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I think Paleo is going in the right direction, but I think they cut our certain foods that are actually beneficial to a good, healthful diet. I eat a diet that very like the Paleo diet, but I don’t cut out beans or lentils or other things the Paleo diet claims are bad.The best way I have found to eat healthy and loose weight is when I cut out wheat and gluten ( makes my stomach ache anyway), dairy ( also makes my stomach ache) and refined sugar. I eat a lot of vegetarian/vegan dishes, but occasionally will have chicken or beef.  I also make sure to eat healthy fats like avacado, olive oil and nuts. I am not a big fan of going on “diet” nor am I a fan of any fad diets. If you are serious about changing your diet, it should be a lifestyle change. I did this and I have lost over 12 lbs in the past few months.

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Oof, Paleo sounds like the worst form of torture to me haha. I think it’s healthier and more sustainable to just make healthy choices and eat things in moderation. I don’t like that paleo cuts out dairy and healthy carbs and has such an emphasis on meat. I’m pretty much a vegetarian (I guess Flexitarian or laid-back vegetarian would be more appropriate terms). I guess if you just use it as a guide like you said, it could work. Here’s a sample day of meals for me:

Breakfast: Greek yogurt + apple + small amount of whole grain cereal

Snack: String cheese

Lunch: Salad with low-fat dressing + whole wheat english muffin with 1 egg, slice of cheese, and 1 piece of turkey bacon + banana

Snack: 1/4 cup mixed nuts + a few whole grain crackers

Dinner: Asparagus + Tofu + quinoa

Dessert: Popsicle + a few gummy bears 

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Helper bee

I’m on a HFLC diet, which differs slightly from paleo, but I have a few paleo-approved suggestions.

One thing I have learned to love is Cauliflower. It is sooo versatile. Here is a few things you can do with Cauliflower:





I hated cauliflower, but these days, I cannot go without cauliflower in my fridge.

Suggestion for breakfast – these are super easy to make. I make them on a a Sunday, and they last for a week in the fridge – http://www.lowcarbkitty.com/recipe-morning-muffins/

Also, check this site – there are some great recipes on there – http://everydaypaleo.com/food/

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Blushing bee

I don’t believe at all in the paleo diet (sorry, I can’t support the science behind it) but if you want a quick, easy, healthy breakfast, I do a small bowl of Turkish yogurt with half a banana, a small handful of walnuts, a couple tablespoons of wheat germ and a little honey. It’s really tasty, good for you and keeps me full til lunch!

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Busy bee

We did paleo for like a month. I could have won an award for the biggest bitch of all time by the end of it. It just wasn’t for me but some people seem to like it.

We basically ate chicken for every meal with the occasional red meat thrown in. Lunch was mostly salad with grilled chicken or plain tuna (gross) and homemade Italian dressing. For dinner we’d have various chicken dishes. My favorite was bacon wrapped chicken tenders marinated in trader joes BBQ sauce with sweet potato fries but I’m pretty sure some of those components were cheats. I didn’t care. It’s basically just a lot of lean meats and veggies. You’re not even really supposed to eat fruit because of the sugar. This diet was clearly created by a sociopath. 

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Paleo is a high protein diet.  So don’t just cut out carbs and increase veggies.  I suggest you pick up “The Paleo Diet Revised” by: Loren Cordain.  It explains everything you need to know about it.  Good luck!

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Helper bee

LilLis:  Just eat as clean as possible. Lean proteins, healthy fats and complex carbs. Limit your diet to only those things and you will be fine. You don’t have to follow any fad-diets. 

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Buzzing bee

LilLis:  I don’t wake up early enough to actually cook breakfast.

So, I premake breakfast bowls that last me about two weeks at a time. 

I take a carton of eggs and cook them.

A pound of breakfast sausage, cooked.

Roast about 8 red potatoes in the oven, cubed, with spices. 

I chop up veggies (usually bell peppers). 

a bag of baby spinach.

Divide equally into 12 sandwich baggies. freeze. pop in a bowl, cover, and into the microwave for 2 minutes and you have breakfast.

Make sure you let everything cool before you freze it or you will get ice crystals. You can obviously make these with whatever ingredients you want because I’m not sure if mine are paleo. 

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Busy Beekeeper

For breakfast, I cook a couple of eggs and whatever greens I have in the fridge (usually a big handful of spinach that gets sauteed with the eggs).  Takes about 5 minutes.  I know it feels like a lot more work than cereal, but it’s really only about 5 more minutes to add to your routine… and it will make a big difference!

The other thing you could do is hardboiled eggs to go + some sort of already prepped veggie or avocado…. 

Lunch I usually do a big bed of greens + leftover protein from the night before.

I swap ‘regular’ pasta with brown rice pasta and eat rice every once in awhile.  I think if you can do the swap to brown rice pasta – you can still get your pasta fix.  🙂  Just don’t eat it every day (more like 1-2x a month, max).  I think what you’ll find, though, is as you make changes to your diet, your cravings for pasta and rice will diminish.

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MichiganGirl24:  aww mann, I’m going to try that!  I’ve been cooking for Fiance every morning when I get home (work nights)

LilLis:  I tried the paleo diet for about a month or so.  I did not like it very much.  It made my grocery bill go up and I didn’t feel very good.  Kind of sluggish?  I went back to carbs in moderation and I am much happier.  I did adopt some of the habits, like using almond milk.  I also stopped eating a starch with every meal.  I try to limit my grains to one meal per day, usually for breakfast.

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Buzzing bee

partyplanner83:  they’re really great!

I used to make those breakfast muffin kind of things in muffin tins and I found they would get kind of burned on the bottom. They also didn’t fill me up as much because I was really limited on what I could put in them due to the size of the muffin cups.

The bags are so much easier. Sometimes I add some salsa or fresh tomatoes after I take it out of the micorwave. So yummy!

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I was a total carb addict and have tried Paleo (going on 3 weeks now) and I LOVE it!  <br /><br />Breakfast (8am)

Coffee + large fruit plate (strawberries, mango, melons, pineapple).

Snack (10:30 am)

Veggies + “Hummus” (large pepper and carrots, dipped in home-made cauliflower hummus (http://grassfedkitchen.com/Cauliflower-Hummus – I make a large batch once a week and it lasts all week long).

Lunch: Salad

– Large spinach salad with either pears or mangos, almond slices (and I cheat a little on this one) a tiny bit of feta cheese – can’t totally go without cheese! – olive oil and balsamic dressing

Snack: 2pm

– Apple or Pear


-Green salad (spinach), Steamed veggies, Chicken or fish

– Ground turkey ‘tacos’ – the shells are boston lettuce

– Ground turkey “pasta” – using spaghetti squash (if you haven’t had spaghetti squash as an alternative pasta, try it and you’ll NEVER go back)

– I usually go on pinterest and find Paleo friendly recipes.


I have to say, over the past two weeks, I’ve lost about 5 pounds and feel awesome.  The key is to eat every few hours.  The first week, your body will adjust and you might go a bit nuts thinking about carbs and sugar, but push through it.  

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