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Mine can be either depending on what parts I leave out. We got engaged on top of Mt Whitney (avatar pic), which sounds really romantic. But, if you expand the story…

We started the trek at 6am on Thursday, hiked for 8 hours before camping at 12,000ft in the freezing cold. We woke up at 5am on Friday with 2,500 vertical feet to go. We were both naseous from the altitude, so we didn’t really eat, thinking we’d worry about it after the summit. About 7 hours of hiking later, we finally reach the summit.


We turn around because it’s starting to snow, and spend another 4 hours hiking back down to camp, where we finally choke down some food for the first time that day. We spent the next 6 hours hiking back to the car to get into the small town nearby at 12:30am to find out we absolutely will not be able to find anyone to sell us food (by then we were back to normal and STARVING). We go to bed hungry. 

I joke that if it wasn’t for the proposal, that would be the worst day of my life. But I wouldn’t change it at all.

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That is such a cute story and I do think its romantic. That sounds like something my Fiance and I would do but he decided to surprise me on our trip to Portugal last summer.

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I got engaged on an average Thursday night. I got home, ate dinner, then went grocery shopping. Fiance (then boyfriend) called me to find out when I would be home.

I got home and started unpacking the groceries. He called me into the back room (our office/spare bedroom). We had just moved into our place a month before, so it was full of boxes we had yet to unpack. He told me we needed to start unpacking the boxes. I asked if he was crazy as it was 9:30pm, I hadn’t put away groceries yet, and I still had to make lunches/dinner for the next day!

He kept prodding me until I was ready to punch him out, saying come on, just one box, please? I couldn’t figure out why he was pressuring me so much. I said no way, and started walking out of the room. He said to me, “how about just this one little box then?” I turned around to see him holding a little purple ring box.

I opened the box and saw this georgeous engagement ring. It didn’t even register what was happening, so I kept just asking what was going on. He said, “wanna get married?” -yup, his exat words. I asked if this was for real, and he said, “does it look like it’s for real?” so I said, “well you’re not down on one knee, so I don’t know.” He refused to get on one knee, but he said, “if you don’t believe me, ask your dad”.

He had called my dad for his permission while I was at the grocery store. This was so important to me as he knows I’m such a daddy’s girl.

So that was it, the proposal that started with me wanting to punch him out, to feeling so incredibly happy! I love it and wouldn’t want it any other way!

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@thehoneybear: Oh yeah, I left out that I was definitely crying by the end. And we had to shout while we were stumbling along after dark to keep bears away. It was pretty hilarious, but only in retrospect.

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I love your story, I think that’s how proposals should be, IMO.  A couple sitting and talking about the future together and deciding yep, they want to spend their lives together. The whole concept of a woman sitting around ‘waiting’ for a guy to decide when HE is ready really annoys me….anyhoo, my Fiance and I decided together that we would get engaged but he didn’t want it to be official until he ‘asked’ me.  he had planned on surprising me on vacation but that went all wrong so after that we just chose a date together because we were incredibly busy, wouldn’t really have any time to ourselves so we picked a date and agreed that that would be the proposal day and that he would get to ask.  but even that day we were really busy, we only had about 1 1/2 hours to ourselves, as my family was about to come back to where we were staying. so we were really rushing around, I jumped in the shower, then ran around lighting candles while he cooked dinner really fast (you should have seen him chopping those tomatoes!), then we ate and he asked me and that was that! so not particularly romantic at all – lol!  and then afterwards when my family came back I said ‘we just got engaged!’ and they went ‘oh, right.  Oh, congratulations’ and there was a weird silence.  ha ha!!!  so i often don’t give the ‘true’ version because people are disappointed – I just say it happened when we were away and leave it at that! 

