Packing and moving tips?

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Get help. I hate moving with a passion because untidiness stresses me out a lot. I asked my two best friends to come and help. They filled boxes with me, wrapped crockery etc. Just so I wouldn’t have to do it on my own. 

Last weekend a friend of mine moved, and I did all those things with her, too. It’s so much easier to pack stuff while you’re chatting.


(Apart from the fact that my friends made me throw out my favourite old bikini because they thought it’s heinous. Fiancé agreed. So I guess that’s good, too.)

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Helper bee

About to move from my apartment to a townhouse with my SO in August. Crazy excited about living together, less than thrilled about having to do the actual moving part.

We are starting fresh with furniture for the most part, which is nice because everything will be delivered. Trying to purge a lot of stuff that we both currently have.

I’m ready to start packing already but its still too far away to do that! Trying to enjoy my last few weeks living alone (hopefully for the last time ever!!) but it actually seems like SO and I have been spending more time together than ever, and I’m really loving it.

Any advice on living/moving in with a boyfriend for the first time?

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I’ve moved way more than I care to think about including several international moves.

Here’s the best advice I can give. 

Have 1 or 2 very clearly labeled boxes that you will take separately that have your essentials for your first night. So things like sheets for the bed, toilet paper, a towel or two, coffee cups and coffee, a couple pieces of dishes. Your essential toiletries and a change of clothes as well as any essential chargers. As well as any tools needed to assemble furniture. This saves you from the scramble and box hunt to find the things you need when all you want to do is climb into bed and collapse.

Keep all your boxes as much as possible a uniform size. This makes it so much easier to pack your moving truck. You’ll fit a lot more in, waste less gas and have to make less trips. There will be a couple exceptions, but try to keep it all the same.

Don’t over pack your boxes, better to have a few more smaller boxes than gigantic boxes that are overfilled and will be impossible to lift and may break.

Label each box very clearly for each room, Then label and clearly indicate which room is which. This is especially important if you’re using movers. You don’t want to be stressing and have to stop the movers constantly to point pout where a box goes. You also won’t end up with having to haul a few dozen boxes up or downstairs because they’re in the wrong room. 

Number each box, keep a master list of what is in each box number. This means as you unpack you know what your priority is for unpacking. For example you will much more urgently need your box with your shoes over your winter sweaters in July. 

And most importantly purge, purge, purge!!!! Do not waste time or money moving stuff you don’t want and need!

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Hiring movers is amazing if you can afford it.  They pack up so quick and wrap stuff really securely.

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thesecondwife :  

Not moving , but emptying the kitchen before it’s renovation  starts on Monday.

OMG if I use  a quarter of all the crap  I’ve got I’d be surprised . The plastic  stuff , the myriad pots and pans  , the  china cups from years ago……. 

H finds throwing things away akin to a minor amputation  , so I have asked for less help than I could have done  with so I can do secret binnings.  The spare room is like an op shop and I haven’t started on the foodstuffs  yet. 

In terms  of moving house tips , yes label boxes by use/room and try to keep things that belong together  in the same box. And take the opportunity to  throw away or donate everything even partially useless or superfluous.

Something  I have learned from this weekends experience is that  I seem to have had a fetish for placemats over the years…. 

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husband and i are in the process of moving from china to turkey, except that there a month gap between our visas, so we will be in the US during that time. he will be in one place, but i’ll be in three states during that time.

so we are fitting our lives into two large suitcases and a carry-on each which we will move from china, to the US, to turkey. i’ve been in china for five years…i have very few ‘things’ and i’ve even had to get rid of over half of my clothing because there just wasn’t room to pack it all. luckily i had a friend who was my size who was stoked to get a new professional wardrobe. 🙂

every type of move has its challenges. you’re dreading packing your kitchen, i’m lamenting leaving all my baking and cooking things behind. lol 

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Busy bee

We sold, donated and trashed everything and started over! It was so exciting getting to pick everything out for our new house!!! 

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