs, I just watched the choice of carbs I was making.  Nothing white.  Only wheat bread/pasta, brown rice. I based my day around protein.  Cottage cheese, greek yogurt, tuna, chicken, fish, and green veggies.  http://www.sparkrecipes.com saved me.  I love food-I admit it and I am proud – but I also get bored with it as well.  So that website helped me find different recipes for different food options while keeping it healthy. I also never was a breakfast person.  Now I can’t start my day without it.  It keeps me from binging during the day. I also use myfitnesspal as well to keep myself accountable. Lots of water.  Zumba and walking for exercise.

The key was being consistant.  Once I started seeing results it kept me motivated.  I am a weight now I have never been.  Not even in high school.  So being able to go into ANY store and find clothes (I am a shopaholic) is an amazing feeling.

I have that Jillian’s 30 day shed – I have yet to take it out the box.  Everyone who has tried it, how do you like it??

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I’m trying to but it’s not going well. With it being winter I’m so cold I just want eat. I eat soup. meat and veg. I tend not to be organised and then I’m too tired to cook. Then I tend to eat instant food which is horrid for weightloss. Thanks for the reccommendation of the book.

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I started the 30 day shred last week and i really like it. It’s only 20 minutes, but it’s a real thorough workout. I was doing so well then the hurricane hit and I lost power for 4 days. now I have to start all over lol. Anyway, I highly recommend it. Hm, maybe I should go pop it in now since I’m up! 

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I LOVE Amy’s Light and Lean line of frozen meals.  I hate to cook, so I just throw one in the microwave and be done with it.

They are all organic, low cal, reasonable on the carbs, very filling and hi fiber as well as delicious.

My fave is the tofu scramble, 320 cals but only 19 carbs.  It’s not on the Light and Lean side but I think it qualifies.  It’s awfully filling, tho. Maybe too much for one sitting.



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@Waitingtoexhale:  It was very hard for me to actually get motivated to lose the weight because I “carried” it very well. I didn’t look very overweight or anything to most people, and my mom didn’t believe I weighed as much as I did…but on a personal level you know when you’re not where you should be. I had reached that point when I was starting to feel really down and just sick physically. I have been athletic all my life…why should that change? So I started my journey. It took only about 3 months (I was BLOWN AWAY at how cutting out soda affected my body!!) but I’m proud I’ve kept it off for over a year now.

But I understand what you mean about the cult mentality of some diets. I didn’t want to get involved with something super strict where I felt very deprived, which is why I loved “The Abs Diet” so much. It gives so many options so you can compromise. It also has workout plans, too. 🙂

Good luck on your journey!

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When my fiancé proposed I was the heaviest I had ever been. I’m not particularly tall and have always weighed less then I looked (because my weigh is mostly fat not muscle). I wasSao self conscious and didn’t know what to do because from 12-23 my metabolism allowed me to eat anything and everything and not gain any weight. Sounds great… But at 24 I started gaining weight like crazy and within a few months had gained over 25 pounds rapidly with no explanation other then my horrible diet and complete lack of exercise. I tried going to te gym 3 times a week, which turned into 2 times and then 1… I tried not eating junk, but then I’d eat some as reward. I lost about 10 pounds and then gained it all back with a little extra for good measure. Then two thing happened simultaneously. They sound so minor but they helped me lose the weight in almost 2 months. I cut out all corn products from my diet (due to a long time intolerance I recently discovered) and I got a puppy. Little did I know that all the foods in my diet were chalk full of cornstarch, corn syrup, glucose/fructose/dextrose/maltodextrin and shortening! The corn sugars are the worst and actually promote fat storage while increasing your risk of obesity and diabetes. Putting acomplete ban on these product basically makes it so that I cannot eat anything processed,which more then 5 ingrediants, heavily sugared, all froms of mass produced soda, or any fast food (even fries! Mcd’s fries are soaked in dextrose before frying! Ew). I also cut out coffee for good measure. Then when I started being forced to take a daily 10-30 minute walk each day with our puppy, that’s when it really started melting off. It doesn’t sound like a lot but it helped me lose 20 pounds in 2 months and still losing (a pound a week now). Obviously if I’m going to lose the last 10 I will have to up my exercise, but I thought I would share that. It was a good start for me to get into it and now that I see I can lose it I am more motivated to up my game!

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SO and I both put on a little weight- we are happy/ comfortable. And we both decided to change it. I try to take stairs instead of elevators.  If i need to do an errand down the street i walk instead of drive. I try to do cardio once a week, weight lifting once a week, and one long run a week.  We do one long run a week together 🙂 I am running my third half marathon next weekend (SO runs them with to be supportive) and SO is training for a marathon in June.  I also started rock climbing (great exercise!) bc it’s actually fun and I can’t do things that aren’t fun! I recommend finding an activity that you enjoy- then you are more likely to do it! Even if it 30 mins a couple days a week. 

I also ate a lot of junk food, like tubs of cookie dough! I have a major sweet tooth!! So good and soo bad for me!! So I try to make healthier choices- especially at the grocery store!! If you don’t buy it you can’t eat it! I try to have a salad with dinner or lunch every day. I no longer buy tubs of cookie dough, lol. I buy healthier snacks- granola bars, almonds, and goldfish instead of cookies/candy. I still eat dessert/ junk food but limit myself to one dessert item a day. I also only drink water bc I prefer to eat my calories than drinking them. I’ve been doing this September and it’s amazing what a big difference little changes can make! It definitely worked for me- i zipped into a dress 2 dress sizes smaller last weekend!

My best advice is not to do anything too drastic bc then it will be hard to maintain. Moderation is key- you don’t have to deprive yourself of chocolate forever- just eat a balanced healthy diet. My cousin did a no carb no sugar extreme diet (which is unhealthy long term) and she lost 60 pounds but couldn’t keep it off on a regular balanced diet.  

A good friend of mine has done weight watchers for a couple months and she loves it- she is half way to her goal!!

Good luck!! And you have lots of bees to support you! 🙂

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