(Closed) Our dog has taken over our bed!

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Helper bee
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How big is Sly? Can he jump up on his own? My guess is yes!

Our dog has to be put up on the bed, so that is a definate help. He can’t get up unless we put him up there.

I would say start on a weekend because you might lose some sleep. Start him on his bed, and if he wants up, just say no, and keep saying no. If you have to, put something up on the bed where he sleeps so he can’t get up…If he gets up on the bed, escort him down even with a treat on his bed if you have to….

If he barks, or whimpers, you have to ignore him and ride it out….I dont think it will be easy, but maybe some tips to start you off!

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Honey bee
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everytime he jumps on the bed you have to tell him to get off. he’ll start jumping on the bed while you’re asleep, so it’s important that every time you wake up (even if you’re not fully awake), you reinforce that he needs to be off. eventually he should get it.

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Sugar bee
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Sometimes you can’t ignore their wimpering or crying. I tried that with my dog for years (he’s 5 now). He cried and cried. I said “NO” and didn’t let him up on the bed. He would just wait until I was asleep to either jump on the bed or cry. Ignoring him doesn’t work at all, he doesn’t forget how much he wants to be on the bed!

So now we all sleep together like one happy family… ugh. lol

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Sugar bee
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It took a while for us to get our beagle to sleep in her own bed.  We made a huge deal out of her new “big girl bed” and would lay down on the floor next to her and pet her until she was close to sleeping.  We would repeat the word “bed” over and over.  If she jumped on our bed, we would get up and begin the bedtime routine again.  Now she is really good about going to sleep in her bed, but every day at about 4 or 5 AM, she jumps on to ours!

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Buzzing bee
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I have no help for you, sorry. Our 2 labs sleep with us. Our new puppy likes to sleep between us bc he gets cold bc his fur is not as thick yet and he is a snuggler in general but our older lab has progressed to the floor now bc it is too crowded for him and he gets hot. We never let our older lab sleep with us until we moved in our new house. Once we moved here he was officially house broken and did not need the crate anymore and it is our fault, we let him on the bed. I work nights and hubs works days and honestly I love cuddling with them during the day when I am home. Hubs doesn’t mind it as long as we get in bed first, or else its a battle for room! 🙂

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Helper bee
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@Piccateer: Where is his bed? I put Gunther’s right beside my side on the floor. He even sleeps on half of my comforter (LOL) Try sleeping with something like a blanket or his new bed for a few days, and then give it to him. They love the smell of our things….

I think reinforcement of treats are good, but not if it takes it up to your bed!! lol

My husband always wants Gunther to sleep with us, and I say no. He seems to take my side all the time.

Thankfully he can’t jump up!! lol

Good Luck!!!

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Busy bee
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Our dog is 70 pounds so from day one we taught him to sleep in his crate.

Every night he loves going to bed cause he gets his buscuit and his crate is like his den.

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Sugar bee

This was really hard for us too with our older dog.  He’s such a stinker and will wait until we’re both asleep before jumping in the bed and then slowly scooch himself into a position.  He’s really sly about it.  Then I got pregnant and it started irritating the crap out of me and I was waking up all the time so it was easier to be more consistent in getting him off the bed everytime he got on.  It took a few months and once in awhile he’ll still test our resolve one night to see if I’ll wake up but mainly he doesn’t even sleep in our room anymore and prefers the couch downstairs where he can stretch out.  Our little girl pup on the other hand, was not a big deal to teach.  Just told her no a few times and she stopped, though once sunrise happens or she hears our alarm she bounces upstairs onto the bed to give lots of kisses and say hooray a new day! 

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Buzzing bee

we have a dog bed in the corner of our bedroom for our dog to sleep in. she used to sleep in bed with us all night, however, one night we both got sick of it as well. especially me as she would sleep on my foot space and i have back problems as it is. a few nights in a row we would make her get off, ignore her wimpers, and even carry her to her bed at night. that’s all it took. she does climb up in the mornings, but somehow she knows when it’s time to get up, and her climbing on the bed just reaffirms that for us. i swear, when i hit the snooze button is when she climbs in. also, she has learned to love her bed so much that at night, all we need to say is “bed time” and she runs up the stairs and curls up in her bed.

i’d say persistence is key, but so is a comfortable bed for him/her to call their own. 🙂

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Blushing bee
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We putu a bed for our dog in our room. She’s a people pooch and follows us around anywhere we go. We did make a rule from the very beginning that she was NOT allowed up on our bed….and we’ve stuck to that [unless I had a really bad day, sometimes she gets to come snuggle for a bit]. She sleeps on the floor right by our bed…and doesn’t seem to mind too much, but she also doesn’t know any different. 

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Bee Keeper
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We had that problem too. We always kicked him off at bed time b/c he’s huge, but since I let him on the bed he’d always fight us when it was time to get off and it just got old. So we made the rule of no dog on the bed ever. If he came up, we yelled right away and he got down. It didn’t take long at all for him to realize that he wasn’t allowed there anymore.

Now he sleeps downstairs on the comfy couch.

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