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Yes I would say you probably just were doing a little too much. This would happen to me too pretty early on in my pregnancy and even later when I would clean too much or be walking around too much and I too would too get worried. Just your body saying you have done too much, although I don’t think  it would be a bad idea to call your doctor to be sure there aren’t any other symptoms you should be on watch for. I would just be sure in the future to take breaks often to rest.

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The acceptable amount of activity during pregnancy varies from woman to woman. 

Since this is the first time you’ve experienced this hard uterus/belly feeling, all you have to do to avoid this is not do what you did today. Don’t walk around as long as you did during this shopping trip, take fewer breaks when you do walk, and don’t do lots of housework and lots of walking in the same day.

Since you’ve seen what your activity limit is, just stay under that, take more breaks, and you should be fine. You don’t have to go on bed rest or stay at home all day, you just have to take it easy. 

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anti-cramping pills???? thats a new one.<br />but yes, your body is working twice as hard so it will need more breaks than previously. Make sure to rest when your body tells you its done and keep hydrated. 

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Might try drinking more water. I’m 19wks and have had braxton hicks once and it was when I got dehydrated. I find it varies from day to day, some days I can run around and do hard aerobics classes etc., other days I can hardly get off the couch. I just try and listen to my body and do what I can…


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FrenchNewlyWed:  It sounds like Braxton Hicks contractions. I got them A LOT. When I exercised, but also when I wasn’t doing anything. Being even a tiny bit dehydrated will make them worse, so drink lots of water! Laying on your left side to rest can make them better. They’re harmless, though, just uncomforable. 

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FrenchNewlyWed:  You can do as much as you feel comfortable with- as long as your DR doesn’t give you restrictions.  Everyone is different.

My cousin was out doing heavy duty yardwork a couple weeks ago (she’s still in her first trimester)- and I never could have done that.

Your belly is hard/you’re having Braxton Hicks– it can be normal, it can mean you’re physically overdoing it or it can mean you’re dehydrated.  

I’m 28 weeks, and my belly gets hard if I bend over and lift something that’s sort of heavy (not that I am doing a lot of heavy lifting though).  My first pregnancy, I seemed to get them a lot more often, but I think it’s because I was a seriously stressed person during that time.

I definitely don’t do as much as I used to do before I was pregnant- I get tired faster, and at the moment, my bladder is working against me. 

Don’t feel bad for taking it easy!

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FrenchNewlyWed:  Well, I’m not a doctor, so there’s that- but here’s my experience. I started having BH early, like 14 weeks. I didn’t realize what they were, it felt like pressure so I interpreted it as having to pee. At my 28 week appointment, I had a BH while being examined by the midwife. She commented on it and I was, “Ooohhhh, THAT’S a BH!” I thought the hardness was the baby’s head or back or something (I’m dumb). So after realizing what a BH was, I noticed that I was having them A LOT. I was worried at first, like, oh my god is this pre-term labor??? They would even be regular, coming 2 minutes apart while I’d be exercising. But I did a lot of googling and mentioned it at every appointment and it never seemed cause for concern so I just stopped worrying and ignored them. And sure enough, labor (and even false labor) did feel differently. I did NOT want to be put on bed rest- I knew I would get very depressed because being active is such an important part of my life. I saw this article on it and would’ve brought up my concerns about bed rest if it had been suggested, luckily it never was. As for the short cervix….that is something totally different and would worry me. Anyway, good luck to you! I hope everything is fine and you continue to have a healthy pregnancy!


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Sorry you’re on bedrest!  But yes, I couldn’t do near as much when I was pregnant.  Before I would go out and run 6 miles in the morning, clean my house all day, go shopping, make dinner, etc all in one day and then I got pregnant and I was so fatigued I could barely do 2 miles and then I’d fall asleep at 8pm.  It did get a little better for me after 16 weeks but I didn’t have my normal energy until after I gave birth…the fatigue is no joke.

I think you could get a second opinion.  Braxton Hicks are normal but if they are worried about preterm labor that is pretty serious so you want to follow your doctor’s orders.  If you have more than X amount of contractions in an hour you are supposed to call your Dr. I think.

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kes18:  this! I used to be super energetic as well, and like you I was running, doing races, staying up late, etc. The fatigue of being pregnant has felt like having the flu. My energy first trimester was zero (from about week 6-week14). Only just now at week 15 am I feeling a little better, but by 7pm I still crash. My running went from an actual run to more of a waddle dealt on and even though it was “ok” I switched to elliptical and stair climber. This week I felt well enough to swim and I think it’s def the best pregnancy exercise for me! Glad to know im not the only previously active person who has felt so fatigued! 

FrenchNewlyWed:  I am really sorry you were put on bed rest and hope things get better soon. I overdid it by going to a super long conference and walking around a large city under stressful circumstances and ended up bleeding the next day at week 12/13. The doc told me to rest and things did get better But I had to cancel/reschedule everything work related which was a huge pain. 

Regarding your cervix being short – you may want to have them double check that you don’t have a condition called incompetent cervix. Perhaps just ask them about it. If you do have it, they can stitch your cervix shut to make sure it doesn’t open early. I don’t want to add extra worries and this could be off base, but it is something that comes up sometimes when a cervix starts to shorten early and the stitches can help prevent early labor. 

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FrenchNewlyWed:  You didn’t make me feel odd 🙂 I just don’t want to be a bad influence and tell you to second guess your doctor! If it were me, I would want to be absolutely sure that bed rest was necessary, since for me that would have been such a hardship. Like I said, I had BH like, all the time, and from what I can tell it does not mean you’ll go into preterm labor (I had my son at 39 weeks, FWIW). Hope you are doing well!

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