Partial nudity – how were you raised?

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alfalfasprout10518 :  My father would sometimes walk around in his boxers, in between waking up and breakfast, or if he was just hanging out in his bedroom watching tv but rarely would he just lounge all day. I remember hanging out at my house age 6 wearing a shirt and underwear around the house but I do feel when kids get older you should make sure they are dressed. It just seems lazy and inappropriate to lounge in underwear all day. You never know when a guest might pop in and it’s the little things like making a bed and learning to dress properly that helps kids become adults. 


As far as when its appropriate to keep babies out of the bathroom, I stopped letting my nieces come in by age 3 just because they were old enough to be left alone for 5 minutes. 

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I grew up in a pretty similar household as you, although by our teenage years neither my brother nor I were really comfortable hanging around main spaces in just underwear (and I agree that it isn’t really appropriate anymore by then anyway). My parents never lounged in their underwear either but definitely hung out in pajamas/robes. Saw my parents naked often when I was little (like, until I was 6). It just wasn’t a big deal. 

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Hmm, I think I would say I grew up similar to yours. My father would walk about the upstairs area in his boxers and socks whilst getting changed but I don’t recall him lounging about half naked and doubt he ever would. My mum would always wear her pajamas! Where I stay is cold so.. When it comes to bath time etc, I do have very early memories of talking to my mother whilst she was in the bath, I’m talking 4 or 5 years old here.. I also recall my mother and father sharing a bath but I never actuall SAW that, they locked the door but were quite open that they were both in there.

I find it a little strange his parents woke up and got dressed instantly even on xmas morning but that’s most likely because I grew up doing everything (teeth, wash, eat etc) first and then only putting my clothes on to leave the house. 

I guess each to their own, as I grew older I became more self aware and wouldn’t be caught dead fully dressed or in full pajamas in my home, my sister on the other hand, born NUDIST! I think to this day she’ll still run about in a bra when she lived at home (20 years old just moved out) and didn’t think twice even though I do recal my father shouting at her to put some clothes on in a joke but serious way ha. 

When we visit my fiance’s home he walks about in his boxers getting ready. So it must have been similar to myself growing up..

Hope this helps! Prob didn’t lol!

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Maybe a bit different since I’m female and was raised by a single mom, but I saw her naked all the time growing up and it wasn’t weird at all. When I was a kid I ran around the house naked all the time. I did stop walking around nude or in my undies before puberty, and my mom typically didn’t walk around that way – more like I saw her getting in/out of the shower etc. I also wouldn’t consider walking around in robes/night gowns “partial nudity.” 

We don’t have kids yet, but my husband frequently is in boxer/t-shirt at home, and in warmer months I’m often in pj shorts and a tank top. We don’t really walk around nude much, but we do like to be comfy at home and we both tend to change out of street clothes as soon as we can. I imagine we’ll be the same when we have kids. I don’t believe nude or partially nude bodies should be hidden or sexualized, though I personally find it more comfortable to be in soft loose clothes than fully nude so I don’t really have a desire to walk around fully naked. In my younger days I modeled as a nude figure model, so I’m someone who is very comfortable with nudity in general, even though I don’t prefer it to PJs. 

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alfalfasprout10518 :  While I have seen both of my parents in their night clothes, I was brought up to believe that if you couldn’t be bothered getting dressed in the morning, there was sort of something wrong with you. That’s not to say that’s true, it’s just kind of the impression that I grew up with without my parents saying it in so many words. Maybe lazy, maybe sick? Definitely not normal to be unwilling to get dressed when we get up.

Now that I am an adult, I have a lot more laxity. I still feel weird if I don’t get dressed. It makes me feel as though I’ve accomplished nothing in my day and don’t plan to. However I will still wear my pajamas for at least a couple hours on the weekend before I bother getting dressed. I’ll also change in front of my son (1yr) What does he know anyway? My husband and his brothers have a greater tendency to wander around with a towel on. I don’t think I’ll ever be comfortable with that for myself and I’ve never seen his parents do it. And you will never catch any of us leaving home in our underwear or pjs. 

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I think it depends on if it’s differant sexes. For instant my 22 year old daughter til this day will undress in front of me and vice versa. But I would never ever think about doing that with my son in the room (obviously). My daughter will straight up poop in the bathroom with me in there. I think I stopped letting my son in problary the bathroom is when he was about 4. I think at that age they start to ask alot of questions. I never wanted him to remember mommy being in the bathroom naked. And we always had robes on in the house. I bought them for them when they were young. 


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Dad never walked around is shorts (what he called his briefs).  But, he would wear a robe.  Just like mom and I would both wear a nighty or pjs with or without a robe.  Since Dad remarried, I ensure that I wear a robe when I’m at their house, but that’s the norm, even for his new wife.

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alfalfasprout10518 :  I grew up with a single mom and my sister and it’s funny because my mom and I were totally fine with walking around in a bra but my sister would flip her freaking lid if you accidentally walked in on her in pants and a bra. Um…mom birthed you and we took baths together so simmer down, it’s a bra. If my dad had lived with us I’m sure it would have been different. 

My daughter is only 1.5 so she sees us naked simply because if one of us is home alone with her and we need to shower she comes in the bathroom with us. I’m also still breastfeeding so she definitely sees my boobs lol. 

I also think there is a huge difference between partial nudity and loungewear. My kids will definitely see us in our pajamas or a robe so long as they are living in my house (you want me to pick out an outfit before I’ve had coffee? Get out of here..) but eventually as they get older we’ll all be more covered. 

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I used to have customers that had “family naked time”. It’s exactly what it sounds like it would be – every evening the whole family would go about their routine buttass naked. They had two sons who were teens. It creeped me out then and creeps me out now. 

When I was a kid my dad would walk around in underwear (at bedtime)and my mom usually slept in an oversized t-shirt and underwear. Never bothered me any but we’ve decided that my husband will probably wear basketball shorts over his underwear and I prefer pajamas anyway so that won’t be much different. 

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slomotion :  “family naked time” HELL NO.

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