(Closed) Passing off a Moissanite?

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Busy bee

@lovelove1028:  Moissanite is not harder or more durable than a diamond. It ranks a 9.25 or 9.5 at best, whereas a diamond is 10+. (Some experts think that a diamond should be ranked higher than a 10 even though that’s the highest number on the scale…) That’s why most jewelers will not give moissanite the same kind of warranty they would give a diamond. It’s not as durable.

Moissanite is also not legitimately “more sparkly” than a diamond, it just casts light in a different way. Whereas diamond refracts the light once, a moissanite will cast off two smaller refractions. So it’s not really “more” sparkle, just different. This also results in a distinctive effect known as “doubling” (see link below). Some information websites even say that that refraction actually appears softer or cloudier. It’s really up to you to decide which you like more.

This is a good website: http://www.diamondsourceva.com/Education/ArtificialDiamonds/diamonds-moissanite.asp

I know all this because Fiance and I really considered getting a moissanite. We ended up not doing it, because he felt like (and convinced me that) we’d always feel like we were pretending.

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Buzzing bee

The chance that you’ll run into someone who (1) will look closely at your ring, (2) can tell the difference between a diamond and a moissanite, and (3) will be rude enough to question whether your rock is actually a diamond is extremely slim. If you’re fine with owning up to the fact that your gem is a moissanite if (1), (2), and (3) come to pass, then I don’t see why you shouldn’t get one. 

And honestly, you’ve been married for seven years and are just now looking for your forever ring. I think you deserve to do whatever you want when it comes to your ring. 

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Busy Beekeeper
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TO doberman: you said,

What about a young couple with a low income – let’s say they are graduate students – who inherit an heirloom stone of 1+ carats? Are they being underhanded? After all, they couldn’t afford the diamond.

TRUE enough.  BUT more likely than not (and this seems to have been proven out in the Bee here on RING topics)… they’d say something to the effect of…

“Oh thank you, it is a family heirloom… we inherited it from ___”

So no not underhanded at all.  If anything I think Brides who get heirloom rings are very proud of them (no matter the size of stone… or if it is a Diamond or not)

So again, these folks are presenting THE TRUTH… they aren’t intentionally trying to pass off one thing for another

Infact, I dare say that if one isn’t proud of the ring that their Fiance bought for them as an E-Ring (be it a Diamond, Gem Stone, Moissy, CZ etc) that THERE IN LIES THE PROBLEM

And I do believe, that is what most of the Bees are reacting to in this topic…

If it is a Moissy be proud of it… don’t intentionally try to hide it / pass it off as something it isn’t

In your case, when someone compliments your ring… you never say “Thank You, they’re Diamonds !”… because one assumes that whomever is looking at your ring believes them to be Diamonds.  If they weren’t or there was something else in play, then you might well be saying…

“Thank You, they’re Sapphires”

“Thank You, the ring is a family heirloom”

“Thank You, it is a Moissy”

“Thank You it is a Tacori Setting”

Or just plain “Thank You… YES My Fiance did good” etc.


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Helper bee

If you get a mossy. Rock that bad boy. Don’t pass it off as a diamond ever! Love what you have and if anybody asks tell them what stone it is. Who cares? I love my sapphire and I rock it! 

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Busy bee
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XD let’s be honest, actual experts have better things to be doing than pondering if there’s a way we can move diamond up a scale that ends at 10. It’s neither a linear nor exponential scale it’s arbitrary as all hell. There are other scales that show how awesomely hard diamond is, they also show how hard all gemstones are though, which is still impressive. Crystals similar to moissanite are used in tank armour, only one challenger tank has been squished and that was only by another challenger and they kind of cheated XD

DiamOnds are totally super harder than everything else, but they can also be more brittle. They’ll never scratch but they can crack and shatter, they aren’t magic lol. 

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Blushing bee

@gangqinjia:  +1 +1!

Moissanite is more sparkly than diamond in the way that CZ is more firey than diamond. But put the two together and you see why you pay more for the diamond!

Another con of moissanite is its ridiculous pricing. How can one pay so much for a lab made stone?

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Buzzing bee
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I would not notice nor would I care.  I would be happy for someone who was happy about their ring.


I have never ever ever looked at a ring and then looked for flaws or whatever.  What a waste of time.


Get what you want and will love!

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Bumble bee
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@gangqinjia:  A diamond is harder (less likely to scratch), but a moissanite is tougher (less likely to chip).  Unless you’re really unlucky, it’s going to be really difficult to damage either one.

