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  • poll: After having wedding dress regret, I...

    went and tried on 500 more dresses to help confirm I made the right decision, which I did.

    bought a new dress and felt glad I did.

    bought a new dress only to end up wearing the dress I originally bought.

    waited for the regret to pass, which thankfully, it did.

    felt sad about my dress right through my wedding day and beyond.

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    OMG! I am experiencing the same thing! I put a 50% deposit on the Enzioani Dakota but now I am in love with the Tara Kelly 2200 and Alvina Valenti 9350. I don’t what to do……This is really overwhelming. My choices are: purchase both dresses and have a dress change, not return to pick up my Dakota or wear my Dakota.

    Ladies – Can you please help me!!!


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    It’s bittersweet for me to say I’m a THREE dress Bride! I purchased my first dress Oct. 2011 KINDA before we got engaged (we agreed to get married but I hadn’t picked out the ring yet). I hadn’t found my venue yet or anything but I knew I wanted to get married outdoors. I excited that the price was low. All the shops I was going to had their dress priced over 1K and this dress was $438 before tax! I did want to wait on it because I didn’t have the group I wanted to go dress shopping with with me. It was just my brother’s Fiance at the time (they are no longer engaged) and now looking back I think she wanted me to get that dress because it wouldn’t  have looked nicer than the dress she wanted to get (seriously she was trying to compete!). The saleslady pressured me into putting a deposit down on it, saying the dress wouldn’t be here if I waited. I put the deposit down. I regretted when I came back with my mother. She had a sour reaction to the dress and it made me think twice too. The dress was not me at all.

    The 2nd dress I got too excited about was online for $150! BUT it was a replica of the dress I became obsessed with and when the real thing came in the mail, I instantly hated it. I liked the dress because it had color in it, it was unique, and it was fitted at the top and flared out towards the bottom. The dress I had in my hands looked nothing like the dress in the pictures! I received this dress May 3, 2012.

    My last dress I purchased is a wonderful tale (sorry all this is so long btw!). It was June 30, 2012. I had to go to Dallas (2 hrs away) to try on the Vera Wang collection. I was obsessing over the blush Vera Wang dress (some of you may have seen it style #VW351011). I went and tried it on. First of all, the sample dress was not my size (size 4 and I just barely fit into a size 6 from baby fat!). My family didn’t like the dress. Oh btw, this was the entourage I had been wanting to go dress shopping with all along–my mom, her sis my aunt, my aunt’s 2 daughters who were also my Bridesmaid or Best Man and Maid/Matron of Honor, my  15 YO male cousin who was an usher and my youngest daughter. Anyways, the dress I ended up falling in love with was the 3rd dress I tried on. It was an ivory sweetheart strapless ballgown with a beaded belt and it was only $299! My Maid/Matron of Honor forced me to try on mermaid dresses while we were there to make sure I didnt love something else more since I was only trying on similar styles which were princess ballgowns. I DIDNT! We bought the dress!

    Did I like other dresses after I bought the 3rd. Yes of course I did. There have been some dresses that came out this year that I liked but less than 4 months before the wedding I wasn’t going to change it plus I still loved my dress. Sometimes there isn’t a wrong or right decision to make, it’s just a decision to make. But if you absolutely hate the decision you’ve made, you can change your decision. In the end, YOU are the one wearing the dress.


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    3rd and final dress:







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    The first dress I bought was on my first day of shopping. I told my whole family that I would not be buying a dress that day but everyone seemed to love this certain dress I tried on (it was the only one that didnt’t look horrendous on me). This with a mixture of it being cheap and everyone telling me to get it made me buy it that day. I had a bad feeling a more than a month later, tried it on again and cried at how horrible I looked. It was too late to get a refund from the high street shop so I got an exchange instead and bought bridesmaid jewelery and other things.


    The second dress I bought online for £70 and loved it when it arrived but it was too big and showed my arm fat so….

    I bought another dress online on ebay and that turned out to be too small, infact two sizes too small despite it the lady saying it would fit me perfectlt and I got stuck with it (but it is a GORGEOUS dress) and am selling it now.

    So I ended up going shopping again and found my dress that day….White Rose 774…I love it and will be keeping that one.


    It is funny that I wasted more money trying to save money!



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    This thread is a great idea! I think the dress regret hit me because I spent money. Seriously. I stayed 100% within my budget.. actually, I came in under. But since I’m so frugal, I still felt like I could have done better. I went to a salon that I knew would have my size and give me a great experience. And, although it was the first I visited with friends to try on dresses (before, I only browsed, and had tried on 1 dress by myself), I was determined to be done that day. It was the second dress  I tried on, but I tried on all 6 or so (twice) before making my decision.

    I thought I wanted a certain style.. but this one looked the best on me. But what if I had gone to other salons..would I have eventually found it or something like it (OR GASP, BETTER) at a lower price? Perhaps. But time is a resource just like money, and I felt good being done that day. I did feel some pressure to purchase, but I obliged it. I decided it was the right dress at the right time for me.

    In the end, as I read through posts on dress reget, and look at mine, I realize.. it looks AMAZING. It brings out all the best of me, and lets me shine. I can imagine myself feeling confident and beautiful on my wedding day. And, my groom can stand next to me (this is something that deterred me from the pouffy dream dress). So, I can rest well now and put my dress regret to rest.

    So, allow yourself to have questions or regrets. Its natural. Then breathe. Tell yourself that you look beautiful. And that you will look and feel wonderful on your special day. If there are imperfections you can’t get over, breathe. Think about your accessories, other elements of your day, or the person you are excited to marry.

    Wedding planning has brought out some anxiety in me, and I think the dress was just taking its turn as the cause. I’m going to be mindful of that and take better care of me. As far as the dress, I can’t wait to see it altered with my shoes on..and to unveil it on the big day!

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    Hi ladies,

    Sorry, I know this is an old thread! But having read this thread more than once during the past few months of dress regret, now that I’m happy with my dress I wanted to add to the stories and hopefully also help other bees 🙂


    My dress is the Demetrios 1488. Beautiful dress on the model, but when it came in it really didn’t fit me at all (not helped by the fact that the bridal shop I went to was TERRIBLE and kept trying to tell me it looked perfect when it didn’t fit at all, was puckered at the back, the cups were 3 inches above my boobs etc etc). I took it to an amazing seamstress, who I could tell from the start really knew her stuff, but even after she had pinned it I still didn’t feel like it fitted me quite right. I still thought it was a beautiful dress, but not that it was a beautiful dress *on me*. I felt it just wasn’t the right dress for my body shape, and I wished that I had spent more time looking or trying things on (essentially, my mum found it online and the sample was one of only 4 dresses I tried on). I never intended to buy a second dress because that just wasn’t an option for me, but I couldn’t stop worrying about it and was resigning myself to the fact that I just wasn’t going to like it that much or feel that pretty in it on the day.


    Fast forward to yesterday, when I went for the second and final dress fitting a month before my wedding. All the alterations had been done, and when I put it on, just wow. I finally had that ‘it’s the one’ moment where I completely fell in love with it. The seamstress had done a great job and it fits me like a glove, makes me look slim and curvy at the same time and just falls perfectly in all the right places. It makes me look amazing and I didn’t want to take it off! Having had so much stress and worry over it, I can’t believe that so close to the wedding I’m now so happy with it. I genuinely couldn’t love it more and it’s perfect, exactly what I wanted it to be.


    So I have essentially joined Weddingbee solely to comment on this thread, and tell all of you other bees that there is hope! Find a good seamstress and be clear about what you want, and that dress you’re so unhappy with can still end up as the dress of your dreams 🙂



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