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Busy bee
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I had told him everthing including this silly lil dream I had when I was a little girl that the boy (I was a child then) of my dreams would slip in through my window while I slumbered (again, little girl) and put a beautiful ring on my finger (back then it was an emrald) and I never knew till I woke in the morning….. and would have to guess and dream of who my admirer was. I told him this dorky story around march of 2008 and forgot I told him. Dec 28th of 2009, as I slept….. he slipped a ring…THE ring on my finger…and I woke and rubbed my thumb across my finger and to my utter shock…. a ring was there!! Well, apparently he was fake sleeping for hours and heard my gasp and quickly leapt up, came to my side of the bed and said my full first and middle name and told me he could not live without me and asked if I would grow old with him!! I was…dumb founded and again… like when we first met, could hardly speak… I uttered…”of course”…….. so in saying that, I guess technically I was asleep for most of it. The key is that I loved it and it made me feel amazing that he remembered. 

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I actually ruined what was supposed to be a romantic proposal.  We had hiked up to the top of Elk Mountain, which has an amazing view.  However, my fiance was really eager to propose, so instead of waiting until May to go up, he decided to go up in March, when the mountain was still covered in snow.  So by the time we finished the two hour climb to the top I was freezing and sore (from slipping on ice the whole way up) so I was just very grumpy and said I wanted to go straight back down again, and I wouldn’t stay at the top. 

Later that night I realized what I had ruined and we ended up just talking about it and I asked to at least see my ring and I put it on my finger and that was it, I just kept the ring.

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Darling Husband and I were walking to Blockbuster on a summer evening. Mid-stride he just looked at me and said, “Marry me.” And I said, “Yes”. And then we smiled at each other and kissed, and continued on our way to rent some movies.

No ring, no down on one knee, no formality. It was perfect.



About a year later he had had an engagement ring custom made for me, and of course when it was finished, he didn’t tell me but insisted we go out for dinner. He jokingly pulled out the ring box at the table and got down on one knee, saying “Will you marry me?” with this giant smirk on his face, acting like we weren’t already engaged. Our waiter came by just then and said loudly, “Oops, am I interrupting something?” and then everyone stared. I wanted to die. I remember hissing something along the lines of, “Yes, yes, you know I will, now would you get off the damn floor?” and thankfully once Darling Husband was sitting in his chair again everyone went back to ignoring us. Such a jerk, lol.

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Fiance and I have been together 8 years this past Monday, and I always knew I wanted to marry him. He wasn’t sure about the whole getting married business, but there was so much about him that I loved and I knew it was worth waiting for him, so I did. 

In June we were sitting in our living room hanging out and talking when the topic of marriage came up. We were discussing the fact that we were basically married already, except without the legalities. W talked about the benefits of marriage and what kind of wedding we would have if we did it. He said that I was the best part of his life and that we should get married. So, we kind of decided then that we were engaged. It was more an outloud thought than a proposal.. haha. 

Of course, I had been looking at rings for years before this, just because it was fun to do. I had an idea for what I wanted and we discussed a budget. I found 3 rings I loved showed them to him and asked him what he thought. He picked the one that was secretly my favorite and said that it was “very me” and that we should get it. I got an elongated cushion-cut pink amethyst set in a thin, rose gold micropave diamond band. I love it and him and can’t wait for our non-traditional wedding, whenever it may be. 🙂

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Alot of people think mine is pretty un-exciting, but for me and Fiance it was so “us”. I was one of those girls that was waiting and waiting and waiting for ring. I pouted and moped around when someone else got engaged before I did (ps..we dated for 5.5 yrs before he put a ring on it). I was always expecting it on a bday or holiday, but my Fiance is smart..he knew I would expect it on days like that so he did it on a random Wednesday at 4pm in the middle of our bedroom lol! He suprised me alright! When I called to tell my friends they didnt believe me at first! Anyways, I loved it…would I have loved something over-the-top romantic that costs tons of $$ for him to pulll of? Yea…but the bottom line is, I wanted him to ask on one knee with a ring in hand..I didnt care where it happened lol!!!

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