(Closed) Ovarian cyst surgery. Any advice?

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@LucilleToo:  it’s an ambulatory surgery, meaning you go in and are out the same day. I was in college at the time, I took off 2 days post surgery to recover. Wearing pants/skirts is seriously uncomfortable as well as sitting upright. Your stomach is bloated because they typically go in laporascopically. I have minor scars. Talk to your doc about your concerns. That was my experience, but I was 19 and in fairly good health. 

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I had this surgery in February. I wasn’t working at the time but it did take me about a week before I’d even look at something other than a maxi dress. (I live in Southern California so we have mild winters). My stomach was pretty bloated for a while but it did pass. I had a robot-assisted laparoscopy so I didn’t stay a night in the hospital. My best advice is don’t be a hero and try to go without pain meds the first couple of days, take stool softeners if you do take narcotics (TMI but my first post surgical poop was terrifying to me), and try to walk around your house as soon as you can to try to disperse the gas that they pump into you. The gas hurt more than my incisions. I found out after the fact that some doctors tell their patients to take Gas-X to help but I can’t personally attest to it working.  Oh yes, Zofran is great if you get nauseated from the anesthesia drugs. I took it for a few days after but do make sure you take a stool softener because it also backs you up.


Statistically, you will be just fine but it’s ok to be a little apprehensive. The first question I asked after I was semi-coherent was if I still had both ovaries. My recovery nurse patted my arm and said I was just fine. My scars are so small now, Darling Husband says they’re hardly noticeable. I was literally glued back together so they look really, really good. 


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i had a massive cyst removed almost exactly 5 years ago. because of the size of my cyst, they had to do a laparatomy instead of a laporoscopy (or whatever it’s called, lol), which is similar to a c-section. my surgery went totally fine- no complications and i still have both my ovaries. i have a nice little scar on my abdomen (which has faded a lot over time) and my stitches were internal and dissolved on their own, so i didn’t need to have stitches/staples removed afterwards.

my recovery was 8 weeks. the first few hours were the worst- on top of being sore, i was so groggy and nauseous from the anesthesia and my throat was sore from having a breathing tube and i was sooo thirsty. i looked pregnant for a few weeks and was very sore (but i was in worse pain before my surgery) and i was really tired all the time. like, just leaving the house for a couple hours to go to my follow up appointments would wipe me out.

BUT your surgery sounds much less invasive than mine, so i’m sure your recovery will be much easier and shorter ๐Ÿ™‚ just take your pain meds and stool softeners as needed and wear comfy clothes (i wore nothing but sweatpants for about the first 3-4 weeks). walk around a little bit each day (i was not allowed to leave the hospital until they saw me walking around, so i did a few laps up and down the hallway and man, that hall seemed to go on forever, lol), but take it easy and don’t do too much too fast. your doctor will let you know what you can/can’t do during your recovery. i’m sure you’ll be fine. good luck ๐Ÿ™‚

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I had it done last summer. The worst part is the bloating from the gas they fill your stomach with… It was painful! But I slept for about 2 days and was feeling like myself again after about a week but the bloating took longer to fully go away. 


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@LucilleToo:  I assume they’ll be doing this laparoscopically (keyhole)? I had a laparoscopy a few years ago – it was diagnostic. They made 3 incisions, and in the days following, they were very tender. The worst part was the gas, it irritates your diaphragm and you feel it up to your shoulder tips. It’s not excruciating, just very uncomfortable. Taking a week off is reasonable (I had the same amount of time off). Not only feeling uncomfortable, the sedatives, anaesthetic can make you feel woozy for a few days, and also painkillers they prescribe will make it difficult to be switched on at work!

Best of luck – don’t freak yourself out reading worst case scenarios. I’ve known plenty of women who have had non-eventful surgeries, I was one of them!

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@LucilleToo: After my friend had this procedure she had like 6 weeks off work, but I know hers were large cysts so it wasn’t done laparoscopically. 

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Never had to have it, mine cyst get big but eventually decrease on their own thank God.

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I had it a few years ago.  It’s not a huge surgery, but I scheduled mine on a Friday, then took the whole following week off, and I’m glad I did.

I was in and out the same day; I went under about 2pm and was out of the hospital around 6.  They make you pee once before you leave, but because my bladder is the size of a pea, I peed right away and was out the door.

Buy granny panties and wear a loose dress to go home in. Regular underwear will rub right where the inscisions are on your hips. Nasty granny panties are ugly but will come above that, so they’ll be less annoying.  Also bring a pillow to hold over your abdomen on the way home. The pressure will help everything stop feeling so jiggly over bumps.  That pillow will be your best friend when you sneeze or laugh for the first week or so, too. Things are just kind of floaty in there for a while and a quick muscle clench doesn’t feel great.

I only wore granny panties and loose dresses for the first week, and I probably couldn’t get back into pants for 2-3 weeks from the swelling.  It wasn’t terrible, or painful, just kind of frustrating sometimes.

Try to recover on the same floor as a bathroom so you can avoid stairs.  They do cut through a little muscle, even for a lap surgery, and that muscle is really vital to lifiting your legs.  It was hard for me to lift my legs for about 2 weeks to like get in cars and stuff.  I only did stairs twice a day, once up, once down, because it was exahusting.  Also try to put something in the bathroom that you can grab on to to sit and stand other than a towel rack (those come out of the wall pretty easy).  You’ll appreciate a little support.

And just stock up on regular band aids. The inciscions are tiny, but you’ll want to keep them covered once you’re out in the world again, to reduce the risk of infection and of snagging them on anything (the string in my inscisions was really stiff). 

I was back to work in a week, although it was uncomfortable because I had a long commute, but I did it.  I was back to 100% normal, back in the gym, etc, within 2 months.  RESPECT YOUR LIFT RESTRICTIONS. You’ll feel it if you don’t!  I had help moving files and stuff at work for a few weeks.  Three years later, you’d never know I even had the surgery except three tiny scars (and I mean tiny, like between half an inch and an inch) and they’ve faded really well without my putting anything on them. 

Don’t freak yourself out. I did, and it did me no good.  The whole thing was basically utterly uneventful.  They do this surgery a million times a year.  You’ll be just fine ๐Ÿ™‚

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Agree wirh pp. I had surgery on a Tuesday and was back at work on friday. Gas, bloating and constipation were the worst od it for me but take the week I’d you need it, don’t feel like you have to go bavk to work if you aren’t feeling 100%. Best of luck to you!

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