(Closed) Outdoor Ceremony: Aisle runner or not?

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Helper bee
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I understand where your friend is coming from, but I think when it comes to aisle runners there is no right or wrong way to do it, so it’s not worth being "horrified" over. If she likes aisle runners, she can get one for her wedding.  I don’t generally ascribe to the whole "It’s my day and I’ll do as I want, dammit!" mentality, but I’m going to go that route on this issue.  I would probably cave and get an aisle runner if it was my mom insisting on it, but it’s your friend, not your mother.  She shouldn’t be the one calling the shots for your wedding.

I don’t have any personal experience with aisle runners so I can’t give you an informed opinion on the paper variety, but I can tell you that I’m also doing an outdoor garden wedding and I’m skipping an aisle runner in favour of scattered rose petals like you have envisioned.  I think it will be beautiful.  I am pretty sure there’s no way to get through to the end of the wedding day with the train of my dress in pristine condition, so it can drag on the grass and get a little dewy.  Plus, I’d be a little concerned about my heels poking holes in the aisle runner as I walked along.

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Helper bee
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I had an outdoor wedding w/ a rose petal aisle runner.  We did it for the same reasons you had (I’m the biggest klutz ever), plus we just love the look of vibrant petals on green grass.

I did go to a wedding where they had some sort of lightweight runner on the grass — I don’t know what it was made of, but the bride and someone else (BM or FG) did get a little tangled in it (heels). I think you would be way more likely to trip on a lightweight one (canvas or paper), so if you do do it, I’d look into renting an actual aisle carpet so it’s sturdier and less likely to tangle.

A word of warning on using the petals: check with your venue about their rules. Even outdoors, some stipulate that you have to sweep/pick up the petals when you’re done. Also, there is a chance that you could stain your dress b/c when petals are crushed, the darker colors can bleed out. This happened to a teeny corner of my dress, but it totally came out with cleaning.  No sweat. The look is just unbeatable and gorgeous, in my opinion, and I would totally go for it.  (Oh, I think there are places that sell freeze-dried petals that retain their color; these are less likely to stain.) Seriously, even if you get a bit dirty, no one is going to be on their hands and knees to examine your hem. 

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Helper bee
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I was a personal attendant for a wedding this summer that was outdoors and had a lightweight aisle runner that we had to unroll.  One of my friends and I decided it was far too windy to put it out whe they wanted us to (2 hours before the wedding) so we waited until about half an hour before it.  They didn’t have any anchors or pins or anything to hold it down, so it was flying all over the place and we had to move the chairs over just to keep it down until the wedding.  At the ceremony guests who sat next to the aisle stuck their feet out a bit to hold the edges down. 

Lesson:  Overall, it was a huge headache, sure it was nice to have the aisle defined, but really wasn’t worth the hassle.  I’d recommed sticking with the rose petals. 

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I got married last week outside, and chose to go sans aisle runner. Like your idea, we lined the aisle with rose petals. It was perfectly fine. Our theme was very natural and organic, so I knew from the very start that I didn’t want an aisle runner – plus I’ve seen many mishaps with them, people tripping, losing shoes, the wind blowing it, etc. And also agree that if you’re going to do it, you have to get a heavy (ie expensive one), bc paper or lightweight material will just look cheap.

Go with your gut, this close to your wedding I would say it would just add unecessary stress. And my dress didn’t get any grass stains on it. (Also, in response to your friend’s concerns over grass stains, you will be walking around on the grass more than just down the aisle right? It’s not like someone will carry you to the edge of the aisle runner so your dress will never touch the grass?). I say don’t stress, and if you’ve never wanted it until now, you don’t need it. Good luck!

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