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    Since it is a woman’s body, she ultimately has the right to make the final decision.  However, the right thing to do is to discuss it with the man before choosing to keep or terminate the baby.  When the woman decides either way, though, the man shouldn’t do anything to change her mind but argue.  Slipping someone RU486 or something is terrible — it takes the woman’s power to make her own choice away from her.  

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    My bottom line is that I do not believe anyone should have rights over a woman’s body except for that woman. I suppose that is difficult for the male in the situation, but it is not his right to be, or not be, a father.

    I disagree with his charges. I think his crime was to his girlfriend, not the fetus. But, I suppose those much more versed in these things than me thought otherwise.

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    Everyone keeps talking about how it’s the “woman’s body.”

    It’s actually your baby’s or the body of the fetus.  I’m pro choice but I’m really sick of that tired-ass argument that it’s the woman’s body.  “Nobody tells me what to do with my body.”  Give me a break.  I doubt any of us treat our bodies (that we all conveniently start caring about when the subject of abortion comes up) like temples 100% of the time.

    I find it really frustrating.  I also think that if a man does NOT want the woman to have the baby and the woman is CHOOSING to have the baby then by all of your reasoning he shouldn’t have to pay child support.  Or do we just get to pick and choose whatever we want?  A woman says she doesn’t want it….a man has no say because it’s not his body.  A woman chooses to have it (against man’s wishes) then the man should be able to have his choice to care for it or not.   




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    This was posted yesterday and many gave their opinions in this thread too.


    A man does get to choose,tho, as is evidenced by the many who never have contact or a relationship with the millions of children that are fathered, let alone contribute emotionally or financially for them. Don’t kid yourself. They walk away all the time. Because they provided the sperm which resulted in a new life doesn’t mean they’ll magically become a Father to a baby they didn’t want. Many play and never pay.

    Just because they’re ordered to pay support doesn’t mean they actually do. Lots of them work for cash so they can’t be tracked or have wages garished and never file tax returns so that can be confiscated either. Lots of them fly under the radar for a lifetime and never pay a dime.




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    @mousepeach:  The fetus lives entirely off of the woman, and it is the woman’s body who is at risk in the situation. Sure its DNA is different, but cancer cells have different DNA as well.  

    And you are correct that no one treats their body well 100% of the time, but, we have the choice to.

    Not trying to argue, I just think the statement has more validity than you are ascribing to it.  


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    No, because it’s not in his body. However I do think there should be more options for a father to remove himself from the situation, it’s definitely unfair that with a small mistake, or trickery, a woman can currently have a child and force a man who never wanted one into a lifestyle he never signed up for. I don’t think it happens often but it does happen and those men should have some recourse, just like women have the recourse to abort. 

    (It IS the woman’s body. There is a precedent is set by McFall v. Shimp. No one is erquired to donate blood or organs or any bodily tissue to anyone else if they don’t want to, even if it means the other person will die. So even if you think a fetus is a person, that person is not entitled to the blood and tissues of the pregnant woman and she may withdraw her consent to provide it at any time.)

    Also that guy should be charged with several things, among them fraud and battery, but I don’t think he should be charged with murder. 

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    @NaijaPuertoDorian:  In my view, she doesn’t have the right to make him a father, he made himself a father. No one has the right to be, or not be, a parent. That is just biology.

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    I think this is tricky because there’s no equal choice – a woman can choose if she wants to be a mother after she’s pregnant but a man doesn’t have the same power. That’s why men (and women) should be extra careful and not have sex with someone they wouldn’t be willing to have a child with. Yes it’s unfair that a man may have to pay child support for a child he doesn’t want, but it seems to be more hurtful for him to not pay child support because then both the child and the mother would be harmed. Gah, I wish there were an easy answer that was fair for everyone but I don’t think it’s possible because of the nature of the sitaution. 

    I don’t think he should be charged with murder though. I highly doubt that sticks. That’s probably why they also threw the interstate commerce charge on him. 

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    It is so complex and tricky.  I know, firsthand, men who have been raped by women.  It is real.  I know one that was raped (he was young) by a woman for a baby.  I also know of men who have no idea they have a baby, I also know countless babies that were surprises to men (and were planned by the mother).  Anyway…

    I don’t think a man should have a say in terminating, because that is taking away life, but I do think they should have say in keeping the baby if that is what he wants and chooses.  That may be a double standard, based on the nature of the situation- but I think the life option should take precedence.  However, how could that even be implemented? 

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    @NaijaPuertoDorian:  She doesn’t have the right to be a mother or not. She has the right to her own body. The difference is really subtle I guess. The choice for the woman doesn’t lie in her wanting to be a mother or not, but wanting to have a fetus live off her. Granted, the other things go along with it eventually.

    I will add that in commited relationships, I think these things should be discussed between the two parties.  I would not get an abortion if I became pregnant, but hypothetically I would talk with my Fiance about it if it was an option.



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    I think he should have an option, if he does or does not want an abortion. If he does want an abortion he should be allowed to sign over his rights if the woman decides to carry the child, if he doesn’t want an abortion he should help pay the doctors bills and take custody of the child once it’s born (provided the mother does not want custody) it’s just as much his child as it is the womans.

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