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Sugar bee
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My Fiance and I did it a while back and he had great results. Theres a lot of pull ups, reverse pull ups, push ups and what I call “guy stuff” lol

I got kinda discouraged because I will probably never do a full pull up lol

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Buzzing bee

i tried and gave up to start running instead. got bored of hanging out with tony and “the kids” though a classmate of mine did the program and nutrition guide and had some amazing results! so it works if you stick with it

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Laughingi am on day two of it, and really enjoying it. totally sore today, but thats a good thing whooo hoo, good luck

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Helper bee
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the yoga and ab portions are really great.. I prefer actually going to the gym though so didn’t stick with it.  everyone who I know that has started it has done it inconsistently, so I can’t speak to any amazing results.

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Busy bee
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I’ve done the cardio & the Kempo X(I think thats what its called) and I like both of those.. The rest of them that I tried were just way too hard for me to do.. My bestfriend did it though and is now doing Insanity & she loved it.

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Bumble bee

P90X Lean is such a great workout, you will be AMAZED how strong you become. Remember that it doesn’t work without dieting. If you don’t diet when doing P90X then you will just be adding muscle on top of fat and you will bulk up rather than lose.

That being said you don’t have to go all out just cut out fatty and sugary foods and try to eat more protein and vegetables. Also PORTION SIZE make sure you aren’t eating too much per meal. ๐Ÿ™‚ Check out michi’s ladder it works well with P90X.

If you do the diet and are consistent with the workout you will get AMAZING results!

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Helper bee
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I’m currently almost done with week three! I absolutely LOVE it ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m doing it with my husband and a couple of friends of ours. I feel great after I do it, I’m still getting sore even though I’ve been doing it for a few weeks. If you can’t do pull ups just put some bands in your door, it works just as good! That is one of my goals is to be able to do a pull up! I haven’t been following the nutrition guide, but instead I’ve been calorie counting. So far I haven’t lost any weight but I have gained a ton of muscle. It’s awesome because you can feel a difference in your strength just after you start the second week! (when you repeat the videos) I highly recommend it ๐Ÿ™‚

Good Luck!

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Helper bee
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Everyone I know who has tried it and stuck to the program has seen great results.  it’s too much for me, though, so I’m doing Power 90 first.

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Helper bee
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I haven’t tried p90x yet but I have tried the first one (Power 90 or P90) and it’s pretty great. I got it a few years ago and it came with a beginner sweat (cardio) routine, sculpt (weights) routine, abs routine, an intermediate sweat routine, sculpt routine, abs routine, and a “bonus” 6-day Fat Burning Express program which consisted of the 6-day cardio routine and meal plan. I can’t remember if it came with the advanced routines as well or if those were also a “bonus gift.”


And if you don’t mind me suggesting something, I love Cook Yourself Thin cookbook. It basically shows how to cook some favorite foods in a healthier way, even desserts! The second book, Cook Yourself Thin Fast, wasn’t as great (some good recipes here and there in my opinion). In that one it seems like they left all the ingredients as is but just have you eat smaller portions.

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Busy bee
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@cyndistar3: We did it for a week >.> The space we had was NOT big enough (my hubby, me and his friend) and it’s REALLY tough. Polyometrics is what really killed me. I seriously could not walk for three days after. I almost fell down the stairs, and my legs were too stiff to do the other exercise days correctly. I also learned P90s not very good for you… Just like running. The human body isn’t meant to be put under such extreme pressure. I suggest you do it as you feel comfortable- unless you have a major goal though, good old diet and exercise should work ๐Ÿ™‚

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Busy bee
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As a PP said, it’s very ‘guyish’ but personally, I like that stuff better than frou-frou workouts that are all dancy stuff. Be prepared for LOTS of pull ups and push ups, but use the modifications they show you if you need. The hardest part for us was finding a full hour or more each night to do the workouts. If you already commit yourself to that much time to work out each night, you’ll be fine! I almost immediately noticed a HUGE difference in my upper body — the back fat where my bra goes disappeared, the spillover in the boob/armpit area went away, and when i put my hand over my chest (like pledge of allegiance style) it was hard as a rock! Also, the abs workout was really easy for me but really hard for my Fiance….and I think we only got through the yoga the entire (1.5 hours) like 2 times. It was crazy hard.

We got through the first 3 weeks then I found out I was pregnant. We both stopped (for that reason and we suddenly got really busy with trips and vacations and stuff), but as soon as I’m recovered from this baby we’re going to start it again.

Things I’ll do different this time: use smaller free weights and tubes instead of doing ALL the pushups and pull-ups. I was doing modified pull-ups anyway, but I think that if I had kept going on the entire workout for hte 90 days, I would have gained too much muscle rather than toning. I really want to be super TONED for my wedding, not HUGE…plus, my dress won’t zip if I make my lats too big! ๐Ÿ™‚  Another thing, we’ll be doing it in our basement rather than our upstairs living room. You need a LOT of space for the plyos!

Don’t be alarmed if you seem to be building up the first week, then the second week it’s suddenly harder and you seem to be doing less weights than the first week. The first two weeks suck, the third week rocks! You start to feel all the power you’re building!

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