parents – share your stories of accidentally hurting your kid!

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Had my then approximately year old son on my shoulders and wasn’t thinking when I walked into his room…. and banged his who,e head in the door frame 😬🀯😣.   I’m sure there are tons more but I’ve probably blocked them out πŸ˜‚

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I’ve got a few. Rolled off the couch when she was tiny. Onto TILE. Then again off the bed (a high bed!) in the middle of the night into the wood floor. I was at my parents at the time, and their bedroom was directly under mine. Mom said she heard the “thud” and then a BIG “THUD” where I flew out of bed to get to her. πŸ˜‚ 

I was at my husbands friends house in their garage, and she was not big enough to be walking, but I had her hands and was helping her “walk” across the floor and one of her hands slipped off my fingers and she bumped her mouth on the concrete floor! It wasn’t bad and she didn’t even bleed, but man she SCREAMED. My husband and all his friends just stood there staring at me like I was parent of the year. 

The best one is when I was getting her into her car seat when she was about 2. I was moving her around trying to get her centered and she started screaming. She couldn’t move her arm without crying, so I took her to the ER and I had dislocated her elbow! I was freaking out thinking they’d call DSS on me, but the doctor said it was pretty common. He just bent it a certain way and she was fine. 

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Not a parent but I’m gonna do my little Public Service Announcement service here because I have seen way too many toddlers in burn icu who were given hot soup or a drink and spilled it while trying to pick it up and bring it to their mouth.  If you MUST give a toddler hot soup supervise them and put it in a heavy bowl (not a styrofoam cup of noodle thingy). 3rd degree burns on the genitals are not fun

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Kayla0416 :  Oh my god that is probably my worst nightmare if I were a parent, clipping the nails seems terrifying for that exact reason!!! 

When I was a baby, my grandma zipped my skin up in my onesie, lol she never heard the end of that one from my parents. 

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Worker bee

Playing wii tennis when my son was 5 and just fwopped him right Im the head. He was fine lol but I broke my pinky!! 


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I once lifted my nephew above my head and whacked his little head right into the spinning ceiling fan! Left a pretty good bruise but he was okay. 

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I was leaning over my toddler to reach out and grab her arm away from wires and she moved and it ended up being almost a slap. I remember that she was so sad, obviously I didn’t and don’t make a habit of hitting, so that was unusual. It took a toll on me πŸ™

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Bumble bee

We were on a road trip. Parents in the front, kids in the back. My son was 8, daughter 3.

He was picking on her, being a nuisance and sassing me. When we were stopped at a gas station, I whipped around in my chair at light speed with my pointed finger to chastise him. 


And my finger went knuckle-deep, into his eye socket. 

No joke. I was mortified and thought I blinded my child. It felt disgusting. He cried for a minute, had a red eye, otherwise ok. 

Apparently  he had taken of his seat belt and glasses  and was leaning towards the console to backtalk. He bounced forward just at the worst time!

No harm done but I felt soooo guilty!


I saved him with the Heimlich when he was a muscular teen though. And it was very hard to do. So I made up for it. Lol 

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Ugh. I have everyone beat. I swear I am not a terrible human/parent… 

When my son was in 4th grade we were roughhousing in the living room and my foot clipped his mouth and one of his (ALREADY VERY LOOSE!!!) baby teeth came out. There was a fair bit of blood and he was yelling “Mom, you kicked out my tooth!” It didn’t even hurt him, the tooth needed to come out anyway… but yep, I totally kicked out my child’s tooth. He still reminds me of this years later πŸ™„

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Worker bee

I have 3 kids and there are so many things that I’m sure I have forgotten some!

For sure my oldest got the brunt of it just because I was learning how to take care of tiny humans. He fell off my bed once and the couch once as a baby while I was right there with him! The worst though was before he was two and his brother was a newborn. He would sometimes unintentionally do dangerous things like sit on top of the baby in the bouncer. One day I think I had to use the bathroom and my oldest ran into my room, where I had the baby, and slammed the door shut. I ran in after him imagining that he was smothering the baby and I opened the door too fast smack into his forehead. That left a mark for sure. Lesson learned to be careful with doors! Poor kid also tripped one time because my H wrapped him in a towel that was too long and his arms were wrapped too so he landed on his face damaging a front tooth. It’s a baby tooth and fine but is gray and he hasn’t lost any teeth yet so it will be a while.

My second had two incidents with the car. First he climbed in on the opposite side and climbed over to his seat. I didn’t notice when I opened the door to buckle him that he was leaning against the door and fell out headfirst! Amazingly I caught him but I think bruised him where I grabbed on. The second incident was as i was taking him out of the car seat and a crazy strong gust of wind slammed the door shut on his head. I am cringing thinking of it. 

With my youngest, I fell down the stairs while holding him and his leg hit really hard when we landed. He was fine but it hurt him for a day. My H also slammed his fingers in between 2 pieces of wood. Those fingers bruised really badly and took months to grow out from under the fingernails.

I know these accidents happen to everyone but ugh I feel like such a bad mom thinking of them all!

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michellelynn9175 :  Imagining you diving onto the floor in the dark has me in tears

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LilliV :  I’m sorry for laughing at everyone but I am DYING over here. Toddlers falling down is one of the most charming and hilarious things I’ve ever seen and it gets Cookie Monster laughs every time.

I don’t have kids yet and my boyfriend already complains that I beat him up with my clumsiness. So I’m sure I’ll be getting some visits from CPS.

My mom has smacked me with a few elbows and knocked me over several times and I’m fine, y’all are doing fine. Your children will still love you.

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downonmulberry :  I think I basically flew across the bed without even touching the mattress. I imagine it was very matrix-esque….in my mind anyway. πŸ˜‚

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