(Closed) Our kitty is very sick :-(

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So sad! Your post made me tear up. I LOVE animals and I know how hard it is when they get sick or when you have to put them down (put one of my dogs down 3 years ago and I bawled for a week whenever I thought about it).

Hopefully your kitty gets better and you don’t have to deal with this right before your wedding πŸ™

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I am so so sorry. We just had a similar situation on Christmas Eve, and had to make the rough decision to put our 1 1/2 year old boy to sleep. (He had a heart condition we didn’t know about.) 

I really hope that things look up for you and your kitty. My thoughts will be with you. 

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I’m so sorry. I cannot imagine how devasting this is for you and your Fiance. I’m keeping all 4 of you in my thoughts.

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I’m so sorry.  This same thing happened to our 4 month old kitty a few years ago.  He had a blood clot that they thought would clear up but it eventually lead to him being paralyzed in his back two legs.  They could have sent him to another city for $2000 tests but there was no guarantee anything could be done and we had already spent $800 on him at our vet.  We kept him in the vet overnight to see if he would get better but the next day when my husband returned to see him he was worse.  When this first happened you could tell our kitten was handling himself ok, but that day my husband returned the kitten had completely given up and was frustrated he couldn’t use his legs or get to his food.  He wouldn’t even touch his food when it was close to him.  It was really hard for us, especially for me because when all this happened I was out of state for a conference for work.  So I never got to say goodbye, and when I had left for the conference there was no indication that anything was wrong with him. 

We had to put the kitten to sleep.  He was suffering and it wasn’t fair for us to keep him alive.  Sometimes you have to do what is best for the animal even if you really want him to be around longer.  I’m sorry this has to happen to you right before your wedding.  It is really hard at any time, and I understand your pain.  But after a few months it does get better and you may eventually want to get another kitten someday.  We got another cat about 8 months after ours was put to sleep.  He’s not a replacement by any means, but it is wonderful to have another animal in the house.  Stay strong, and enjoy your time with the kitten.  You will get through this!  Hugs!

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oh goodness!  im so sorry you guys are having to go through this!  i hope that your kitty gets better while you are aways….hugs

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I lost 3 beloved elder Maine Coons about 12 -18 months ago due to old age and have just gotten a new kitten, but there is not a day go by that I don’t miss my babies!

I am soooo sorry this is happening to you especially with the wedding on the horizon.

Sending good vibes, pet love and understanding your way.


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Oh goodness, I am so sorry to hear this. I just want to tell you my thoughts are with you… it’s always so hard to face these tough decisions. Stay strong!

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I’m so so sorry. I can’t imagine what you must be going through… Wish I could give you a hug!!!

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your post made me tear up!  I’m sorry that your going through this, especially right before your wedding!  I hope he turns around and gets better!

But something that might make you feel better, last christmas my dad’s dog, Sammy a little papillion) developed a chronic cough, and he started wheezing alot… antibiotics didn’t help the cough so they took an x-ray and noticed he had a mass in his lung… they biopsied it and it was  infact cancer.  My dad supposedly had two options, the vet could either remove one lung and give him at most a year to live, or leave it and he might live 6 months…  My dad called me and asked what I thought he should do…  Sammy is 9 or 10 so he is older, but not super old…  And my dad was obviously not ready to put him down yet, and there were alot of possible complications from removing a lung (including crazy after care including keeping him very still for a few MONTHS!)… None of those options seemed right for us… So I recommended he ask the vet to put him on steroids to keep him comfortable until Sammy is ready to go… because he still had a ton of energy and life left in him…  So… here we are over a year later and Sammy is still doing good.  He still has cancer, and he will die from cancer, but he’s comfortable and happy (and getting spoiled rotten because everyday he’s around is a gift!)… It was hard seeing him when I went home for christmas this year, he had gained weight and grown moles from the steroids… But he is still very active and alert…

Sorry that was so long, but I just wanted to share that even though it might not be a great prognosis it doesn’t mean it has to be life or death RIGHT NOW… He could still have a few years left in him with the right medicine… He’ll let you know when he’s ready to go…  Keep us posted as much as you can though!

