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“we didn’t want anything that could be shortened into a nickname”

@bride21:  I can think of quite a few nicknames for your kids name.  For instance, I can see the kids at school calling him “Dikk” & I can see your daughter’s name being shortned to “E”, “Elle”, “Elie” or “Lectra”. That said, I kind of like the names though.  I don’t think I’d use them, but I like them.

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So I normally just keep my mouth shut when I don’t love someone’s baby name, because I don’t want to ruin it for them.  I like non-conventional names and usually when I don’t love a name it is beacuse of initials that spell a.s.s. or b.j. or it’s a name I see kids being teased over in school.

And I’ll be honest, I really like Ryddik.

But as for Elektra, maybe my husband tainted me about a lot of female names from when we were considering baby names ourselves, but in his words “it sounds like a stripper name.”  I like how it is non-conventional, yet easy to pronounce off a roll sheet, but it doesn’t sound like a powerful unique name to me as much as a candy name or stage name.  Don’t get me wrong, this is just my own opinion, and you can name her whatever feels right to  you. 

I think you should start a new thread and make it a contest.  Say you are looking for a unique name for your baby girl and can anyone beat Elektra Nicole.  Granted, you might not like any of the suggestions, but you also might get a gem in there.  Worst case senario, you keep the name that you already like.


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My DH has always gone by a crazy nickname. It kinda shaped what he ended up doing in life – he’s a radio DJ/booking agent. No one calls him by his real name. And it’s a name that’s much more Elektra – think Slash from Guns N Roses or something like that. It fits him. People always want to send wedding invites to his real name but honestly, if you are a close friend, you know that he never, ever goes by it. His “real” name is a name that’s reserved for utility bills and telemarketers. 

And if Elektra or Ryddik really hates their name when they are older, I’m sure they will insist on being called something else. 

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I am surprised to see people so against the name Elektra. I went to school with an Electra so my first association with the name is with that girl, who was very serious, intelligent, and quiet so I always think of someone with that name having those qualities. I guess personal associations are really strong, I really like the name because I was friends with the girl growing up and thought she was an interesting person.

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@H216scrf:  Love this idea! 😉

I really wasn’t going to chime back in on this, but it seems like a big part of your decision is that they won’t have a nickname.  Just because you’re able to control that when they’re babies means nothing.  I have a unique name, and I personally like going by my ENTIRE name (which is only 6 letters).  This has not stopped EVERYONE I KNOW including my family giving me a series of different nicknames.  I really only get called by my “real” name at work.  I can go days without hearing my real name.  Just my two cents.

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@bride21:  “I already told the family that they will NOT call her Ellie. If they don’t call her Elektra then they won’t see her.” Really? Ouch…I would never keep my or DH’s family from seeing their grandchild unless her mental or physical safety was at risk.

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Whoa, I missed that post about keeping the child from her family unless they call her by her full name.  Very mature.  OP, I think it might be a good idea to start thinking about the actual well-being of your children instead of just giving them “cool” names. Keeping them from their family for such a petty reason is increadibly childish. 

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Elektra makes me think of the Electra Complex…eek. 

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I really wish you’d kept the “i” in Riddick/Riddik. People are going to see the “Ryd”, and try to pronounce it like Ryan/Ryder rather than “Rid” as in riddle, turning it into “ride dick” when spoken aloud.

But I’d rather name all of my children Ryddik than name any of them Elektra. All I can think of is the “Electra Complex.” Please, please educate yourself on what that is. Do you really want people to be making wisecracks of a Woody Allen variety about your daughter and husband that way?! (If I were the child’s father, it would make me super, super uncomfortable to have my daughter be named that.)

Have you considered “Elhayim” from Xenogears, or “Saffron” like from Firefly (Yes, I know, unsavory character but she was clever, and the name is also the name of a spice)? I feel like even Harley Quinn would be better than Elektra.

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I’m sorry, but Electra is a classic example of a stripper name. Linguistic research indicates that humans make subconscious decisions about people based on their names and your daughter is going to have a lifetime of psychological associations with the Electra complex. 

Not only that but it’s also spelled nontraditionally – I recognize that it’s the comic spelling, but technically it’s incorrect from the traditional mythological spelling. Again, research indicates that nontraditionally-spelled names may induce hiring managers, etc, to assume a person has  a lower education level despite their actual acheivements. That is the sort of thing you are dooming your child to. 

I also hate to point this out, but you are going to be powerless to police your kid’s nicknames. Period. 

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She is not going to have problems just because of what some people think.”

You can say that to yourself all you like, but social science research strongly implies the exact opposite.

You might do a grand job of raising her, but professors and hiring managers don’t know that. They will look at her name and make a snap association with a creepy psychological concept of a woman in love with her father – and they’ll wonder what kind of family she came from. 

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@bride21:  I feel sorry for your children. Honestly. Elektra & Ryddik who can’t visit their grandparents because they wish their names were Nicole & Paul?…wow.

I’m just going to say it- the names are awful. Both of them. They make the children seem classless, and actually make you & their father look ignorant for thinking that those were proper names for children to be successful adults. 

You gave them crazy first names, super normal middle names but are going to deny your own family visits because they want to call them by their middle names? That seriously boggles me. Take a hint from 4 pages of people & family- they are weird names.

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