Over 30 – how long did it take you?

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  • poll: How long did it take you to conceive (your most recent child if you have more than one!)

    First cycle

    2-6 cycles

    7-12 cycles

    More than 12 cycles

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    I got pregnant the second cycle at 33. I did not temp, just used OPKs.

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    I’m 32 and conceived on our fourth cycle. During that month I was temping and I took robutissin during ovulation, don’t know if it helped but it’s one part of the trifecta of pregnancy, look it up on the bee! Worked for me and lots of other women. I was also much more relaxed that month which probably helped.

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    I was 35 (now 6 months pregnant and turning 36 next month) and partner was newly 45. We conceived on the first cycle which was a pleasant surprise. I had assumed it would be a long journey too.  

    I thought it could take a while, so I went in all guns blazing. Temped including for 3 months beforehand to learn my cycle and O date, used Mucinex and Preseed (2/3 of the trifecta mentioned above), and I think we had sex every day between 0-4 to 0+1. I also cut down from 3-4 8 oz cups of coffee a day to 1-2. Didn’t really cut out wine though lol! Maybe all that was overkill, but it felt good to know we had the best chance possible going into it. 

    Good luck! 

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    Second cycle. Just used ovulation tests. 

    Knew that cycle 1 was out because we timed sex incorrectly

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    We started TTC when I was 34 and DH was 39. It took 9 cycles of temping, tracking cervical mucus, taking supplements, and sometimes using PreSeed. We lost that baby due to a genetic issue at 16 weeks. 

    After my mc, we waited about 4 cycles to begin to TTC again because I needed to heal and then I had an ovarian cyst my dr was keeping an eye on for a couple of months. We conceived on our first TTC cycle that time. I’m 35 and now I’m 12 weeks pregnant with what appears to be a very healthy baby!

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     I’m 31 and it took 4 cycles. The first 3 cycles we timed sex around positive OPK – doing it as much as possible in the 3 days around that positive OPK. The fourth cycle we cut down on alcohol, followed the sperm meets egg plan, PLUS trifecta of getting pregnant, PLUS my husband took vitamin C and zinc supplements. Not sure which one of those did the trick but I’m 9 weeks along now.

    I temped too but it didn’t really do anything for me, I didn’t see my temperature very correlated with ovulation and it mostly just stressed me out.

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    I really wouldn’t worry unless you’re over 35 but really closer to 40 as that’s when the drop off in fertility really starts to occur.  Early 30s is NBD.  Most likely you have a 20-25% shot each month to get pregnant.  Fertility issues can affect women of any age, so there’s really no point in worrying without reason.  Odds are usually on your side that it will be less than 6mo to get pregnant.  My first I was 29 and it was the first cycle off BCP I got pregnant (she was a surprise).  My second I was 31 (closer to 32) but I was TTA between kids but we got careless towards the end so we had a few months were we had sex once in the fertile window. The time I got pregnant I O’d a day early and got an O-5 baby.

    As far as my close friends (since a lot of them have kids now…  One was approximately the same age as me and had a similar experience (two quick pregnancies) and another took maybe 2-3 months for both of hers and my other two friends have PCOS and it took maybe ~6-12mo of unprotected sex although they were more NTNP and had long or irregular cycles.  I know one of them (she only has one) was getting ready to see a doctor since it had been over a little over a year of NTNP (with the PCOS) but they got pregnant.  

    I only temped TTA between babies but it’s fun to really understand your cycle.  It would have made knowing when to have sex super easy with my second but I didn’t get to that point.  I never cut out alcohol or caffeine.

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    I was 32 when we started trying. Was temping and using OPKs from the beginning and have pretty regular 26-28 day cycles. Got pregnant on cycle 2 but miscarried at 7 weeks. Had back to back chemical pregnancies on cycles 3 and 4. Cycle 5 was the lucky one – I’m now 19 weeks 😎. We had perfectly timed sex all 5 cycles fwiw. 

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    I’m over 35, and got pregnant the first cycle. 

    It was the same with my previous two pregnancies- first cycle each time. Getting pregnant isn’t my problem, but I had a late loss with my first. We don’t believe it was age related though. 

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    I’m 30, got pregnant in my 5th cycle, had an early MC, pregnant again in 7th cycle, had another early MC, now into cycle 10.

    Everyone is different 🙂

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    shanmia :  We started trying and after 6 months of getting no where we saw a doctor. I went in for tests adn what not for 4 months and DH went about a year after trying to get his swimmers checked. Unfortantely his swimmers were the issue. We continued to TTC until we had enough money saved for IVF (8 cycles later) and started the process of IVF. We were blessed with getting pregnant first round of IVF and we are expecting our little girl any day now.

    I would recommend that if you fear there could be any issues, talk with a doctor. My sisters had fertility issues on their end so my doctor knew I had concerns for myself (luckily I am very fertile). So she recommended after 6 months of trying and doing everything we can (charting, checking CM, BD like rabbits, etc etc etc) to come see her. Some doctors wont see you right away they want you to wait a year. (I would tell them it was a year because of how long testings take). Everyone is different. Charting to me helped a lot. It really has you undertand your cycle and you can sometimes pick up if something is off. Good luck.

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    37 (38 next month) and we conceived on the 2nd cycle but lost that pregnancy due to a chromosonal disorder. Currently almost 16 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby girl (according to NIPT) which also took 2 cycles.

    I wasn’t temping but used OPKs both times, the 1st time we only BD one time during the FW and still ended up pregnant. 

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    “Over 30” varies a lot depending on if you are early or late 30’s. In my personal experience, I got pregnant my first month trying when I was 34. It took 10 months of trying when I was 39.

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    I got pregnant both times within 2 cycles (at 35 and 37)  The second time we were “trying”, and I used the “Clue” app on my phone to track my fertility window.  We will likely have a 3rd, and I plan to do the same time.  Another friend also reccomended the ovulation tests- so you can give those a shot too 🙂

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