Over cautious?

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  • poll: Get the echocardiogram
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    “oh you won’t spend the money to get cookie a trainer, but you’ll spend money on your own dog…”

    Well… Yeah. One is an elective expensive test, and one will literally make your entire life better. 

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    Will the test change anything? In other words, let’s say they find something. Can anything be done to prevent the sudden death that occurred with the other puppy? Is there treatment available? You might be able to get your money back, but aside from that, would it change outcome? If not, then it makes no sense whatsoever to do, IMO. You would have the peace of mind knowing your dog did not have a heart condition, or the heartbreak of knowing he did, and if there isn’t anything they could do about it, it would change nothing.

    And yes, spending the money on this and not on a trainer for the other dog is unconscionable.

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    I honestly don’t know how you can tell yourself it is acceptable or responsible to pay almost 1k for unnecessary tests for your dog but refuse to pay anything towards the other dog in your life, either training or a dog walker. Seriously you and your fiancé are both incredibly selfish. 

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    This is nuts. Literally – CRAZY. Insane. 

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    kaitlyn8298 :  

    First to answer your original qu, no, l would not get the test given the vet advice you already have . I am not sure from your OP what you would\could do if the test should prove positive in any case.
    That the test is super expensive is to my mind , neither here nor there. When you get a dog you sign up for whatever that costs, in money, time, love, attention , everything . But if the test merely gives you information that you can do nothing about, then l personally would not have it done, but would j keep a watching brief. My dearest late mini Schnauzer had a heart murmur as did her darling mother and sister. Sophie died at 14 and Julia at 16 of unrelated causes. The sister, my friends dog,  did die of hers, but there was nothing any of us did that could have changed any outcome. So is knowing going to lead you to a course of action or just more worry? 

    Your fiancé’s opinion is, sorry, irrelevant too,  since he is not paying, it is not his dog and is obviously a crap dog owner anyway judging by the Cookie thread.

    You probably won’t like the next bit……..but l have to say you  tend to the hugely dramatic in speech , the dog is “your whole world ” you would ” die for him” etc and you seem more keen on talking about these issues , especially the way you feel about them and how you are personally emotionally affected than you do about actual remediation.

    You know what you and fi MUST do about Cookie, and you know that the decision re your baby dog is yours alone and should be made on the sole basis of what would be best for him after having  – or not having – the test. 

    Woman up OP, stop wittering  on about how you feel and take some responsible dog owner action. 

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    kaitlyn8298 :  it sounds like you don’t trust your vets otherwise you wouldn’t sedate your dog for an unneccesary test. Find a vet you trust and have them take a listen. 

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    kaitlyn8298 :  Just goes to show that you want excuses to get rid of Cookie. You put in little to no effort and are unwilling to spend anything to train Cookie but want to waste lots of money on this dog. Actually, it would probably be best for Cookie to be given away to your partner’s parents, so that he stays away from the two of you, who are unbelievably selfish. 

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    Wait so you want to pay for your dog to have an elective procedure they they don’t need but won’t pay for training for the “evil asshole dog that you hate” to have some help with his anxiety so you can coexist as you supposedly want?

    Are you sure you got over Yogi belonging to another woman? Cause honestly you don’t seem like it. You seem sort of awful to be frank. Maybe I’m just really sad for Yogi 

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