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Ouch, I’m sorry, that sounds painful! 

Once I was cooking at the FIL’s – they have an English Bulldog who is nosy to say the least. I was checking something in the oven, and he pushed the oven door up & it hit my arm. The oven was at a really high temperature (I think 400 or so) and needless to say, it definitely blistered disgustingly. 

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first off, thats so sweet that you set off to make such a yummy dinner for you guys!  and im so sorry you lost that bit of your pinky to the meal 😉  i hope it heals fast!


i’ve had many mishaps like that, i was cutting strawberries, holding them against my palm–yeah, not too smart!  i sliced open my palm! woops! needless to say i don’t cut them like that any more!


while not my story, a few years ago my mom was making a pumpkin pie for my dad (its his fav) and when she pulled the pan out of the oven, the pie pan crumpled and spilled the molten pie all over her had! eeek!  she had 2nd degree burns over her entire hand, the took good care of her in the ER and then we had to put special cream and wrap it every day for a few months…it wasn’t funny then, but everything healed perfectly, and now we joke about letting her cook pie!

again, i hope you heal quickly!

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Once I was roasting some chicken in a glass pyrex dish, and I took it out of the oven to add some liquid to it, and after I put the dish back in the hot oven, the dish shattered. Chicken juice and bits of glass everywhere. It took weeks before I could clean that oven thoroughly. Now I know that you’re never supposed to put cold liquid on hot glass… rule #1 in chemistry and cooking!

Also, I cut my finger once trying to get a pit out of an avocado. It brought me to tears, not because it hurt that bad, but I just started to cry anyway. Haha!

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OH, have I ever…

Last week I accidentally slammed the lid of a tin can into my thumb, severing it slightly. The only thing saving me from having to get stitches was that the cut is too close to my nail.

Last March I was making little tarts for a party, and my apartment was super cold (like 55 degrees) so my hands were awfully cold, and I reached into the oven to pull them out and because my hands were so cold did not realize that they were touching the inside of the oven. The burn mark is still there, a year later.

Last year I also managed to slice right through my palm with my giant (and luckily sharp) chef’s knife–I was trying to use the tip of it to open a can of tomatoes, but I hadn’t really opened it all the way so the knife got stuck and flipped over into the air…..and I tried to catch it. Not being a circus performer, this did not go so well–the space between my middle and ring finger on my right hand was sliced open. I couldn’t use my hand without the wound spreading back open again so I had to walk around for two weeks with my hand wrapped tightly in gauze.

These kinds of things make it so that in general I just don’t care when I cut or burn myself mildly anymore–my hands are a wreck (I don’t really want any close-ups of the rings on my hand at the wedding, LOL!)

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Oh boy, story of my life!  I can injure myself sitting in one place and not moving, so I feel your pain…but kudos on making that yummy sounding dinner!

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I was slicing up a watermelon and cut my pinky finger down to the bone. I severed the tendon that makes it straighten so now it won’t go completely straight on its own. I was just happy I didn’t completely cut it off.

I burned my calf when I backed into an open oven door when Fiance and I were cooking together.

Multiple times I have opened the oven and the heat wave that comes out has melted my mascara and I literally had to pull out my eyelashes to open my eyes.

I dropped my cast iron skillet on my foot and fractured the bone on the top of my foot.

I was making caramel from scratch and it splattered out of the bowl and on to my arm and it burned my skin but then I had to pick boiling caramel out of my flesh. Not pretty.


Thank God I love cooking.

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Oh man!  I hope you’re okay!  I have sustained an injury or two while trying to do something nice for FI!  Not cooking related, but years ago in college I decided to get a fish for Fiance an I as our first pet. For whatever reason I was carrying the full fishbowl (fish included!) down a full flight of stairs.  Of course, I tripped, the fish bowl flew into the air, spilled all over me and shattered.  In addition, I rolled down the whole stair case!  Fiance came in to find me soaking wet, crying, trying to catch the fish, and covered in tiny pink neon pebbles.

Ahhh such is love!  I hope your dinner is fabulous nonetheless!

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I actually took a big chunk out of my pinky when I was making scalloped potatoes for new years.  it took weeks before I could use the finger fully!  This was also on top of multiple steam burns in the previous weeks.  My poor hands were wrecked!

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Oh do I have one for you!  It is not as… dangerous as the others’, though.  I guess it’s not even an injury, just a fright.

I boiled an egg.  Should be safe, right?  I managed to not boil the egg hard enough, so I figured that a semi-boiled egg should be porous enough to go in the microwave for a second or three.  

So I take the egg out, look at it, and BOOM! it explodes in my face.  Egg was everywhere.  It startled me enough that I wanted to cry, which is crazy, because I’m not easy to startle, and I’m not much of a crier.  Maybe it’s because Boyfriend or Best Friend was out of town and I couldn’t seek consolation.  

Other than odd mishaps, I’m pretty good about not breaking skin, which is odd.

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