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lmo013 :  You have brought so much joy to my morning with this post. It’s almost over Bee! You can get through to the most amazing day ever! <3

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It seems like the people around you are supportive and happy for you, so you are lucky there. BUT I do understand your frustration. When I’ve super stressed out, EVERYONE and EVERYTHING annoys me. It sounds to me like you are just beyond stressed out at this point. Just take deep breaths, remind yourself they are coming from a place of love, and your day will come soon enough and it will all be over. The stress is just getting to you, which is perfectly normal, but try to keep some perspective and not let it get to you to the point you lash out at anyone else.

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Hahahah I relate to this so much this was hilarious! I feel like I just hate attention and talking about myself that constant questions about stuff like this drives me up the wall. However, it’s lovely that you have so many people that care about you and your day which means it’s going to be super special!

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I’m only about a month into the planning thing and I already want to jump off a cliff.  You’re not being ungrateful at all – I TOTALLY get it.

Also, there’s nothing wrong with taking a few days OFF from wedding stuff.  Tell your fiance you want an evening or two to just go see a movie or go to dinner and not talk AT ALL about wedding stuff.  Make it a game – what else can we talk about?

But you’re almost done!  I’m sure it will be a great day and all the planning will be worth it. =)

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Haha I totally get it. I felt this way the last month leading up to our wedding. I was just sooo tired of organizing, answering never ending questions, and just didn’t care! I’m very type B so I felt like other people were stressing about the wedding more than I even was.

I just had to remember that people are just trying to be helpful and they mean well, as annoying as it might be that they felt the need to check in about every little thing. I also think that the last week or so before the wedding is VERY stressful cause you’re essentially just finalizing everything and waiting… and to have all these people asking questions about things that are irrelevant to you (“what should I wear to the rehearsal dinner”) that you just want to scream at the top of your lungs “I DONT CAAAAAAAAARE!!!!!!”

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Lol I think you are just sick and tired of the whole process. It’s such a daunting complex process all leading up to a beautiful day however I mean it doesn’t take away the stress that is constantly inflicted on us brides! I suggest you try to decompress and do something totally unrelated to wedding planning and practice self care everyday even if it’s turning your phone on silent and enjoying an episode of Greys anatomy! But I don’t think you are crazy at all.

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I felt like I was running a marathon (we were engaged just under 2 years), and by about 2 months before the wedding, once the invites were out, I was done. The finish line was in sight and I was so keen to just not be doing wedding stuff all the time. I was excited to BE married but not the GET married if you know what I mean! I think it’s natural. Try and remember it comes from a good place. And set your fi on people! I had dh respond to his side when they were being “helpful” or asking ridiculous questions (I didn’t really care what socks my future brother in law was wearing), so it halved my mental workload for responding at least.

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oh dear God I relate to this so much. If I had to hear about one more freaking person ask me about SHOES in the three weeks leading up to my wedding I thought I was going to stab them with a stiletto. Seriously, how hard is “black dress shoes, I seriously don’t care as long as they’re black and not Costco sneakers.”

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I think I wore out my death stare in the run up to our wedding.

‘Are you excited?’ for the 100thfuckingtime each day got old pretty quickly.

In many ways I am so glad it’s over!

Though now we get ‘how’s married life?’ and ‘when are you having kids?’ as though the ring on my finger now means that everybody has the right to ask what I plan to do with my uterus. I was getting to the point where the next person who asked was going to get a blunt ‘I can’t’ just to see what they’d do, but thankfully my patience never ran out and the novelty of asking seems to have worn off now.

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Hahaha I felt the same way the last two weeks before my wedding so you are not alone in those feelings!

Throughout my planning process I had so much offered help and support that I kept telling everyone, “I don’t know. I’ll get back to you later when I know what I want.” until people gave up on asking me questions, which was nice. And when the wedding got closer, that two weeks before, I met every question with, “I don’t care! Do what you want! I just want to be married!”

Somehow it all worked out in the end. You got this! Don’t give up! 🙂

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I’m only a month INTO planning our wedding and already my friends and family are driving me up a wall with things that don’t even need to be CONSIDERED for another few months! I just keep telling myself “they’re excited and they come from a good place” but I know how you feel about people asking about everything. My FIL’s have been the worst about it. It is the first wedding in their family and so they are just… texting. so much. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. My Future Mother-In-Law literally got a wedding hair trial done last night and wanted notes as to what to do to make it different because she wants to schedule at least 2 more before the wedding. I haven’t even had a hair trial yet. She is also insisting on wearing the same color as the bridesmaids and the groomsmen (everyone will be in navy). And sends me at least 3 dresses a week to get my opinion on all of which are navy and every time I ask her to consider it in a differnt color. Both her and my Future Sister-In-Law literally hi-jacked my dress shopping appointment so they could try on MOG and Bridesmaid dresses. just took over my dressing room while I was showing a dress. So I can’t imagine how I will handle all of this as it gets closer and the real stress kicks in! 

I just keep telling my friends/family when they offer to help on stuff: “it’s been taken care of, but thank you so much for asking!”

And when my mom finds something cute on pintrest: “I don’t really think that fits with the theme, but if you want to try it out go ahead. Just where would we put it?” (this will usually keep her busy for a couple of days or help her realize that there is just not a place for all of these things!) 

Good luck and deep breaths! It will all be over shortly!! 

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Thanks for making me laugh, I’m also getting married next month, so I totally get it.  When people ask, “What are you looking forward to the most after the wedding?”  I reply, “Not wedding planning,” in my head all the time.

Thing is, I enjoy planning, organizing, all that jazz.  What annoys me is how all these little details and decisions have to be made, and we have to make them, which is fine.  But all that time/energy devoted to these things that ultimately make no difference seems silly.  It’s not any one thing, just everything added up.  As you can tell, I’m in full on crazy lady mode, don’t think I’ll get to bridezilla, though there are a few weeks left, haha..  

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Hahaha I think every Bride feels this way at some point. 

But can we talk about that late night taco bar….that sounds amazing!

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