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Several weeks ago, I was waiting in line at the pharmacy.  Ahead of me was a mother with two very rambunctious girls, probably between the ages of 8-10.  The girls were bickering and hitting one another and just overall being brats.  Understandably so, the mother was quite frustrated.  Finally, she had enough and screamed “Stop kicking eachother!!!”…..as she was kicking at the girls.  Yeah…Ok…because teaching your daughters NOT to kick by kicking at them is a great idea. 

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@abirdword:  That’s so rude. Ugh.

A few weeks ago, I was standing on the sidewalk talking to friends outside of a popular bar/restaurant. I was leaning against a street lamp and this kid (looks 4 or 5) comes barreling down the sidewalk and I notice he’s like weaving in and out of the street lamps so I’m like oh okay, cute kid, he’s just going to go around me. Instead this little shit reaches out and punches me twice on my thighs (hard!) and runs away, the dad sees this and he kinda yells the kid’s name but doesn’t say anything to me. I’m so shocked that my friends and I started laughing and I’m like omg did you just see that kid punch me? The mom was a few feet behind them and she looks at me and says “well when you grow up on _____ Street, you learn how to fight” That’s it. No apology, nothing. Mind you, this kid looks like he’d run out of a Vineyard Vines ad, not exactly your average little street fighter. The neighborhood used to be really bad, but it’s pretty gentrified, my bf also lives on this street in a building with multi-million dollar condos. Uh, not exactly Skid Row bitch.


But that’s beside the point. I wanted to line the entire family up and punch them all in their faces, kid included.

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I live in a semi-upscale suburban neighborhood. The houses here aren’t ungodly expensive, but they aren’t cheap, either. Most families here are military due to an Air Force Base being located less than five miles away.

Down the street from me in a cul de sac a new house was put in probably a month ago and the residents moved in a few days afterwards. I haven’t interacted with them (They’re quite a ways away from us) but I see them outside and walking down the street often. The culdesac they live on connects the main housing complex road to my street. There has been a lot of houses going in (Four in my immediate area) and thus the streets are usually clogged with construction vehicles, back hoes, bobcats, concrete trucks, etc.  As I was returning home from an errand, I was approaching the cul de sac to make a left onto my street. I was going very slowly due to the amount of vehicles taking up the street.


The moment I got to the cul de sac, I see a naked, roughly 3-4 year old boy shoot out in front of my car and stand in the middle of the cul de sac. I was able to stop easily (I was only going 3-4 miles an hour, if that) before reaching him, but the boy does not move. I look over at the house he belongs to and I see his mother, standing in nothing but a rather short shirt (She had nothing on below the waist, nice to see) stand there and laugh. The boy sees his mother laughing and begins laughing, too.  The boy’s older sister was on a bike down my street and when he sees her, he bolts after her, making the mother laugh more. I was able to wait for him to get onto the sidewalk before passing and getting to my home just five or so plots away.


She didn’t even bother to fetch him, call to him or scold him. The next day the boy & his older sister were playing in the driveway. As I was driving onto the main complex road, he started to run and his sister (Maybe 10?) grabbed his arm and forced him to sit back down.


I hate most people on my street… they’re irresponsible parents and one day, their children will die for their carelessness.


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@abirdword:  I was at my cousin’s kid’s party several months ago and this woman came in with her two boys who were maybe 5 & 7. They immediately started running all over the house. Eventually they ended up in the backyard and even though all the windows and doors were closed I could hear them screaming like crazed animals from the kitchen. I looked outside and the other (smaller) kids were cowering in the corner, including the birthday girl.

I started looking around for the mom and I see her sitting in a chair behind the kitchen counter. She was literally hunched over and HIDING. I told her the boys were scaring the other kids and she kind of laughed. “yeah… they sure are loud! That’s why I’m over here. I don’t want them to see me.”

What the fuck? 

I just looked around at the other adults in the room, who all looked shocked, and walked away from her, called the smaller kids in by name and closed the door on her boys. My cousin was so embarrased (it was her friend) and I haven’t seen that lady or her devil spawn since. 

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@QuirkySocialite:  Nope. She had a white t-shirt on with nothing below the waist. That was almost as shocking as the kid in the street.

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