(Closed) Passing off a Moissanite?

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First off, you get what you want, we look at our hands a thousand times a day, and apart from our refelctions in the mirror, our preception of ourselves and who we are, truly lies in our hands.  Second, why pass moissanite off as a diamond, when moissanite is a lovely gemstone of it’s own?  Be proud of what you have, it’s a lovely and beautiful stone, I’ve admired hundreds of ladies rings on this site, know what they were and thinking nothing but, WOW!  So, don’t try to pass it off as anything other than what it is, a lovely ring made from moissanite!

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Get it! And if you want to pass it off as a diamond then do that too! Who cares? No one wil say anything about it not being a diamond!

Who does it hurt?

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@facetiousbee:  I used to work in a jewelry store and my opinion is that is a waste of money.  

And yes, I could always tell.  I never mentioned it to anyone though–that’s rude.

Besides, no one’s opinions count but yours.  I don’t get the point in “passing off” something as a diamond when it’s not?  If your goal is to have other ladies envy your ring, then you’re headed for disappointment.

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For all intensive purposes, yeah, most people will assume your moissy is a diamond.  If that’s good enough for you and that’s what you’ll be happy with, then go for it.  If it’s a diamond you really want, then you probably wont be satisfied with a moissanite.  Personally, I wanted a diamond and even if every single person out there thought it was a diamond, I would know it wasn’t one and not be hapy with it.  The only person that needs to be happy with what your ring is or isnt is you.

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I only have an issue when girls throw their moissy’s in others faces and its almost like they want everyone to believe its a diamond and they have this extravagant ring that would be like 10 grand if it was a diamond. 

If you are open and honest about it than there is no reason not to get what you love!!

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I actually agree with every one of your points above.

Price:  My gemstone centre was a mere FRACTION of what the equivalent sized diamond would have been, and people ask me all the time if it’s a yellow diamond.  I know that there are people who believe that diamonds have some inherent value that makes them a better “investment” but honestly, once I saw moissanite in person for the first time, spending the extra money on a diamond seems like a waste of money unless you can very very comfortably afford it.  Having said that, we spent a small fortune on my ring setting, and it was designer, so that was sort of unnecessary too… to each their own right?

Appearance:  Again, there are Bees who will swear that they can spot a moissy at 100 paces and immediately know it’s not a diamond, but I am not one of them.  Clear, rainbow sparklies = diamond in my head and unless the setting looked really cheap, or it was massive and I know the couples finances would not support it, I would never assume CZ/Moissy etc…

Alternative:  it’s not a diamond simulant, but rather a nice alternative to a diamond.

Cheap:  Moissanite is known to be durable and very long-lasting.  There was a time that CZs would cloud up eventually, I think technology has reduced that, but I have still read of Bees whose earrings etc… have not stood up over time.  Also, there is something almost “scientific” about the name Moissanite that seems to give the gem a certain legitimacy that the phrase “cubic zirconia” does not have.

Fessing up:  I would not feel it necessary to tell every person who ever admired my ring that it was a moissanite, but like you, I would tell anyone who outright asked.

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dbl post.

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Not sure what your question is, but we looked at moissanite when we were ring shopping.  I decided on a smaller stone that was a diamond, as opposed to a larger moissanite.  I just think diamonds are prettier, and sparkle more!

As for my personal opinion on passing one of as a diamond…it’s lame sauce.  

Good luck!

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Honey bee
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Moissy is a diamond alternative, yes. It’s not a diamond simulant. That’s where the “It’s its own stone” argument comes in. It’s something you get instead of a diamond, not a “fake diamond.” 

I don’t necessarily agree with trying to “pass it off as a diamond” but, what you said you would do isn’t bad. I have a Moissy and don’t say, “Thanks, it’s a Moissanite!” every single time someone says, “Hey, what a pretty ring!” I just say thank you. If they said something about a diamond, I’d correct them, but the explanation of Moissy is just. so. long. that I can’t do it every time someone gives me a simple compliment. 

@Swizzle:  +1. 

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Ive been looking at all those moissy threads too and what Ive noticed is people who want cheaper alternative to diamonds, arent happy with their moissanite because it doesnt perform like a diamond.
That said… *I* want a moissanite cause its new and I dont have one. 🙂

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These threads always boggle my mind when people get upset about moissanite owners not shouting it from the rooftops – do people *actually* ask other people what their rings are? I can’t imagine it. If people see your ring and think it’s a diamond, whatever. I personally wouldn’t even care if you wanted to lie to people about it if they actually asked, but if you’re perfectly happy to tell people who asked that it’s not a diamond, I don’t see why that’s not good enough.

That said, I own neither a diamond nor a moissanite. I’d get whatever you’re happy with, and a big part of happiness might be the lower cost of getting a moissanite.

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$1400 is a lot of money to spend on something you don’t really want. Have you checked out the Pricescope forums? I know I pimp them out a lot on the Bee, but the posters over there are diamond experts and can do wonders with small budgets. I would head over there, do some research, and see what they can do for you. For example, if you like oval-shaped diamonds, oval cuts generally face up very large for their carat weight and you can often find them at pretty good prices. Check out jamesallen.com and play around with their loose diamond finder. See what’s available in different price ranges.

If you’d really rather have a diamond, I would probably save up, buy a nice stone, wait and save up again, and then buy a blingy setting. If you can save even $100 a month, that’s an extra $1200 at the end of the year.

I understand that you want to upgrade now, but it might be better to wait and get what you really want, otherwise you may always be looking at your ring and be disappointed with what you have.

ETA: definitely look at online vendors. Their prices are RIDICULOUSLY cheaper than brick and mortar jewelry stores or chain stores in the mall. You’ll be surprised at what you can get in your budget, I guarantee it. Also, if you click on a link at the Pricescope forums to a specific vendor, a lot of the vendors give a Pricescope discount, usually about 5%, but that can really add up. I know James Allen does that, and they’re a great vendor because they provide pictures of all of their diamonds where a lot of companies like Blue Nile do not.

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Some people can’t tell the difference between a moissanite and a diamond.  Some can.  It’s not unheard of for ladies to order moissanite as a diamond alternative, and then come on here complaining that it doesn’t look “just like a diamond”.  More than once a Bee’s been flamed for calling a moissanite “fake looking”.  I suggest you order a moissanite first.  Because your trying to pass it might be a moot point if you get it and realize you don’t like the look of moissanite.  The impression I got from your post is that you’d really like a diamond, but buying the moissy’s a clever way to get the same look for a lower price.  That’s the sort of person that can find moissy disappointing.


My 2 cents is moissanite’s a beautiful stone.  I’d love to get a moissy ring, because it’s such a beautiful, fiery stone.  While it’s true that It has many diamondlike properties, it’s not a great diamond simulant; cz’s far better.  If you’re getting this with the sole purpose of passing it, there’s a possibility you’ll be disappointed.  If you’re getting it because you want something colorless and blingy, then by all means go for the moissy.

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@facetiousbee:  Everything you say sounds totally reasonable to me but I don’t know a heck of a lot about moissanite… I’m a diamond girl. I guess my advice would be just to make sure you’re totally comfortable in the decision. $1,400 is nothing to sneeze at if it’s not what you really want.

I wouldn’t go the CZ route because from what I’ve heard, it doesn’t last. I believe moissanite is more durable.

I agree, most people won’t be able to tell if it’s a diamond or not. I know moissanite is its own stone, but I think that you can only buy synthetic ones these days, just so you’re aware if that was a concern for you.


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