Outdoor August wedding…with no AC ?

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  • Wedding: September 2018

My point is, they can get hurt OUTSIDE the home as well. And your parents will still be on the hook for it. 

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  • Wedding: March 2019

Definitely push back your start time. I would also call up other vendors to rent fans, or purchase the box fans yourselves. You can resell them on Offerup or Craigslist. Just because you rented tents from a vendor doesn’t mean you’re tied to them for anything else. 

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lindzrae :  FYI: People getting hurt AT the home is the same as people getting hurt IN the home from an insurance perspective–if someone trips in the yard or driveway they can sue the same as if they trip in the living room, etc., etc. Your parents would need to make sure their coverage is sufficent for potential liability of that number of guests or get an insurance rider whether they want to let people in the house or not. And know this–if they see your aunt or bestie is allowed inside to cool off or use the bathroom and they aren’t they will be PISSED.

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Since you’re looking for experiences.. I used to live in Davis, CA.  August hangs out at 107F but at least it’s dry.. still.. kinda gross.

A close friend got married mostly outside (though we did go inside to eat) and opted for a brunch wedding so that we could be inside by 11am.  It was still hot.. but it was bareable.  Men wore short sleeve button up shirts and cargo shorts and women wore short dresses.  There was a LOT of ice water easily accessible.

Hope that helps?

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  • Wedding: October 2016

You seem really defensive & unwilling to change anything about your day. My suggesting would be to really look at whether you really care about your guests. It’s not sounding like you do. Options would be to move your wedding to a different day, later in the season. You said that your SO has Sundays off. Or rent an appropriate venue. Or save money & cool the tents. One can assume that you’re not already working 2 jobs to pay for this (as you mention your parents are paying) so I think getting a 2nd job (assuming you work now) & saving for this would be a great idea. 

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I’ve been to an August wedding…twice! They weren’t intolerable. First one was in NJ (so…kind of close to New England) and they had a sunset ceremony at a lake, and then held the reception outdoors at the MOB’s house under canopy tents (not fully enclosed). And honestly, I don’t remember feeling as hot as I thought I would. I think having the event in the evening was helpful, and I would recommend this for any outdoor summer wedding…I haven’t read all the updates so I’m sorry if this was already suggested, but maybe wait until the sun goes down so it won’t be so hot 🙂 

The second wedding was at an outdoor venue in Virginia, in the middle of the afternoon, and it was soooo humid, even though the venue was completely shaded. But again, once the sun went down it felt really nice outside. 

Maybe part of the wedding favors could be folding fans? Ideally, I would also look into the option of bringing in electirc fans of some sort, but that might get kinda pricey. 

Anyway, I love weddings and summer heat wouldn’t deter me from going, personally. Even if it was 108F and directly under the blistering sun, I’d just put on a large hat, more sun block, and look extra forward to some iced tea or a cold beer 😉 

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I’m from the Northeast and have been to plenty of outdoor weddings in June/July. It’s honestly just something you deal with and really not that big of a deal – you’re in NE, not Texas or Florida. As a guest though, I’d appreciate the following:
-A heads up that the wedding is outdoors/not air conditioned (allows people to dress appropriately)
-An escape from the heat (shaded, AC’d area)
-Hand fans!
-Tents (although they provide shade) are heat traps – consider something shaded but more open and with fans. 
-Water, lemonade, etc. that’s readily available for guests (not that you have to flag down a server or go to the bar). 
-Push the start as late as possible. 

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Is it possible to just buy some ac units and set them up yourselves? They aren’t the cheapest, but it would be a lot cheaper than 8000$! 

Afterwords you can sale them. 

They might not go with the decor, but they might take the edge off the heat. 

They have some really good standing models. 

