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Uh, yup! My father told me a month after I gave birth (it was July in the south mind you and I was swollen and miserable), “You and I are the only people in this family that carry the FAT gene.”

I have always been super curvy and struggle with weight. I’m pretty short, my mother is very tall. She’s a B cup, I’m a Dirty Delete normally, without the post baby swelling. So I’ve always been sensitive about it. I was also dealing with nasty PPD and gah, I have never wanted to cuss someone out so badly in my life.

Oh and then at the end of the trip he asked how we were doing on money and I said “It’s pretty tight, but we’re getting by don’t worry” and he said “Well obviously you’re finding money to eat.”

In case you haven’t guessed, our relationship is a major work in progress.

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One of my ex’s sisters said something to me once. We were all at the beach, and she had a young daughter who was probably about 5 or 6 at the time- and she loved being around me, since I was a girl and she had two brothers.

Well, long story short, after playing with my ex’s niece, his sister turns to me and says “(young girl) likes you, I don’t know why- but she does”

I was like, really? You don’t know why she likes me?! Gee thanks.

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@Sweet.Sugar.Rose: wow…just wow…… my grandma is notorious for saying stuff that is just unnecessary. Like ill come in and she will look at me and say “well those jeans dont fit you, why dont you skip the cake at desert today? how are you supposed to keep a man if you let your ass get so big?”  yes. she really says stuff like this lol. Im used to it and she does it all the time to everyone. I just learned to roll my eyes and ignore it but that doesnt mean it doesnt still sting sometimes. ill ask my SO later like “do my jeans look bad?! is my ass really that horrible?!” and of course he always tells me im beautiful and to ignore her 🙂 either way though its rude and unnecessary. people can really be unbelievable sometimes!

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Someone once stopped me at the airport and said something along the lines of, “Has anyone ever told you you look exactly ike Ashlee Simpson? Well, before she got all that plastic surgery. Have you seen her nose now? It looks great!”

I imagine this woman probably didn’t realize how rude that sounds, but it definitely sounded like the worst kind of backhanded compliment. Sort of like, do you know how great you’d look with a little surgical intervention?

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I can’t think of any specific things people have said to me, but my DH’s grandma did leave me speechless last Christmas. I am bigger than any of DH’s cousins (at a size 16/18— they are all prob like size 4-6) and she got everyone PJs for Christmas, flannel bottoms and a long sleeve top. She got me a 3x!!!!! 

Like, okay, I understand that I bigger than your grand daughters. But 3x? Really? Do I look THAT big to you? Thanks. 

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@CorgiTales: My dad’s mother always buys my mom clothes with huge size tags in them because she knows it hurts my mom. Last year FI’s aunt got my pj’s that were huge and I cried all the way home because I am a little person but I feel like she did it to make me feel bad.

And for the rest of you that posted, I am really speechless! What would make people say things like that!?

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My SIL once asked me if Darling Husband and I would consider going on The Biggest Loser. Apparently she feels that we’re so disgustingly fat that we need to go on a reality show to lose weight. Thankfully for us we can just diet & exercise if we feel the need. Last I checked there wasn’t an easy fix for lack of common sense. 

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At my cousin’s wedding, her grandmother (not my grandmother –  the one on the other side of her family) said to me, “Well, you have grown up to be a pretty young woman… man, you used to be homelier than a hedgepost!!!” 

Who says that!?! (Answer: an old lady with no filter)

Luckily I could laugh at it at the time… it’s actually still an inside joke in my family.

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I walked into the break room once and caught someone eating my lunch…I said, “hey, what are you doing? That’s my lunch.” she said, “I’m doing you a favor, its not like you need it anyway.” (this was infront of another co-worker)…I worked a 16 hour shift without a bite of food that day…And it was left overs from the night before because my fiancé took me out to this really nice restaurant in Orlando… 🙁

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My jaw dropped so many times reading this thread!! People are awful!  I have one coworker who insists on insulting me on a regular basis.  A few days ago I came into work and she said, “Wow!  You actually don’t look fat today!” Gee thanks, apparently I look fat every other day?  She hates me because I refuse to agree with her when she’s being racist.


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When I showed my dad a picture of my wedding dress on the model, he said “So you’ll be going on a crash diet then?” I guess he didn’t understand that dresses come in different sizes…

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@ForeverAndEverAfter: Please tell me something very bad happened to this woman. My blood is boiling just reading this.

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