(Closed) Outdoor Male Cat Terrorizing Indoor Female Cat

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Strong spray bottle or the hose maybe?

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Buzzing bee
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Your poor kitty. 🙁 Are there any shelters in your area that neuter and release stray cats (they call it TNR)? If so, you could trap him and bring him in. They will usually let you borrow a trap. I’m not sure if they always release to the same area where the cat was captured, but at least if they did, he’d be fixed and probably much less aggressive.  This is assuming he isn’t already so, obviously lol.

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Worker bee

We have a cat problem in our yard (they kill our native birds) and we’ve gotten a sonic cat repeller which really works. They an eat up batteries though so if you go this route choose one that can be used with a power supply. I live in australia so our brand isn’t an option for you but this one seems to have good reviews


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Helper bee

Is your cat spayed? 

Call your local humane society, they might send someone to catch the male cat too, if you can’t yourself.

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I work at a humane society. Most don’t have the resources to trap a cat for you. But many rent traps. Once trapped you can bring him in. They will scan for ID and if he’s unowned or unclaimed he’ll hopefully be adopted or go into a program like Barn Buddies for feral cats.

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geekgirl84:  Your poor kitty 🙁

Yes, please be careful with citrus. That can actually be harmful to cats. I’d just get a spray bottle with water and when he comes by spray him while making a loud sound. That should get him to stop. But he sounds really aggressive and not fixed. If you can try to trap him or call multiple humane societies. At least one should be able to come by and help. I’m in a small town and even the one here does it. If they can’t help you can do it yourself. The tip I’ve heard is set the trap/cage out with food in it so he gets used to it, then stand out with the cage (or at least within view) and food so he gets used to you. Then cage him when he’s inside. Then you can take him to a vet or humane society and they should take him in and get him shots and ready to be adopted.  

Obviously try these first, but if nothing works and he’s still being that aggressive you may have to call animal control. No cat should be that agressive and you don’t want to risk him hurting your cat or anyone else.

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Helper bee

Is your cat spayed? If not, that could also be what is attracting the male cat to your house and making him aggressive.


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You can rent a trap from the Humane league. Trap him and surrender him. Outdoor cats presence can cause even female cats to start marking their territory. And once that starts it’s really difficult to stop. I know from experience. We had a feiendly outdoor cat using our flower bed for a litterpan. The smell would literally come inside. Since he was friendly we just scooped him up and surrendered him. He was neutered and adopted. But in the meantime, one of my cats starting marking and never stopped. We had to remove all carpets and area rugs to get him to stop. It was a very costly experience. 

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geekgirl84:  Watch My Cat from Hell on Animal Planet. Jackson Galaxy recommends motion sensor activated sprinkler heads and/or alarms to scare the cat away. Eventually, he will realize it is not a friendly place and stop coming around. 

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Unfortunately he is exhibiting normal Tom behaviour. Cats are very territorial creatures and the fact that he is spraying in your garden is him saying that he views it as his. I would be very cautious about letting your cat out unsupervised. OP, if you do trap him be very careful when handling the cage. If he is truly feral, he will not take kindly to being confined.

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im sorry but this is hilarious. your cat is being picked up on by that jock dude that just doesnt understand the word NO and im not interested lol. Poor kitty , i honestly dont know how to keep an outdoor stray cat away. i didnt know they even went hard like that. smh he is going to get that cat by any means necessary it appears

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Busy bee

I agree with the TNR. This will help make him much less aggressive and the spraying should stop as well. If your lady cat hasn’t been spayed thats a good idea too.

As seen on My Cat From Hell, his behavior could lead to a lot of insecurity from your cat and cause you a loooot of trouble

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Get your cat spayed? Or when you see the tom-cat, spray near him with water. Hopefully after a while he’ll be put off?

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