Oversharing about your child(ren). Can I just rant a quick minute?

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Sassygrn :  I actually do unfollow people who post the gross stuff. And no, I’m not a parent, but my best friend is and she feels the same as I do. In fact, I get several texts a month from her that say “omg did you see what XX posted about their kid?! Gross!” And then she goes on to talk about how she would never post about how her kid threw up/pooped/peed/etc. To each their own, but you can’t just make a blanket statement that implies you only “get it” if you’re a parent. Because not all parents share that kind of stuff. 

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oceangirl40 :  someone took a picture of my sister on a baby toilet in the 90’s before social media  (probably potty training) when we were camping when we were kids. I don’t know if she’s embarrassed about it but that picture is still around in hard copy AND I’m pretty sure it’s been posted to social media too

Those pictures last forever

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I think its worse when people share photos of their kids or themselves on social media in the hospital or with a cold. Why on earth is it appropriate to share a photo of your kid sick in bed and announce to the world they have a cold today. Why?!

The reality is, no one cares about your kids but you, and no one cares about your relationship or marriage but you either. I literally couldn’t give two shits about someone else’s relationship or what their wedding looked like, or any of that. The only person who cares about their own life is that person. 

I think the only exception to that rule is comedy. I love the tweets from parents about what their kid did that was funny. But because it was actually funny. 

for example, ” I just asked my 8 year old to stop yelling and he said, Im not yelling. This is my voice and all my life I have been whispering, and now i am freeee!!” 

See? that is funny. Poop on walls is not. You want people to care about your life? It acually needs to be funny. 


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Aside from the oversharing element, I think it’s really an issue because the child has no say in how the internet will forever imortalize them. Bubby is going to be in his/her 20s one day and applying for jobs, and his/her google results will be pictures of projectile vomit or worse….

Children are people too, with a right to privacy. The internet never forgets.

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I’m with you. I am currently on a work trip and, while I love my 4 month old twins, I have been looking forward to this trip for the adult company and conversation. So far, everyone ONLY wants to talk about their children, sleep schedules, tantrums, swim lessons, bed time routines, etc. I can’t deal.

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Lol I feel you, a distant family member of mine posted 10, TEN pictures of a WORM her son found .. TEN PICS OF A WORM. It’s not as gross as shit on ones face but just like …….. I also have people checking in to hospitals when their kids or them are there like why? Why??? 

Any form of over sharing is annoying, and I don’t agree on the whole “my kids are my life”, I’m sure they are hun but that kid will be an adult themselves and am sure they don’t want to grow up knowing their toilet habits were spread across the internet. 

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jemmlove12 :  oh man, one of my Facebook friends legit used to post 40 plus pictures of her sons PER DAY, I unfollowed her and forgot all about it, she commented on my Facebook page about something and I decided I’d try to follow her again, her kids are a bit older. I might get less pictures.

i lasted a week, she’s got 2 sons (5 & 8) still more than forty pictures every, single. Day.

another has made her baby a Facebook page and Instagram profile. So you don’t get “spammed with baby pictures” no. 

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Yeah this one girl I am Facebook friends with obsessively posts pics of her baby… including vomit and all. 

I think its annoying because its attention seeking. She wants to become a social media celebrity basically. And its not working out for her to say the least.

Another couple was putting videos of the husband cleaning up a blowout diaper… and gagging at the same time. So not only did I see poop all over the place but got to hear dry heaving and see the baby’s dangly bits covered in it… like why? Wildly inappropriate to me.

This goes into the argument with posting naked pics of kids on social media… yeah its not sexual to you, me, or the majority of this world… but it is to SOMEONE out there. Also if a child cannot consent… stop posting pics of their genitalia or butt on the internet.

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You would be surprised the amount of vomit that can come out of a small child. It’s actually terrifying in the moment.

 Also I have no shame in my mom game. I’m not posting up vomit statuses or nudie pics but I am 1000% Beverly Goldberg and my little schmoopy is everything. 

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I don’t like the oversharing  of children either. I’ll preface this by saying I’m not a mom yet so I don’t ~get it~ but still. For example, a woman I know shares constantly on Facebook about her child’s learning and behavioral problems. I totally get her wanting support or just a place to commiserate with other parents facing the same challenges. However I do feel like that’s an invasion of privacy for the child. Like now we all know that he has learning and behavioral challenges. I just feel like maybe when he’s older that he’d want that private and to tell people on his own terms? Idk things like that I’m not a fan of. I think there are better outlets for support than somewhere so public such as Facebook or Instagram. 


Eta: I’m all for cute baby pics etc. but I’m not For people posting stories of their kid smearing their poop all over the wall or embarrassing stories like that. I get that it’s supposed to be funny. But just because it’s a child that can’t be upset about the fact you shared it doesn’t mean that you should share it. These poor kids nowadays are going to have all their potty training horror stories all over the internet. 

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I am part of a facebook group for people who like a specific dog breed.  Basically a third of the things people post are photos of dog vomit or feces, asking if they should take the dog to the vet or not.  I block people every day.  Thank goodness that none of my friends who are parents post such things about their children!  

I do see some posts people post of their kids crying.  That’s against my personal parenting beliefs.  I post a lot of photos of my daughter.  But never any when she is crying, never any when she isn’t fully clothed, and typically never any that feature other people’s kids.  (I do post photos from her gymnastics class if the other kids backs are turned, or I blur them out.  And I post photos from public places like Disney World, when I don’t know the people in the background crowds.  But I don’t post photos of family kids, friends’ kids, or her classmates.)  

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pearlrose :  

I’m also in a similar group and I’m disgusted by the pics of shit and vomit. I can’t imagine posting pics of my dog’s excretions. 

Oversharing about children could be a parent thing that I don’t understand so I’m not going to comment on it. 

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