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  • Wedding: October 2014

FWIW i went to a backyard wedding in Maryland in the late summer a few years ago, can’t remember what month it was, but it was pretty warm out, maybe 88* in the daytime and in the 70’s in the evening. Similar climate to New England, maybe a few degrees hotter, but not significantly. The wedding was held at the couple’s rural home. It was super casual, BYO stadium chair kind of thing. I wore a maxi sun dress with short sleeves, very flowy, no stockings, and sandals. I melted even though we set up our chairs in the shade (the property had thick, mature trees, lots of shade).  It was buggy. My then-fiance-now-husband was miserable in a dress shirt and khakis, no tie, sleeves rolled up.  We had a good time, I cried when my friend and her new husband shared their first kiss, we ate and we got the heck out of there. We didn’t linger and we were not the first to leave. I couldn’t wait to get back to our hotel and have a long cold shower. 

The reason you’re not getting any constructive suggestions is because there’s no life hack that turns a hot and humid summer day into a comfortable experience, especially for hours on end. If you can’t budge on the date, you’re either going to have to sacrifice guest comfort or budget.

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OK Well swamp cooler cooling stations it is!  I think as long as you have about 4-5 stations people can rotate all night.  Put some misting fans near the dancefloor and buffet lines and people may may make over 3 hours instead of leaving after the ceremony. I have spent many an afternoon in a car to avoid being in humidity and once your guest run to the car to cool down they will likely just leave rather than go back your celebration.  Dress code will also be crucial because it’s hot af and it’s in the backyard so it would be odd to even ask for anything over sundress and polo attire.

For those who don’t know what a swamp cooler it is essentially a a cooler with ice in it.  You force air in via a fan and it comes out much cooler on the other side.  Much more effective than just fans alone and ice is cheap 🙂

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  • Wedding: July 2017

I am a Mediterranean livinig in New England. I absolutely know what humid New England summers feel like. However it’s only gross during the day. Evenings are just fine. It will be lovely if you do the ceremony during sunset and have your reception right after that. I don’t think you even need a tent. Bugs are the only annoying thing imo. 

I have been to one summer wedding in New England. (I can’t remember the month. I could be June or July) it started around afternoon and it was so much fun! theh didn’t have a tent, the food was half catered half homemade, they had drinks , no band, they had a pool in their backyard so some people jumped into it towards the end. I guess there were around 100 people and I remember some people hanging out inside the house. Overall it was a great wedding! 

We got married in Mediterranean and got hit by a heat wave. It was 110F on our wedding day. It was not humid but it was extremely hot! Our ceremony was at 8pm. Reception started immediately after that. It was an outdoor venue but  since it was a hotel our guests could go inside anytime that they wanted. Because of the hot we couldn’t take any pictures outside during the day. After the sunset, it cooled down but cmon I am talking about 110F here. It was hot! We had 200 guests and half of them were locals and we are used to that weather, it doesn’t bother us at all. Our European and American guests were not used to it. I am so lucky to have friends and family like them that they partied with us until the end of the night. We were dancing and saying ‘it’s is so hot’ to each other. Wedding officially ended by 12.30 and some of our guests were still hanging out at their tables one hour after that. Young people ended the night around 5am. The only person who left early was my 90 year old grandma. She had to leave around 11pm. The next day during brunch we were all taking about how ridiculously hot last night was.

If you have people who are used to that weather you won’t have a problem. New Englanders will know what to expect and dress accordingly. It will be a little torturous to your guests if you do it before the sunset. But after the sun is down New England evenings are really nice. Good luck with planing. 

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  • Wedding: October 2018

Coming from a military bride who had to elope in July in Louisiana heat: other people have said this, and this seems to be the ONE thing that IS within your control.. push back your start time. If you can’t change the location or date, at least avoid making guests bear the worst of the heat in the middle of the day. That’s the one easy concession you can make. I would also suggest hand fans as your favor, and you can always buy fans and portable a/c units that will be a lot more cost effective than a private company. As someone else tried to point out, and it didn’t go over well with you, if someone gets injured outside of the house, your parents can still be held liable if it’s on their property. A non-ventilated tent in the heat of the day can make even the youngest and healthiest person have a heat stroke or other heat related illness. People can be very sue happy. Especially when it’s so easy to point out that these conditions could have been avoided. They’re trying to do you a favor by pointing out that you can still get yourself into a crack if these conditions happen to make someone ill. It would be wise to keep that in mind. 

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