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@AnaA:  I have a best friend who’s like this with her brother. Hasn’t always been that way, but in the last ten years it’s been super close, and in my opinion creepy.

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Haha. My little brother and I are super close, people think we are dating all the time (He’s 14, but looks really old for his age, I’m 24 but look very young for my age). We hold hands, cuddle, walk with our arms around each other…etc. we would never shower together though…..

 With the age difference, i was always sorta “motherly” with him with the cuddles and stuff, and its just been the past year that hes shot up in height and grew sideburns and looks like a 20 year old now.

I’m kind of obsessed with him. He’s the background on my phone, he is just so perfect and sweet lol. All my friends think its creepy, but whatever.

Thing is, he has really bad allergies. REALLY BAD. One of his worst allergies is one that people die from all the time in the news…so since he was a baby we’ve always had to be super protective of him (he can’t go to public school due to the severity of his allergies, carries his epipen everywhere he goes, can’t go to large public venues…etc)….so i guess just deep down i’m always scared that he might die at a young age, and so I try to treasure every moment that I have with him and I want him to always know 100% how much I love him. His love language is physical touch, so thats why we are touchy feely/always hugging…etc.

 I guess I kind of feel like my situation is different because there’s those underlying issues, so don’t judge, someitmes ya never know whats really going on in a family.


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@AnaA:  I went to highschool with a set of siblings like this….every freaking picture of them they were posed like engagement pictures (no kissing obv.) but they walked with arms around each other, sat on each other laps….always hugging on each other….it was very creepy….like always creepy…they always texted each other ALL THE TIME! went on double dates…..it was really odd…she wore his jersy at all the football and basketball game, not his girlfriend….it was SUPER creepy!! even now that they are both married they are still creepy close….IDK what to think but seeing it and knowing they are related it was super gross and we all thought they were doing gross things behind closed doors….

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I think this is such a weird relationship to have with a sibling!!

On that note did anyone else hear today that Whitney Houston’s daughter married her adopted brother??? What the…

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in my high school, there were two brothers that were super affectionate with each other!!  one would stand hugging the other from behind affectionately, hands caressing the hips, etc.  I was friends with the younger one, and he seemed relatively normal, but this was just so weird.  he always said it was a cultural thing (they are Persian).

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@MsJ2theZ:  Well if that’s not the wieirdest thing I’ve heard in months, I don’t know what is. 

I knew a pair of siblings like this. We went to school together. I eventually became close with both of them, and went on vacation with their family. It turned out that the sister was just really clingy at school. When she tried to do it anywhere else, he pushed her away.

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@AnaA:  Eww…this reminds me of Angelina Jolie and her brother.  Watching her tongue kiss her brother on national TV just gave me the skeevys .

It’s just completely gross and inappropriate for siblings to shower together as adults.  Personally, I’m not even a fan of it when parents give kids baths together.  I have siblings and although we are close we were never THAT close.  

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@AnaA:  FI’s cousins are 16 (girl), 16 (boy) and 21 (boy) and they’re all super huggy and affectionate. I’ve known them since they were in elementary school and it’s always been this way, so it doesn’t weird me out. Their parents are the same way. 

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@AnaA:  I can’t imagine being like that with MY brother, it would be bizarre (for me and I’m sure for him) but I’ll be honest and say I think it’s sweet that some siblings are close like that and it doesn’t creep me out at all.

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My FI’s sister likes to give him a lot of attention, more than I consider normal for a sister. I have encountered them sitting in bed together watching a movie on his laptop, but the weirdness is only coming from her end. She has this desperate need for attention and complains if he doesn’t hang out with her enough. Which is weird because she’s 35 and he’s 30…and she will do this right in front of me. He, on the other hand, just wants to spend time with me and gets irritated with her constantly complaining that she never sees him anymore…so…yes, I hear you about the overly attached siblings.

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