(Closed) Other women flirting with your SO?

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@MrsBtoBe14:  ew.. sure there’s been random girls who flirt but my friends? Never. I’d definitely say something. Make a joke of it.. “I know he’s cute, but save the flirty comments for a single man” if you throw a laugh in there it’ll seem harmless lol I actually have a cousin who would always flirt with my bfs, even try to date them after we’d break up (gross) so I just called her out on it and she was so embarrassed she stopped lol

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 If MY girlfriends were flirting with my Fiance, the would no longer by my friends. I actually had a “friend” that was so obviously attracted to my Fiance, that I stopped hanging out with her. She would flirt, talk differently, and actualy said (when I was talking about my FI’s brother) something like, “He looks like your FI! He’s so cute!” Um…and we are no longer friends. Luckily, I just met her, so it wasn’t a big deal. 


As for random women checking out and flirting with my Fiance, I take it as a compliment. I know he’s sexy and I get reminded of it all the time! 🙂

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I’ve seen random girls do this, but not any of my actual friends. I agree with PP’s, I don’t think they would be my friends anymore! There should be some respect there.

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I think if I saw one of my “friends” doing that, they would no longer be my friend.


There is one girl that works at the local Walgreens that we go in at least twice a week thats constantly flirting with Fiance. She completely ignores me. Wont even greet me or anything. And then she’ll be overly loud and obnoxious when she’s waiting on him. He thinks shes annoying, thankfully, and we never go through her line anymore.

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Time to find new girlfriends!


And yes this happened to me years ago. I was dating this guy — we were not serious yet but had potential to go in that direction. One of my best best friends at the time betrayed me. We were all at a party one night when I noticed that she was sitting in his lap. (The fact that he allowed her to do this is a whole other story)

I waited a day or two and confronted her and basically ended our friendship. It was after that happened, that I found out she had been going behind my back all along, telling him stories about how I was playing him like a fiddle and making a fool out of him.

Trust me, you don’t need friends who will flirt with your SO.

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@BelliniChic:  +1 … she’s not wrong.

I don’t know why we do this to each other but when some of us find a good guy …. our “friends” would love to have them around too …. it’s creepy.  It’s not so bad when random chic thinks your Fiance is cute and it’s a meaningless  encounter …. BUT WHOLE OTHER BALLGAME when it’s your friends …

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@MrsBtoBe14:  My husband was once hit on by apparently a “very saucy Russian woman” while he was at work. He is military, so it cued jokes from my end about government secrets and Russian spies.

I don’t put much stock into men flirting/checking out my husband. At the end of the night he is in my bed and he married me. Besides, it just means I’ve got arm candy.

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Our roommate/landlord flirts with my Fiance sometimes. It’s more of an annoying/helpless baby voice thing that she does around almost all men. I’m not even sure she knows she’s doing it.

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Never girls I know, but somewhat often in public like at the mall and stuff. I totally dont care one bit! I think it’s pretty funny actually!  I’m totally secure in our relationship so I never feel threatened. 

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Darling Husband got flirted with shamelessly in the first couple months of our relationship. One waitress was almost coddling him, and talked condescendingly to me (because I wasn’t drinking I suppose). This was done in front of me. Back then, I wasn’t too worried about it, but thinking about it now I realize if anyone tried it, they’d regret saying/doing anything.

Also, one of the (EX) mutual friends that I met Darling Husband through would flirt with him every single time we were together. Also in front of me. She would turn her voice raspy-like and talk as if she were murmuring innuendos, and I had enough of that. She had already taken advantage of him once before this (while he was plastered and unwilling, and while she was engaged to his best friend), so it wasn’t going to fly while I was around. I confronted her. She backed off. He was always uncomfortable around her, and with the dissolution of her and DH’s best friend’s marriage, we won’t be seeing her anymore.

I sincerely don’t understand why women still try to flirt with him, though. Not because he isn’t charming, sweet, and a knockout (he’s 3 for 3), but because he pays women ZERO attention. He doesn’t even notice when they’re flirting with him (even when it’s blatant- he’s clueless!). Well, that and he’s very apathetic to womankind other than myself. LOL. 

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Women flirt with Darling Husband all the time, especially older ladies. I think it’s hilarious since my Darling Husband is kind of shy, and it flusters him.

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Girls flirt with my Fiance all the time. Yes, he’s attractive and well-dresses, but it’s also because he’s a white guy living in China. I’ve seen considerably LESS attractive men get just as much attention in bars, clubs etc from Chinese girls, just on the basis that they’re Westerners.

It used to bother me (even though I’d try to hide my irritation), particularly as he works in the hotel business and his job involves being around people. But as we’ve gotten to know each other, and grown together, I’ve realised I have nothing to worry about. Plus, we’re moving out of China soon, and I know in ‘Western’ countries, girls are a lot less aggressive when it comes to pursuing random men!

As for my girlfriends, I have a few flirty ones. They’re usually a bit younger. It annoys me, but it’s pretty harmless. 

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I see waitresses always talk nicer and sweeter to my SO.. when they come around to see how we are doing, I don’t even exist! so funny.

One of my ex-co worker constantly pokes my SO on facebook.. She only met him once and after that, she kept telling me how she thinks he is hot and adorable..

I just ignore. what can I do? I just trust my SO.

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Fiance is a big, burly, all-man cop… It seems like everyone from females in his squad (makes Christmas parties pretty awkward) to the prostitutes he arrests hit on him.  Even my gay best friend flirts uncontrollably with him.

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