(Closed) Passsing off Moissanite as a Diamond

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If they don’t ask, you don’t tell. And chances are if they are savy enough to ask you then you’re free to have the convo on the benefits 🙂

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I have been proudly wearing a moissanite ring for nearly 10 years.  He proposed with a diamond and then we upgraded to a moissanite (1/4 ct to a 6.5mm moissy).  I was faced with this delima as well.  I didn’t want to lie….but I soon found that most people never asked and after the newness wore off I never really thought about it anymore.  If someone says “diamond” I tell them about moissanite.  There are many reasons that one may choose something other than a diamond.  Be confident in your choice!  Don’t let others dictate what is best for you!  And like others have said, you may make more of an empression on someone else!  They may find something they love and can afford because of what you have told them!!

I love my moissanite but my husband and three children shine so much brighter!

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Like Gandhi said, “be the change that you want to see in the world.”  If it bothers you that people are so closed-minded, you have to show them that it’s (more than) okay to be different.  Change takes both time and courage, and often isn’t easy, but it’s gotta start somewhere…!  =)


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This is a fantastic thread, thanks for the good read everyone!


This thread made me wonder, what if there are other girls in the OP’s area who are wearing moissanite too?  Wouldn’t it be ironic if multiple people were concealing their moissanite or asha rings and all the while being snarky about the colored stone couple as a cover up?


OP – perhaps if you told everyone it was a moissy some others would reveal that there’s is too.  In this economy where so many people are suffering, I think saving money on your ring IS a fashion statement.   All that cash you saved while getting your dream ring gives you more money to donate to charity or put in your rainy day fund.

I love moissy by the way – smart choice!

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@ATP2011: I’m with you.  Who cares what people think of your business?  It’s your own.  If it will make them feel better and you feel safer, don’t tell them anything (I doubt anyone will ask anyway) and let them think whatever they want to.  You don’t need to champion the cause of gemstone rings just because you have one.

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I agree with what most of these women are saying. moissanite or you could go w/a white sapphire… not sure about the cost there.. but i mean look at kate middleton who now has princess diana’s ring.. its a blue sapphire. i bet nobody said anything to her about that one! lol

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First, I agree that it’s nobody’s business. You have every right not to tell them anything. Some might consider that lying, but so many men and women “lie” by omission about other superficial things and it’s perfectly acceptable. If I tell someone I love their hair color, do they have to stop everything and confess that it’s dyed? If I see someone with huge knockers or full lips, would I demand to know if they’re real?

I have a moissanite ring and I personally have no issue telling people it’s moissanite. I actually enjoy spreading the word. I want people to know that diamonds are a rip-off and that there are other clear stones that are every bit as beautiful. I can’t believe I never knew about moissanite until recently. I can’t believe I had to go digging for information about this wonderful rock. I feel like it’s the best kept secret in the jewelry industry. And there is a LOT of misinformation about moissanite, perpetuated by the diamond industry and women who are bitter that another stone dares to compete with their diamonds. I love clearing up the misconceptions. I think everyone should know the truth about moissanite!

That said, it’s YOUR choice whether or not you want to talk about it. I say get the moissy and let people think whatever they want to. Who cares. Their ignorance is not your problem!

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I personally wouldn’t tell anyone it itsn’t a diamond but would not lie if asked either.

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It’s no one’s business. It just isn’t. No one is hurt by thinking your stone is one thing when it’s really another, so there is no reason at all to feel guilty.

I am extremely proud of my decision to go moissanite. I am not ashamed in the least of my choice, and I love my stone and I can’t stop starring at it. That said, I am still not going to tell anyone it isn’t a diamond. Why?

The only real downside of moissanite is that it isn’t a diamond. It isn’t because moissanite isn’t sparkly, because it’s even more sparkly than even the best cut, most clear diamond. It’s not because it isn’t durable, because moissanite is second only to diamond in hardness and is actually tougher and more resilient to chipping than diamond. The only reason moissanite is cheaper and the only reason everyone isn’t wearing moissanite instead is because it doesn’t have the diamond reputation.

Diamonds are associated with the highest standards, rarity and the best quality. They’re also the patron gemstone of love and romance and, for a lot of people, the only acceptable stone for an engagement ring. The sad thing is, the only reason diamonds have this reputation is because of marketing. Diamonds are simply not that special and not that rare. Diamonds are a scam.

Even a jeweler would have to look very closely and likely use equipment to be able to tell a moissanite apart from a diamond, so the average person will never be able to tell. I looked at my moissanite next to a similar sized and graded diamond and they looked exactly the same to me… I could have mixed them up if I wasn’t careful!

So here is where I stand on this. If I can have all the sparkle (and more), all the quality, a stone that will withstand time AND even all the made-up prestige diamonds have for WAY less money… why the F shouldn’t I take it?

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You are totally right.  I saw that a rare sapphire is more expensive that a diamond or something like that.  And you are totally right about the reputation of a diamond and why it’s the only acceptable engagement ring for alot of people. 

I am curious to see how things may/could change now that Kate Middleton has a blue sapphire…different stone and different color than the traditional diamond!


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