Over 30 – how long did it take you?

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  • poll: How long did it take you to conceive (your most recent child if you have more than one!)

    First cycle

    2-6 cycles

    7-12 cycles

    More than 12 cycles

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    I’m just following this thread because I’m almost 34 and in a serious relationship but unmarried, and have constant anxiety about trying to conceive even though I do not have any known fertility issues (apart from being in the mid-thirties…) I am inspired by these positive posts!

    For OP or anyone struggling to conceive, make sure you get your thyroid levels tested and if your TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) is above 2.5, that could be the problem. A lot of lab tests say TSH is normal up to 4.0, but this is not true for those trying to conceive OR pregnant (a huge cause of miscarriages). Not all doctors know this even though they should.  I have hypothyroid, so this has been a concern for me and my future and something I monitor a lot, but unless you have been tested or researched this, you could be in the dark.


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    I got pregnant the first time with my son at 33 on the 2nd cycle. I was keeping track of my fertility window and BBT with an app. The 2nd time, I got pregnant with my daughter on the 1st cycle. I used the app again, but since I was 35 this time, I wanted to start trying earlier than planned because I figured it would take longer to get pregnant. I still can’t believe it took less time the 2nd time! We’ll probably start trying for a 3rd in a year or two (when I’m 37/38) and I think I won’t even take my BBT unless it takes longer than a couple cycles to get pregnant.

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    We got pregnant our first cycle trying,  on our honeymoon lol, so we’re only 8 weeks along at the moment.   Im 36, so I was a bit worried despite neither my mom or sisters having fertility issues.  I know each of my sisters with kids got pregnant their first cycles trying. I do have one sister who hasn’t had kids due to her husband’s infertility issues.  There’s only so much you can do.  I would try not to stress because being stressed is not an easy way to live.

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    After a year of NTNP and only having sex about once a week, we conceived the first cycle we seriously tried. So I was charting, using OPKs, had sex 3 days in a row around ovulation, and doing the pregnancy trifecta for only that one cycle when I got my BFP.

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    I’m over 36.5 and I got pregnant my first cycle trying during my “honeymoon” (it was just 2 days off from work after the wedding).

    I had prepared for TTC for nearly a year before by charting my basal body temperature and using OPK’S to figure out when I ovulated. I was also taking pre-natal vitamins and ubiquinol.

    I was anticipating TTC to take a long time due to my age and my fertility was unknown because I’d never gotten pregnant before. I even bought Preseed and was going to use the trifecta.

    I just got really lucky. I was pretty shocked when I got a positive at 13 DPO. I’d gotten a negative at 9DPO. I also didn’t use the trifecta that cycle. Due to the timing of the wedding and my charting, I knew I would ovulate two days after getting married. We were very strict about not trying before marriage so we only had two days for trying that first cycle.

    I’m currently 7 weeks 5 days pregnant and am a little anxious about it sticking but everything seems normal so far.

    So even at nearly 37 and no previous pregnancies you could be much more fertile than you think, but of course there’s no way to know until you try.

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    We started trying when I was 29 and it took 2.5 years to get a BFP. I’m just now 32 and expecting in October. After the first year we had blood work and a SA done and everything looked normal so we weren’t sure what the problem was. It wasn’t until our 20-week scan that we realized I had a huge uterine fibroid. It may or may not have played a role in how long it took for me to get pregnant, but now I wish I would have pushed harder for answers when we were having trouble.

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    Age 34…first time no trying/not preventing. I actually thought it was too early bc it was 4-5 days before ovulation (but duh, it can stay for 5 days).

    It was my first pregnancy and I was pretty surprised. I suspected at 7 dpo bc of my temp staying high on my chart got my BFP 10 DPO

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    We started trying right before I turned 30 and it took us 9 cycles with perfectly timed sex, OPK’s, pre-seed lube, an HSG test, acupuncture, a cabinet full of vitamins, a CP and then finally what appears to be a healthy baby boy- I’m 20 weeks tomorrow.

    That said, It was also my first and my husbands 2nd and *I* put a lot of pressure on myself to make it happen quickly because I felt like if something was wrong or it didn’t happen, that our experience in life would be vastly different– he would never be childless and I might be. I think that clouded some of my ability to think with a level head at times and hyperfocus on the TTC process. I won’t tell you to relax, because I couldn’t and wouldn’t :), but do try new things each month or incorporate new things as you progress if you start to get frustrated!

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    shanmia :  I’m 39 got pregnant on my 1st cycle and first pregnancy which ended in a miscarriage due to a hematoma. We are currently still trying to conceive, as we just lost the baby in May and was advised to wait 2 months before trying again. 

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    Three attempts. Three pregnancies. 

    30yrs – first cycle – ended in mmc at 10 weeks. Stopped trying.

    31.5yrs – first cycle – baby boy now 2.5

    34yrs – first cycle – currently 21 weeks with baby girl

    1st attempt was random and I thought too late in the cycle to get pregnant but surprise surprise. 2nd and 3rd attempts were each made after 3 months of tracking my cycle with temping using fertility friend and taking prenatal vitamins. I tracked because I was afraid the miscarriage was the result of a late conception (probably not accurate just my thinking as I tried to process that loss). 

    Congrats on your BFP!! So exciting!!

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    Technically 3 cycles, but it took 6 months because the first two cycles were 11 and 9 weeks, respectively, coming off birth control. On the third cycle I ovulated on day 35 and conceived. I was 31.

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