(Closed) Parents: what have been your "NONONO STOP STOP!" moments with your kids?

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Honey bee
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Nanny, but when she started deliberately making Rorschach-like designs on the white carpet with her iced tea, I was like, “Seriously? I mean, seriously?”

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Honey bee
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iarebridezilla:  lol, yep. As far as danger moments, more times than not our crossing the street would go like this, “Ok, so let’s look both…LOOK BOTH WAYS! YOU DID NOT LOOK BOTH WAYS!”

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Sugar bee
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While I don’t have kids, I do find myself saying some of those things to my dog haha.

I dropped a chocolate chip cookie recently & did this like diving maneuver off my chair to get it before our dog all while screaming, “No, baby, that’s mine!  You can’t have that!  No no no, watch out!!” ..or something haha.

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Buzzing bee
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While nannying.. Told two toddlers who were fighting over a toy to “let it go”.  Without missing a beat they bust out in “let it go, let it goooo!” Frozen song. I cracked up. 

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Sugar bee
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My Darling Husband and I were hanging out with our niece, nephew and their parents.  Brother-In-Law was grilling, SIL was in the house getting other things ready, and Darling Husband was playing with nephew.  And then 16 month year old niece starts toddling up to the grill while dad has his hands full trying to unwrapp burgers, and his back to her.  I am the only one close enough to snatch her away from the grill before she gets into it.  To say she didn’t like me because of that was an understatement.  She would look at me for the next 2 hours and just burst into tears.  Sorry you don’t like me, hunny, I just prefer you not to get burnt. 

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Sugar bee
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not a parent, but I cared for my siblings growing up after my parents got divorced and  my brother was a friggin terror. I can only hope and pray that its not genetic. He was the poster child for “no No NO I said NO… Oh God Too late” and got into sooo much trouble! I remember I was watching him while my mom was visiting with neighbors down the street- he was maybe 8 or 9- and he really wanted to play on the sit & spin so I said ok and he drags it out into the living room. Of course he puts it right next to our brick fireplace so I told him to move it, he was going to crack his head open. I had to step out to check on my little sister playing outside and walk into the house to see him going full speed while standing on the top spinner part of the sit & spin, you guessed it, right next to the fireplace. Before I can even think “this is gonna be bad” He’s already flying off the thing and hit the corner of the brick fireplace forehead first. Blood everywhere and we had to go to the ER and get him stitches… This was just one of soo many injuries he could have prevented… 

We used to have a super steep driveway that ended in a garage at the bottom. One day he tried ot bomb the hill with his rollerblades on- no helmet, no pad, no nothing. Of course, he got going pretty fast, then couldn’t slow down & just slammed smack into the garage door and fell over like a sack of potatos and broke his arm… I was sitting at the top laughing saying “I told you that was a bad idea” 

Same brother also setup a course for himself jumping off our treehouse, onto our trampoline, then was trying to get a backflip over onto his bicycle next to the trampoline. I kept saying he was gonna hurt himself, but that’s like encouragement to him, so he went for it. Sucker landed it on the first try! So he goes back to do it again, fails miserably! He hit the trampoline, backflipped, and landed straddling the springs on the trampoline… got super nasty bruises & cuts allover his back from that one!

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Bumble Beekeeper
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iarebridezilla:  I am the mother of a baby boy with really good aim so every diaper change is a “OMG NO NOOOO STOP” moment, although now I know if he is dead calm, don’t lift his diaper off him right away. I have only had my hand peed on one time. The worst is when I JUST give him a bath and he poops and then decides he’s going to let his hands go exploring during his diaper change when I’m not paying attention.

Guess he gets another bath 🙂

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Helper bee
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When my son was 3, I was making him lunch in the kitchen. He was in the living room sitting in front of the couch and it got very quiet. Too quiet is never a good sign, so I walked over to see what he was doing. I found him on the floor with my purse, he had pulled out my birth control pills and was popping them out everywhere. He did eat one, but after freaking out and calling our pediatrician (I was told he would be fine as long as he didn’t eat more than 1 or 2). I picked them all up and all were accounted for except one “sugar pill.” Thank God.

Another fun story would be when my son was 1 1/2. He had been taking a nap, but it had gone on a bit longer than usual, so I went to check on him. There he was, in his crib, covered from head to toe in poop. He had smeared it all over the walls and his crib and his diaper was still on! He pulled it out of there and smeared it everywhere, like he was painting with it. It took me 2 hours to clean and disinfect everything. It is much harder than people think cleaning poo off of each individual bar to a crib. 

Thankfully, I don’t have any “OMG! NO!” moments so far with my Dirty Delete, she’s 1 1/2 now. 

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