OP, if you’re the kind of person who thinks diamonds are the greatest of all stones and coming from the earth makes them better, you’re probably not going to be happy with moissanite.  If you just want a shiny, moissanite is awesome and you should rock it however you want.  Neither way of thinking is right or wrong (unless you (general you) think your way of thinking should apply to everyone).

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Get whatever gem you’d like, and do whatever you’d like with it! 🙂

Whether that means passing it off as a diamond, telling everyone who will listen that it is a moissanite, or hanging the thing off your nose – its your choice! I have also read a thousand threads and perved on a thousand ring porn pics and honestly, unless a diamond and moissy are side by side and I have spent 5 minutes inspecting the pictures (and even then sometimes!), I can’t tell the difference. I doubt anyone IRL will be able to either!

To PP who are calling the OP a liar, a phoney, other mean / hurtful things – lose the judgement! I don’t know why it offends you all so much that the OP won’t be correcting everyone about what gem she has decided to wear. It doesn’t make your diamonds less special or less expensive.

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@JellyFeet:  Um, how can anyone pay so much for any piece of jewellery, man made or otherwise?? 

Lets be honest, jewellery serves almost no purpose. Your argument could be applied to any piece of jewellery.

(And this is from someone who LOVES all kinds of jewellery, sparkly or otherwise, and spends more $$ then she’d care to admit on pretty things. But I don’t kid myself. Jewellery is hardly an essential item worthy of thousands of dollars. ) 

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Bumble bee
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@icetea:  Thank you. Seriously.

What’s the big deal? Get what you want and do with it as you please. Other people’s jewelry and what they choose to say/do about it really shouldn’t bother anybody else, and if it does I think you may be a little sensitive.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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I don’t agree with passing off a moissy as something that it isn’t, but I don’t think it’s necessary to correct everyone, either.  Someone will say, “What a beautiful ring” and you graciously thank them.  There’s no need to scream “it’s a moissy!” or have that tattooed on your finger.  But if someone asks point blank “is it a diamond?” – I have an issue with the lying there.

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Bumble bee
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If you want to pass it off as a diamond, you can. It’s not like most people carry around a diamond in their pocket for comparison. Generally when I tell people that my ring is moissanite, they’re like “What the Hell is moissanite? I thought it was a diamond.”

So yeah, you can pass it off. Nobody will know, unless you tell them. I’m open about mine being moissanite, but nobody would question me if I was to tell them that it was a diamond. You can’t tell the difference unless you scrutinize it side by side with a diamond. Everyone claims they can tell, but they can’t. I get my ring cleaned once a month, and it wasn’t until I openly corrected the jeweler, that he knew it was moissanite

People get pissy about lying, but it’s your decision. If you want to play it off as a diamond, by all means do exactly that. It’s your item, it’s on your hand, it’s your decision to present it as a diamond.

Just a side fact though- someone who knows a lot about jewelry can easily identify if a ring is CZ over diamond. I have CZ earrings, and they’re WAY whiter than my Amora enhanced moissanite. My wedding band is a pave diamond eternity band, and my moissanite looks identical to the diamonds in color. 

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Busy bee
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I went ring shopping this weekend and compared the moissanite side by side with the diamond and the sales girl said that she loves the moissaites because they sparkle more, LOL. I agreed. The moissanite in person was gorgeous and really opened up my fiancee’s mind into not getting a diamond.

I had a 1.10ct beautiful diamond for my first marriage and this time around I didn’t want the expense of another diamond unless it was a colored diamond. I ended up going with a clear moissanite because FH didn’t like any of the colored diamonds I tried on so it was a great compromise for us.

I don’t care what people think – I’m the one who will be wearing it and looking at it all time and I love it! Do you really care what other people have for their ering? I don’t. I have already told two of my friends that I ordered a moissanite. I don’t feel I have to tell everyone what it is but I am certainly not ashamed that this is what I chose. I could have had a diamond, I preferred a moissanite this time.

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Honey bee
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@JellyFeet:  Moissanite has more brilliance and fire than a diamond.  The only thing it fails in is color and the enhanced moissanite has nearly fixed that and the Amora Gem will top that, too.  And you’ve GOT to be kidding to say moissanite is expensive because it’s a lab created stone.  Lab created diamonds are just as expensive as regular diamonds.  I can’t believe you said a con for a moissanite is price!!  I think it’s a great value for such a gorgeous, sparkly, firey stone. 

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