(Closed) Parents: what have been your "NONONO STOP STOP!" moments with your kids?

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When my daughter was 3 she was coloring with colored pencils in her room across the hall from the bathroom where I was getting ready. I overhear her say “hold still Simon” and peek in and she is about 1/2 centimeter away from insering the colored pencil in the dog’s butt hole! I was like “NOOOOOO!”- scared her and the dog half to death!

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iarebridezilla:  Hahaha! They are all too quick for their own good. I will say this board is far better for posting Mommy mishaps than the baby boards. I remember posting about the BC pills back then (my son is now almost 8) and I was ripped to shreds! Accidents happen, you cannot foresee the future and every possible thing that could potentially happen. Thank goodness for silence, it is the ultimate warning. 

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My mom has a story like yours. She was giving my younger sister some baby tylenol and found me with the bottle empty. She thought I drank all of it, so she drive me to the ER to have my stomach pumped. When she got home she found a puddle of baby tylenol on the bathroom floor. She said she felt so bad. But, it’s better to be safe than sorry, and I was too young to actually remember it.

I don’t have any kids, but I do work in a daycare. One time a boy was sticking his hands down his pants. He took his hands out and shoved thMe about and inch away from my face. There was poop all over his hands. I almost puked and cried and all of the above.

side note: whenever I tell people that I work at a daycare, they always make some remark about that being a good form of birth control or that I must never want kids after working with them. It actually makes me want kids more. And plus, when I have kids, I’m not going to have a room of 15 two-year-olds. It will be in much smaller doses. Haha.

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I have a couple… So my son was about 2, maybe a bit younger. He mentioned that he had a sword. I was like “ok” as usual. He came back from his room and from behind his back showed me one of the kitchen knives!!! I made every effort not to scream, and asked him to give it to me. Thank God he did not hurt himself getting the knife in the first place, still not sure how he grabbed it without doing so. 

One time, he was having a bath. I stepped out, and stepped back in to see my leg razor IN HIS MOUTH!!! I gasped and he jerked a little. I asked him to give it back to me. It was not covered! How he did not cut his tounge or mouth would be beyond my understanding, except that I am Christian. If you are the type to pray, kids will make you pray, a lot! 

This one is non-scary… He put a bunch of my vaseline all over his head and hair one time. It was weird, but ok. Oh, he found my razor again recently and tried to give himself a mohawk… Hahaha (laughing as I type), I just have to laugh at him sometimes….

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Ok, not a parent yet but just popped into this thread quickly and eeniebeans:  cannot. stop. laughing. 

You all are awesome for posting this stuff so us not-yet-mamas have a heads up, haha!

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I was really lucky with my Dear Daughter. (She’s 10 now, so we are heading into teenage years and a whole other world of potential trouble –LOL!) For the most part, she was a really good as a baby/toddler about not getting into stuff.

One time, though, my parents were visiting, and my dad was installing a new wood floor for us upstairs. He refused to let anyone help him with the installation, other than moving furniture around out of rooms, etc. So, my mom and I were in the hall while my dad and Dear Daughter (she was about 2 at the time) were in her room putting in the new floor. Dear Daughter was fascinated with the whole process and basically turned into my dad’s little shadow, which he totally loved. While my dad was occupied with fitting a floor board against the wall, Dear Daughter grabbed his hammer off the floor and headed over toward her window. My mom and I heard her say, “I gonna fix (which, at the time, she pronounced “fit”) that window!” Seriously, you have never seen three adults jump so quickly in your life!

