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Oh no…I’m sorry to hear you’re going through this! Have you ever had an anxiety problem before? I purposely did not want to plan for an extended period of time because I was worried I would have the same thing happen.

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I’ve had panic attacks when my frantic schedule gets to me and I becomes overwhelmed by deadlines and such. I’ve also been through some rough times, including a very violent abusive relationship that I was completely trapped in, and those events had not caused me to have panic attacks. I wouldn’t think too deeply into it. No one I know who has had panic attacks attributes them to any profound emotional struggles. You’re probably just stressed out. My panic attacks subside quickly if I just immediately recognize that I am having a panic attack and tell myself that if I stay calm and breathe, it will be over any second. 


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@LadyCupcake:  As someone who struggles with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Panic Attacks, I can totally sympathize with you. I’m in Congative Behavioral Therapy because I didn’t want to be on medications, in fact, I simply had a panic attack over the possible side effects of my medication.


My episodes range from debilating to disruptive, as sometimes all I can do is huddle in a little corner like a frightened child. Luckily, most of the time my heart is simply racing and I feel anxious. Literally anything can trigger this. Mostly the things that trigger it are things that my mind perceives as a threat or a danger to me, when in reality these things are simple life problems, such as finding the correct street to turn down when going to a Dr. Appointment, or having to make a phone call to a person you’ve never spoken with before.


From what my Dr. explained, the disruptive episodes (where I can still function, though I feel paniced) are actually anxiety attacks. A panic attack is where I am non-functioning. Where I am literally freaking out and cannot do anything, as I feel my world is ending.


Which one sounds more like what you’re experiencing? Do you feel like your world is ending or more like how you feel when you’re getting ready for an interview/test/etc? Do you feel anxious or paniced? I ask because this will help me help you. When I feel anxious, I sit down, calm my breathing, and try my hardest to think rationally. What triggered the anxiety? Is this a reasonable reaction to the trigger? What is it that I fear is going to happen? Lets say it happens, what is the worst thing? I’m not going to die from it. It won’t be the end of the world.


Panic Attacks on the other hand are much harder for me to manage, and I try to do the above when I can think properly. Right now, I rely heavily on Fiance to help me. He’ll talk to me, he’ll be my voice of reason, even when my mind cannot be reasonable on its own.


I absolutely dread when my wedding gets nearer. I’ll likely increase my sessions to 4 times a week, and in fact, I’ve caused myself to have an anxiety attack over worrying over having an anxiety attack. There is no sense in worrying about this. Things will happen, things will go wrong, it won’t be the end of the world. I’ll be okay. I just have to keep chanting this mantra. Heck, just fearing that I might have offended you or that someone is going to fuss about me over this post is causing me anxiety. I’ve got it bad.


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I have had two panic attacks in my adult life. the first one was when i was having my first csection…they had to sedate me. Tue second i had last Friday. our front door was kicked in the Saturday before Easter at 12:30am. the thugs started by knocking and then banging on our front door as we slept. then they circled our house banging on all of our windows…then one of the guys kicked in our front door. our alarm bared and as soon as the guy saw my husband (my husband was said…hey hey…what the duck r u doing)…the guys fled. my two small girls were sleeping…our rooms are separated…there’s is on other side if house. Before i had my panic attack…i had an intense fear…like i was being watched…then it turned to my heart racing and my throat feeling really tight. my breathing turned into hyoerventalating . then i started crying. It took a good couple of hours for me to be back to normal. i suggest distraction and meditation. when it happens practice rythmetic breathing…like gut breathing. right new its probably the whole stress if planning a wedding. however if it keeps on happening i suggest u see a Dr…u might have a panic disorder…that is seriously debilitating.

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@sexymama118:  so glad you and your family are ok. so scary my goodness! we have 2 young kids and an alarm system but i feel more comfy with my gun. its so sad but i just hope i never have to use it.



@LadyCupcake:  i believe you are going through this from stress of the wedding. this is a big deal and there is also a such thing of happy stress. i would suggest breathing exercises and meditation for sure. my anxiety comes from large crowds and stress and thats what helps me.

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@PocahontasP:  </ thank you. it was soooo scary. all of it happen under 30sec. While they circled our house i went and grabbed one of my girls and was going to get our baby…well they kicked in the front door before i had a chance. i screamed…not my babies….not my babies…don’t hurt my babies. i seriously thought we were going to die. thankfully the three men were not armed. since he incident we have been gun shopping. i hate the idea of having to get a firearm…but i dread something like this happening again…and they r armed. i felt helpless.

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