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Hi Azula, 

I had my kitty for 9 years and was forced to put her to sleep a year and a half ago. I still am not completely over it. My situation was very similar to yours – I had rushed my kitty to the veterinary emergency hospital at 2AM because she was barely breathing. She was actually PANTING, which I know is VERY bad for a cat to do. She had a seizure in my lap on the way to the hospital, which along with the difficulty breathing, had never happened before. They admitted her immediately and told us that she had heart disease and that her lungs were almost filled with fluid, suffocating her. They said that it was so bad, they were not sure that she would make it through the night but they would try to drain her lungs and get her well. I did not sleep AT ALL that night, much like your fiance. This was my soulmate kitty πŸ™‚ and wow…I’ve never been so worried and scared and upset and nervous. At 7AM, I went back to get her without knowing if she was alive or not. She was. I took her directly to our regular veterinarian and he said she seemed to be recovering well. Let me also say that for 2 weeks prior to this, I had found out that she was diabetic and spent $2,000 on her within that time, trying to get her diabetes regulated and taking her to the vet 3 times per day to get her levels checked. Well, she was fine for a week after that first run to the emergency vet, and exactly 7 days after our emergency incident, it happened again. It was 2AM. Again. She wasn’t panting, but I could tell that she was headed in that direction. I was just about out of money and I was so so upset. We rushed her back to the emergency veterinary hospital and we ended up getting a really great Dr. Turned out that he is a specialist in heart disease in pets! He told us that my kitty’s lungs were once again starting to fill with fluids, and it was because her heart disease was so beyond repair that she was actually at risk for sudden death. He told me that he could drain her lungs again, but that even if we put her on heart meds, which she would have to take along with her twice daily insulin shots, she would only have 6 months to live IF she didn’t suddenly die first. Well, my kitty had never suffered before and I did not want her to have that quality of life. It was the most guilt-ridden, heart wrenching decision that I have ever made to put her to sleep (and trust me, I asked the Dr about 45 times if he was sure) but I made the choice for HER, not for me. I did not want to say goodbye, but I knew in my heart that it was time, as much as I wanted to ignore that realization. Well, as you probably know, animals can read our emotions, and I did not want her to feel scared, so I held back my tears. My face was bright red and my own heart felt like it was about to burst from not letting myself cry for her, but I did it. It was hard. Instead, I told her how much I loved her and then held her in my arms like a little baby as she slipped away. I made sure that I looked into her eyes and pet her face with my thumb the entire time. She went away with love, and she did not suffer. I had to knock myself out with NyQuil that evening so I could get some sleep, and the next day, I did not move from bed. I laid there crying and sleeping and mourning. I looked like I had been hit by a truck. I have never put an animal to sleep before this, and this was MY BABY. I know this is a hard decision for you and your fiance to make. But speaking from the same experience, I will at least say that if this situation is as grim as you make it seem, then try to think about your kitty and what is best for him. I am sure you don’t want him to suffer. I am sure that you don’t want to go away and have the worst happen while you are gone. You will regret not being there. This situation is not ideal, but for me, it was helpful to be with my kitty and be able to hold her so that she felt loved and safe during her passing. Gosh, I am crying as I write this. Wanna hear something crazy? Three days after she passed, me and my fiance took her to my parents home to lay her to rest next to my dog who had passed. On our drive home that evening, I lost it in the car…crying and crying and feeling so much guilt wash over me. Mine was the kind of crying that makes your insides hurt…that makes you feel like you’re soul is in pieces. I wondered if I did the right thing. At that moment, I happened to look out my passenger side window in the car and up to the moon. I wasn’t looking for anything…my brain didn’t think to look for anything…but my eyes immediately saw this. No one can tell me I didn’t. The sky was pitch black…there were almost no stars, and the moon was SUPER bright, which illuminated the few clouds around it. Guess what? Those few clouds were in the shape of two cat eyes, a nose, and a cat mouth. Seriously. The curve of a cat mouth. The cloud that was the nose had a smaller, darker cloud over it…my cat has a dark spot on her nose. And right next to that cloud formation was another one, and it was the same size as the first, and it was in the perfect shape of a full, complete heart. It was all so clear and so distinct, it looked as if someone had drawn all of this in the sky with a magic marker. And I just KNEW. I KNEW. It was as if my kitty was saying the goodbye that she couldn’t physically say to me in that emergency hospital. It was as if she was saying, “Mommy, my heart is not broken anymore…see? And I love you, and I forgive you.” I stared at those clouds until I could not see them anymore…they did not drift away or fade for as long as I could see, and to this day, I wish I had taken a picture. I would swear it on my life, what I saw. Well, two months later, we moved across the country, and I was still so sad, especially to now be in a place where she had not been. We moved into an apartment above a flower shop in a NY town. One day, when I was missing my kitty a lot, I was leaving to run an errand and guess what my head turned and saw through that flower shop window? A stuffed kitty that looked exactly like mine. What are the odds? A rinky dink flower shop with just one stuffed kitty like this. I walked in and asked to buy it, and the owner said that a company had randomly sent it to him and he did not know why. I took this little thing home…I am 30 years old and I sleep with it!!!! Well, upon examination of this stuffed cat, I saw that the orange patch of “fur” on its back was sewed on a bit wrong, resulting in a stingray like shape with a small stingray like tail. Exactly what my cat had on her back. Another way that she was letting me know that she was with me. It’s just so surreal. Wanna hear one more crazy thing? πŸ™‚ I was shopping a few months ago, and I happened to go into ZARA. Right there in my face was a tshirt, with a cat face on it that looked just like my cat, and on that same shirt was a heart!!! I bought it! The point of these stories is that my kitty is gone, but she hasn’t left me completely. I hope that these little miracles that I have experienced will help you and your fiance to make the best decision for your kitty, and that if you do choose to let him go until you meet again one day, that you can have the peace of knowing that he will still be around in one way or another, and that he will have forgiven you before you even say goodbye. πŸ™‚ 


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