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Helper bee

i would say that if you have a sweet tooth, the worst thing to do is try and cut it out all together. otherwise you’ll have one piece, feel bad for ‘failing’ and think ‘well if i’ve failed now – i might as well have another piece!’

i think 80%-20% is the best ratio for everything under normal circumstances.

stick to lean meats (chicken, turkey and fish) if you can’t go 100% veggie, and switch your refined carbs to whole. white bread/pasta/rice is pointless as it has hardly any benefits to it. if you have wholewheat, you’ll feel happy that you’ve eaten the things you want, but they have the added nutrients that you need.

i have a really bad sweet tooth, and i try to CONSTANTLY graze throughout the day on nuts, seeds and dried fruit. by the time the sandwich man comes at work – i’m not running to get a chocolate bar, because i’ve stuffed myself on pistacios and dried strawberries.

you’ve not got long until your honeymoon, and you’re wanting pretty fast results! so you must be serious about losing weight or you’ll never do it. don’t focus on calories. an avocado has the same amount of calories as a mars bar. should you stay away from the chocolate? yes. should you avoid the avocado? no way.

i find that losing weight works best if you’re willing to change your eating habits for life, and you’re not after a quick-fix. if you fail and have a chocolate bar – it’s not that bad. but it is if you fail daily because you have a big bag of chocolate bars in the house!

breakfast: oatmeal with banana and maple syrup or honey, or wholewheat toast with peanut butter and fruit, or muesli with low fat yoghurt and fruit, or healthy cereal with either skim milk or soya/rice/almond milk, or wholewheat toast with baked beans and a glass of juice.

lunch: jacket potato with cottage cheese and salad, jacket potato with tuna mayo and salad, grilled chicken salad, vegetable soup (without cream), chicken and salad sandwich on wholewheat bread. finish off with a low fat yoghurt.

snacks: dried fruit, nuts and seeds. i like to get a mixed bag so i’m not having the same thing throughout the day. i love dried strawberries, pineapple, plums and mixed seeds. loving pistachios at the moment. i go through a lot of those.

dinner: my absolute favourite is grilled salmon with brown rice and tender stem broccoli. mainly because it’s delicious and easy to make! wholewheat pasta with homemade tomato sauce. grilled chicken, vegetables and potatoes.

i’d recommend limiting your dairy intake, too. try to stay away from lots of cheese, and i try to avoid lots of red meat. processed foods really are a no no.

DRINK LOTS OF WATER. no soda, coffee or alcohol. water only.

look at the colour of your plate. is it mostly beige? you must eat dark green vegetables every day – they’re so important! if i can’t see green on my plate i’m not very happy. i put kale into pasta sauces (i even eat kale with a full english breakfast!!!) and tenderstem broccoli is a staple in our house. i eat spinich, rocket & watercress salad at lunch time so at least i know i’m getting one portion a day – but it’s good to get two.

if you feel like you’re falling off the wagon – message me! i always like to help 🙂

good luck!!!

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@mija22:  I find that eating sugar begets desire to eat more sugar. Same thing with grains. A lot of people who eat paleo/primal have found this to be true. I know it’s hard, but your best bet for cutting out sugar is to go cold turkey. Start out with a small goal (i.e. going three days without sugar), then move on from there. You’ll find it gets easier as time goes on. After a while on a strict no sugar diet, once you have your cravings under control, I would switch to an 80/20 approach.

I don’t know if you use stevia, but I find that a small cup of coffee or iced coffee sweetened with liquid stevia usually fights my sugar cravings. I think it is the combination of caffeine (like chocolate) & a little sweetness. 

I do agree with the PP in that you really have to be looking for a lifestyle change rather than a quick fix, but I have found the paleo/primal lifestyle to be very successful for weight loss, and just general healthier eating overall. Good luck & let me know if you have any specific questions!


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I did paleo for about 2 months a year ago, I lost about 15 lbs (from 145 to 130) over the course of it and have kept it off since.  It was definitely the fastest I’ve ever lost weight and also the best my skin has ever looked, but honestly I couldn’t live that way so I just took from it some eating tips and moved on.  I never got woozy or tired or felt undernourished on the diet though! I really liked it, I have to give your plan a +1 =)

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I am doing paleo! Week 2 and 4 more to go. I have learned to LOVE it! It helps to plan meals out. Go easy on the nuts and fruits if you want to lose maximum weight, get through the first week and I can guarantee it will get better.

I lost 5 lbs my first week and look forward to what next week brings. I have found a bunch of recipes through pinterest. I also did a yummy recipe of spaghetti meat sauce and sauteed spinach, way better than pasta believe it or not. You are capable of more than you can believe, if you slip dont give up!

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Do you have a link to this recipe? It sounds great!

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i know this is an old thread but i thought i’d share my 2 cents – for what its worth. I have an insane sweet tooth. I LOVE cupcakes, mountain dew, fruit, all of it, and once i start i CANT STOP! After doing a 30 day paleo challenge at my gym my cravings were GONE. No joke. It was very hard but so worth it. Once you get used to gluten free (for the most part), and very sugar light diet your body adapts quickly. My one tip (as others have mentioned) DONT GIVE IN! you can do it! Its not worth starting over! I maintain a pretty healthy weight now with minimal effort – eatting as much as I want (paleo of course). I don’t get hangry (hungry + angry) anymore and thats worth it!

hope its going well!

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refined carbs/gluten are not things your body needs….the carbs you want is from fruits and vegetables….

I am doing a “sort of paleo” diet….lots of good fats, protein, fruits and veg…

You should eat 1 gram of protein for every 1 lb you weight a day….it’s HARD…but it keeps you so full!

I did this for 2 weeks and lost about 7 lbs and my belly was super flat…so I’m doing it again and plan on sticking with it ……I felt really healthy when I was doing it….

include coconut oil, nut butters, ghee, eggs, and I drink 3 litres of water (at least) a day….

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