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  • poll: Is it wrong for me to be a little disappointed?

    no, I would be too

    yes, you sound selfish

    yes and no, it's unfortunate that he said 1 to 2 (i would think the same) but you should be happy

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    1 ct is plenty big enough and you should be happy but I can understand your dissappointment too if you were hoping for larger. What is important is that you let your fiance know how special it is regardless. Guys work hard at finding the perfect ring and pride themselves on it. Even a year later i know my husband gets great joy out me staring at my ring. Mine is .91 ct and its perfect. not too big and not too small and actually a lot of people think its larger than it is.

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    yes you sound selfish. thats what I voted for.

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    1 to 2 carats is a HUGE range, and the prices for those sizes can range from $7,000 to $25,000 plus. I guess I just don’t understand how this was a realistic range to joke about. Did you both talk about budget at all, or just “1 to 2 carats”…?

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    I think that if you are disappointed in a 1 ct ring then you are being selfish.  The range you guys had been joking about was 1-2.  He got you an ring in that range.  If he had gotten you a .5ct ring then MAYBE you could complain.

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    The difference between 1ct and 1.2cts really isn’t enough for you to go from “ecstatic” to “disappointed” (it’s approximately 0.5mm…) I understand how you could be disappointed if you had been expecting a much larger stone, but I’m sure it will be gorgeous and you’ll be super excited when it’s finally on your finger. Just apologize for to him for hurting his feelings and explain to him that misunderstood when he was joking previously and you’d be happy with any ring he gave you.

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    I would be thrown off to if my Fiance had said 1-2 carat range and it was a 1 carat, so I totally understand.. that being said.. 1 carat it still an awesome size!! but i understand where you are coming from. maybe the setting has diamonds in it and that’s why he was saying 1-2 carats (total weight including the setting)?? but who knows. either way, 1 carat is still nothing to be disappointed about! i’m sure you’ll love it when you see it. and trust me, the difference between 1 and 1.2 *visually* is almost nothing.

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    If you think you are not going to be happy with a 1 ct then you need to have a serious conversation with your boyfriend. I know you said he wants this part to be a surprise, but if you are going to be picky about the size, then you need to tell him exactly what you’re hoping for. 1-2 is a HUGE range. Also, have you guys talked about budget? You do realize a 2 carat ring would be crazy expensive? Also, size doesn’t always equal quality–maybe he spent more money getting a really sparkly, clear stone. Have you tried on rings, to see what size you even like? You can always put the stone in a halo setting, to make it cover more finger area. I don’t think you can complain about the size if you just gave him a broad range and no more direction than that. If you want to exchange it or upgrade it needs to be a serious conversation, and you need to be aware that you will probably hurt his feelings.

    Also, please stop joking about the diamond size…it willl do nothing but confuse all parties involved!! 🙂

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    Honestly, I think if you were going to be unhappy with a 1ct. ring you should have said it before now.  You never complained when ‘joking’ about the range, and the range included 1ct. rings.  I hope once you see it you change your mind and end up loving the ring. 

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    I couldn’t vote on your poll because you feel the way you feel. I think that once you see the ring, you will feel it in your heart and the size won’t make a difference, at all!


    On the flip side, you need some massive damage control going on! Good luck! Can’t wait to see that 1 ct beauty when it’s yours!

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    I hate how much emphasis is put on the rings. I told my fiancee if he ever spent three times his monthly salary on a ring for me, I would be pissed!

    I told him if he was going to spend that much money to get me a friggin Harley Davidson instead 🙂

    Not trying to downplay your feelings at all, we are all different people 🙂 This is a time for you to be happy, not worried about what size your ring is.

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    The poor guy probably didnt realize what a 2ct ring was going to cost!  Don’t worry about it… I can remember looking at sizes before getting engaged and even a 3ct stone seems small in those size charts…once you have it on your hand 1ct is a beautiful size, and I bet you’ll love it.

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    You pretty much set yourself up for disappointment as it sounds like you were expecting more.  For me personally, I’m of the mindset that I’m ecstatic to be engaged to the man I want to spend my life with… the ring is an extra perk of the engagement.  Not everyone even gets a ring when they get engaged.  Some can’t afford one of any size, and in some cultures it’s customary to give other things (watches, etc.)

    I’m not sure on how to fix it other than apologizing profusely to the poor guy and giving him some time to get past it.  It has to be a big blow to the ego to hear that he ring he picked essentially wasn’t up to your standards.

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    Ok…do you realize what the price difference is between 1-2 carats? It’s like…a new car’s worth. Did you ever talk about budget? .2 carats is such a miniscule amount many people wouldn’t even notice the difference. I’d just be thrilled he took the time to go and pick out a ring himself, and 1 carat is a great size IMO. You can always buy a blingy band or two for later if you wanted more sparkle.

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    You haven’t even seen the ring yet, and your disappointed?  You need to simmer down a little bit.

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