Another time, when she was in Kindergarten, Dear Daughter ran upstairs to get ready for school. Our dog (less than 1 year old puppy at the time), of course, ran upstairs with her. Dear Daughter was excited … puppy was excited … both of them decided at the same time to run into the office and see our cat (who was NOT excited). Dear Daughter tripped over our puppy and fell — hard. But she got up and seemed fine. She didn’t even cry, so I thought everything was all right. I took her off to school, thinking nothing of it. That afternoon, I picked her up after school, and she told me her hand was sore. I looked at it, and her hand was swollen about twice its normal size and bruised so badly that it was completely black and blue! Rushed to the urgent care clinic for x-rays … and, sure enough: broken hand. I felt like the most horrible mother in the universe! That evening, I asked her if her hand was hurting during school, and she said it was. I said, “Why didn’t you tell your teacher so I could come get you?” She said, “I was having too much fun and didn’t want to go home. So I hid my hand in my lap.” *sigh*

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Not a mom yet, but I have 7 younger siblings.  One of my brothers is earning quite the reputation for being a slight trouble maker. To protect the guilty, I’m using Mark as his name. 

My sister and I were watching all of our younger siblings and 2 cousins one night while our parents went to a deceased aunt’s house 1/2 mile away to finish boxing some of her collectible items for family.   Mark (3.5 years at the time) asked for a drink and slipped out of the room while I was busy with our 5 month old sister.  He came back in choking and coughing, holding a solo cup and promptly threw up all over the floor.  I grabbed the cup and my cousin yelled “That’s my science experiment!”  Poor Mark thought it was blue Kool-Aid like Grandma had.  Nope, it was copper sulfate (the main ingredient in Drain-O).  Off to the emergency room and then transferred to a children’s hospital via ambulance.  He wound up being OK with very minor ulcers in his stomach. My aunt felt horrible about the whole thing, but we had no idea he would be able to reach it at all!  It was on a counter much taller than him and set away from the edge even.  We’re still not sure how he got it.

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iarebridezilla:  Ha, ha! I know! I couldn’t believe it, either. I would have been out of school so fast, it would have made the teacher’s head spin — LOL! Now that she’s in a higher grade, I’m certain she wouldn’t do the same thing. Everything was new and exciting in Kindergarten. And she did adore her teacher and the teacher’s aide. Goofy kid.

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Oh boy, these are too funny!! My Dear Daughter is only 4 months old so nothing too bad yet. She does grab anything she can get her hands on though. The only thing that had me saying “NO, NO, NO” was when she grabbed my iPhone stuck it in her mouth and then threw it. Since then I make sure to keep it far away from her. 

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I was somewhat fooled into complacency by my eldest son who was the sort of baby that really didn’t eat weird stuff or try to endanger his own life in any of the myriad of ways that small children employ. So when his brother came along 18 months later it was quite a shock to discover that he was quite the opposite! His childhood was a series of “No, no, no!” moments although miraculously, he was rarely injured or at least rarely seriously injured!

Amongst memorable incidents were the day we were at a summer garden party at a friend’s house. We didn’t know he had a coal cellar. My eldest son was equally in blissful ignorance of it. But DS2 had only been in the garden for 2 minutes before we heard the sound of a 3 year old person falling down a set of steps. As we rushed across the garden we were met by the sight of a literally coal black small boy clambering out of the cellalr who announced “I fell into a lovely DIRTY place, Mummy!”

The same child spent his 4th birthday adorned with a broken nose and two black eyes. An accident that I witnessed but could do nothing to avoid. Only he’d decided that it’d be a really cool idea to put his winter coat on backwards (with his head in the hood) in order to be “a scary monster”. As he staggered around the garden in a completely sightless state, I realised he was headed for the climbing frame and shouted “No! Stop!” at the precise moment that he walked straight into it. An afternoon in the A & E Department (what you’d call the ER in the US) and a series of X-rays later we had confirmation that his nose was broken.

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My favorite no moments are the obnoxious ones. Like my 4 year old sneaking out the other sliding door…while “napping” in our room and I saw him running through the yard (we live in a condo) out of the sliding door in the living room. The neighbors must think I am nuts I ran after him yelling his name all the way to the other side of the parking lot (my son is very much faster than me) and after I grabbed him and carried him home I very loadly told him why that was dangerous and not allowed and I was trying to catch my breath and kind of crying lol..

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