(Closed) Our honeymoon dilemma — need to decide! Vegas or Nashville?

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    You have the opportunity to experience Vegas so you should go!

    Plan your trip to Nashville but don't ask her to pitch in, just see if she offers.

    Ask her to pitch in the same price Vegas tickets would be to your destination of choice.

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    Nice of her to offer to pay for plane tickets; but not appropriate for her to choose the destination.  It would be different if you had previously expressed an interest in Vegas…but it sounds like you have not. I don’t know her and she may have done this with the best of intentions because she likes Vegas so much.

    I’d suggest thanking her…”it was really generous of you blah, blah, blah…but we had already chosen Nashville…even with your wonderful gift we’re on a really tight budget, etc & our dollars will go farther in Nashville.”  Then it’s in her court.  And you are being honest. I wouldn’t ask her directly to pay toward the Nashville tickets, but if she offers some other alternative, everyone is happy.

    I’ve been to Vegas and everything is expensive and touristy.  Nashville is much more genuine, and cheaper!

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    Sugar Beekeeper

    I’ve not been to Nashville but I’ve heard its great.

    As a Californian we tend to go to Vegas a great deal. Its fun to visit and let loose every once in a while but it isn’t my top 10 either. If you are on a strict budget I don’t know if Vegas is the best option, we always end up spending gobs of money every time.

    If you don’t want to ask her to contribute to Nashville you could always have her purchase the tickets to Vegas and cancel them and use the credit. The credit (for Southwest anyway) applies to the person flying and doesn’t go back to the purchaser. However, I would recommend going with the open approach and just ask her to kindly contribute to Nashville as your heart is set on that location.

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    I voted Vegas! I live in AZ so it’s an easy trip for me to take and I have been a few times (and I don’t gamble) I usually go to a show or two but mostly walk around to each hotel/casino. The sights and sounds of Vegas are pretty cool. Especially for the first time. 

    If you do go remember two things…bring comfy shoes to wear while walking around and expect a lot or nudie girl flyers to be shoved into your hands. The best way to avoid this is to not make eye contact, hold hands and keep your other hand in your pocket.

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    Just to clarify, is this for your honeymoon or just a vacation she’s sending you on?  Sorry if I missed that. I wasn’t sure since you just had your wedding if this is for a delayed honeymoon or something else.  I know it’s under the honeymoon section, but I wanted to clarify.  If it’s “just” a free trip to Vegas, I’d say go and have fun, especially since you’ve never been.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money in Vegas to have fun.  I think it’s fun just to walk around the hotels! 

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    Oh–silly me–I just noticed the title of your post.  Sorry!  I’m almost done for the work day and am hurrying to leave.  I still say you’d have fun in Vegas.  You say you have family and friends in Nashville–will you feel pressured to see everyone while you’re on your honeymoon and/or do you want visiting people to be part of your honeymoon experience?  If you get free airline tickets to Vegas and try to keep things cheap, maybe you can save up and still take your trip to Nashville?

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    @mumford: Agreed. A very nice gesture, but a bit inappropriate for her to basically plan your honeymoon destination. I agree with basically everything else that mumford said about phrasing the “thanks but we’d prefer to go to Nashville” spiel, though I may be a little bolder in asking Mother-In-Law if the offer of watching the baby still stands if the OP decides to go to Nashville instead.

    I also strongly, strongly advise you against allowing Mother-In-Law to purchase you plane tix to Las Vegas and then cancelling them and using the credit to book a flight to Nashville, as another pp suggeseted. The truth will absolutely come out in this situation (she’s your MIL! She’ll be watching your baby and asking you how Vegas was! You’ll share honeymoon pics with her!) and if you do something like this, you’ll come across as passive aggressive, ungrateful and a bit devious.

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    I’ve never been to Nashville, but have heard it’s great.  I have been to Las Vegas, and though it wasn’t for me and I didn’t gamble, it has it’s advantages.  Again, never having been to Nashville, there are the advantages to Las Vegas:

    Each hotel offers unique experiences: the Wynn is set up like a rain forest, the Parisien has an Eiffle Tower in which you could go to the top and look over the entire strip, the Venetian was wonderful (in fact, they did a great job replicating Venice, when I went to Venice I literally was like, this is just like Las Vegas), and many more options.  We stayed off the strip to save money, didn’t gamble, but enjoyed ourselves a lot.  I think there could be a romantic side to Vegas beside the “party-centered” side.  But, there is the party-centered side if you’re in to it.  

    My favorite experience in Las Vegas (besides the good food): Phantom of the Opera.  Cirque-du-Soleil was sold out, so I went to the next best option: my favorite play.  It was amazing.  Each performance (there’s dozens to choose from) has their set built for them (versus a traveling show) and it was just magnificant!  I’ve seen Phantom of the Opera many times and have never enjoyed it more than in Las Vegas.  I can imagine any of the shows would be similar.  My mother loves going to Las Vegas and she never gambles except the slows machine for maybe $5.  So, if you can cap your FI’s gambling and then do other things, I think you could enjoy Vegas.  

    However, I’ve heard great things about Nashville, but the fact that you’ve been there just doesn’t sound like a honeymoon, it sounds like just another vacation, IMO–but that doesn’t mean it won’t be amazing!  

    THings to think about.  I never wanted to go to Las Vegas myself, but I can see the romantic advantages of it.  It does make sure to cater to a wide audience and you could take a drive to Hoover Dam or the Grand Canyon from there.

    Final thoughts, you seem like you’d prefer Nashville, so ask her to pitch in.  It is YOUR honeymoon!  Keep looking for deals, they’ll always pop up.  

    I just wanted you to know that Las Vegas is more than just gambling, if you’re honey can maybe settle with a limit–hey, if he studies, he can turn $500 into $1000– I know people who study and never lose.  It’s crazy!

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    Personally, I would choose Nashville. I have never been a big fan of Vegas, and I think its kinda boring since Im not a big gambler. Is there nowhere else you guys would like to go?

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    Been to both and I vote Nashville! We go yearly with my friends and have a blast! Nashville just has so much to offer and you can relax there. I feel Vegas is just 24/7 go go go and you need a separate vacation to recover from it. 🙂

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