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Blushing bee
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Buy the plane ticket on your maiden name. They will check your passport to make sure it matches. Take your marriage certificate just in case.

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Busy bee
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I would just use the passport. I’m not sure why you would need to prove to them that you’re married — all they’ll have to look at is the passport, right?

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Busy bee
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@EmmaWatts:  This is good advice and will minimize your risk of problems. You shouldn’t need the marriage license, but you might need it if they realize that your legal name doesn’t match the passport or ticket. Basically, it’s better to bring the marriage license just to be on the safe side

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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I’ve still been using my maiden name passport for the last two years and travel frequently.  I just make sure to book all plane tickets, cruises (anything that would be looked at in an official capacity) in my maiden name as well, and carry my drivers license and marriage certificate to explain why it’s different on my DL vs passport. 
Eta: I live 15 min from the border and drive across all the time as well.  Same thing: passport, DL marriage certificate combo and never had an issue. 

But we don’t “change” our names in Canada so there might be a difference there. That your husbands last name just becomes another that youre able to assume legally.  When we get Married they forward the info that you MIGHT start using that name straight to vital stats. 

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Buzzing bee
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Bring as many pieces of ID you have in both names, and your liscence, and when you hand the guard your passport just tell them that “I recently got married, and haven’t had a chance to change my passport yet. I have both my drivers’s liscence and my marriage liscence in my new name if you need to see it.” Most of the time, if you’re straight up with the guards, they understand what has happened and will let you through. 

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Bumble bee
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@LizzieMo:  Why would your passport be invalid? The passport offices won’t know you’re married until you tell them.

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Sugar bee
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Just make sure you bring a copy of your marriage license and you’ll be fine.  If your passport is more than a year old, you’ll have to pay for a new one, so just wait until you really need it or you have to renew it. 

I did change my name and get a new passport before we went on our honeymoon and when we returned the passport control agent asked why I had such a new passport, after I just told her it was our honeymoon.  “I got one with my married name since I changed it when we got married…”  I’m sure mine looked really really new and shiny next to my husband’s since he’s been around the world several times in the 8 years he’s had his current passport.  It was just such a weird question, like… don’t people get new passports to travel all the time?  Especially when they get married?  It’s not every month that I’m able to spend a few weeks in Europe..

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Blushing bee
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@LizzieMo:  Please see: http://travel.state.gov/passport/correcting/correcting_2654.html – If it’s been less than 1 year since the passport has been issued, you can change it without a fee. They will have the change in process on file.

Also: “I was just issued a passport in my maiden name, so that I could go on my honeymoon.  However, I plan to take my husband’s surname when we return. Do I have to apply for a new passport with my married name?

Yes, because all citizens need to travel in their currentlegal names.  Please see the chart above or Change Your Name to determine the specific procedure to follow.”

Just to be on the safe side, I would apply to have the name changed, and bring your marriage certificate just in case.

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Helper bee
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The plane ticket name has to match the passport name.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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As the others have said, your Travel Documents* MUST match your Passport… that is the MOST important aspect when it comes to US Customs & Immigration (and technically those who are the folks you need the Passport for… to get back into the US… not necessarily “into” Canada). 

* Travel Documents / Tickets would include any needed to cross the International Border (Plane, Train, Cruise Ship, Bus etc)

As others have said, if your paperwork doesn’t match you may still want to bring a Government Issued Photo ID (like your Drivers License), your Birth Certificate, and your Marriage Certificate incase the US Customs & Immigration folks decide they have an issue with you, and send you off to “Secondary Inspection”

For this reason alone… the potential hassle.  At some point you really should look at changing over your US Passport, as “technically” it isn’t legal any longer if it shows your Maiden Name and not your NEW LEGAL NAME (don’t be surprised too if you get a dressing down from the US Customs Agent when you cross back into the USA about that… or even if they go ahead and confiscate your Passport… which they are within their rights to do so, as it isn’t in your LEGAL NAME)

As Canadians we don’t have so many hang-ups about what names a person uses… Legally, Socially, Professionally etc.  Our Customs folks get it… and so they won’t hassle you like the US Agents will if they find something they don’t AGREE WITH (Mr TTR and I are for example Canadian Common-Law, and we get hassled often when flying how we aren’t married in the eyes of US Immigration… so cannot file as Husband & Wife… or fill out our Customs Papers as “Family”.  This is part of the reason we are finally getting married after all these years, we want to have the same “marital rights” we enjoy in Canada when we visit the US)

And as SapphireSun:   pointed out, many of us Canadians have several variations of our names… (and in the Province of Quebec, those who are born there and live there, keep one name their whole lives… they cannot change it)

For more info on Travelling to and from the US and Canada… you should check out the respective Customs & Immigration Websites for the 2 countries

CBP – US Customs & Border Protection = http://www.cbp.gov

CBSA – Canada Border Services Agency = http://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/menu-eng.html

Hope this helps,


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Buzzing Beekeeper
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Use your maiden name and passport to enter and exit Canada.  I am Ms. First Name Maiden Name.  Here is my passport that shows me as Ms. First Name Maiden Name.  Your passport is the only valid ID you need to enter and exit Canada, keep the others in your purse.

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