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That kind of happened to me! I fell in love with a local place then realized it was purchased by a priest sex abuse lawyer! I ended up not liking the place Though, thank god!

i don’t think I could have gone through with it. I’m pretty sure it would have clouded my thinking. Like have any of my friends figured out who owns this place? 

Will you be able to put it out of your mind?

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Not enough information. 

What was the case around his arrest and conviction?

How has been since then?

What steps has he taken to be a better person and member of society?

No, he shouldnt run a day care, but you cant keep punishing people for something they did and were already punished for. Otherwise you are putting them in a place where they cant make a living or work on being a better person. Would you rather this person not be able to make a living and be homeless or have to rely on family and government to survive?

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I don’t think I could, personally….but that’s how I am.


True story.. when I was car shopping, I went to a few dealers.. first one had a car in my favorite color (silver), less miles, at a good price. But I wanted to keep shopping (first time buying a car, I wasn’t going to buy from the FIRST dealer I went to!) and told them I would come back. They were SUCHH hard sellers, practically blocked the door when I tried to leave, called me three times that day insisting that I need to come back and they’d lower the price even more, etc etc. Made me anxious and uncomfortable.

I went to a second dealer, who had the same car but in a color I didn’t like (gold) with more miles, and the price they offered was slightly higher than the first dealer. I told them, they matched the price, and told me “if you need time to think about it, here’s my card, and feel free to call or come back when you’re comfortable making a purchase! Buying a car is a big deal!”

The first dealer called AGAIN, and lowered the price even MORE, but I ended up back at the second dealer, and I paid a slightly higher price for the uglier car with more miles…. because I liked the dealer so much better.

And I never regretted my decision! I would have definitely regretted giving so much money to the guy who made me uncomfortable and anxious if I had bought from the first dealer.



…So obviously a reception venue is NOT a car… but I hope you understand what I mean! I personally know I could sleep better knowing I didn’t give money to a convicted child molester.. BUT it might just be me!


What a difficult situation. 🙁



EDIT: I read ThreeMeers post, and it’s a super good point. If he’s already been punished, and he’s taken steps to better himself.. It’s a different ballgame, I guess.

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@ThreeMeers:  +1000000

When I read this my mind instantly thought “What were the details of the case?” A friend of mine married a registered sex offender and has known she wanted to marry him since the day they first met (back when she and I were in 6th grade and he was the Captain of the 8th grade football team). So… jump forward a few years. The guy JUST turned 18, is a senior in high school, and my friend is a few months shy of 16 and a sophomore. These two have been together since junior high, and they decide to have sex… well… her parents catch them and press charges against him. Yes, he was 18 and she was 15. That does seem like quite the age difference when you see it written, but in the mind of two high school kids that had been together just about 4 years it didn’t seem like that BIG a difference.

Anyway, he was convicted of the crime and now must be a registered sex offender. I think most people will agree that it is stupid, and now, 9 years after the fact, they have been married for 5 years and are thinking of TTC. They still live in that town and people who know of the situation just ignore it. Luckily, most people around them understand and he is treated no differently. However, when people come in and find out that he is a sex offender they treat him way differently, one went as far as throwing bricks threw their windows and keying their cars with horrible statements, and another told my friend to her face that she was a disgusting human being for knowingly marrying a sex offender and that God would smite her to hell. I wish I could have been there when my friend told her that she was only “following God’s law by marrying him” and quoted deuteronomy 22: 28-29, and said something about him still owing her father 50 shekels. Not sure if the person understood what she was saying, but yeah…

My point is, you can’t just judge someone by their label. Yes, the typical situation is NOT like my friend’s, but the point ThreeMeers makes still holds valid.

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