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    I don’t know why anyone would have any problems sending files or with other people reading their word problems. That would have to be lack of knowledge on the operators part. I have been using macs for years now and would never consider going back. 

    They may cost more initially, compared to some of the super cheap dells etc., but they last so much longer that it is def worth it. Also Macs hold their value better. When I sold my Imac desktop to get a laptop I was actually able to get some money out of vs just donating it. 

    The other thing that I like about Macs is that Apple doesn’t make their previous computers obsolete when they release new software. There are 15 year old macs that are running the current OS. 

    As far as learning the Mac, the Apple stores offer great classes for beginners and they are always extremely helpful. 


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    @msashleymarie – did you have the Applecare protection plan? ALL of that would be covered and done completely free. You pay I think $200 (that’s how much mine was) for the plan and it covers anything except damage you cause (water spills, drops), so any cord, crash, etc, is covered 100%.

    Also they have something called time machine- you hook up your external hard drive to the computer, and it asks if you want it to be your time machine. It backs it up for you when it’s plugged in. Should your HD crash, or you get a new computer, you just plug in the same drive, and it restores EVERYTHING. I mean EVERYTHING- desktop background, your recycle bin, your internet bookmarks. So if you upgrade your mac, your new computer will have EVERYTHING your old one did, or if yours is damaged, you will have everything backed up. I LOVE THAT FEATURE!

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    I adore my mac. Gread for designers, great customer service, great all around, imho!

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    When my 3 year old Toshiba laptop died 1 year ago after driving us crazy for a long time with very slow connection and very hard to figure out filing (we could NEVER find any files or pictures, they were hidden!) we made the decision to buy a more expensive Macbook and haven’t looked back. It is so user friendly, so fast and so much less complicated! Our graphic designer friend tried to convince us to buy the macbook Pro, but we didnt’ because it is a lot more expensive and all we use the computer for is the internet and pictures and FI’s computer games. The regular macbook is more than adequate for our needs and we are so glad we made this decision. Maybe one day when we are way more computer saavy we will get the pro!

    Yes, the macbook was a lot more expensive than most PC options.. we each paid $800 so $1600 total with an upgraded processor, larger memory and Microsoft Office installed and this is compared to probably $1,000 for the PC version. But the agony and headaches it has saved us makes it totally worth it!

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    Mac!! Mac!! Mac!!  Every single PC I’ve owned has been a virus-ridden piece of sh*t.  I’ve had ZERO problems with my Mac, and I adore it.  I’ll never, ever go back. 

    As for the need for MS Office, which is valid since it seems most of the business world hasn’t seen the Mac Light yet, you can download NeoOffice for F-R-E-E and install it and it will allow you to save documents in MS format.  It’s not perfect, and sometimes bullet points and small things like that boff up, but it’s cheaper and, in my opinion, less problem-ridden than MS Office for Mac, which, if you read the reviews, is pretty buggy. 

    The only issue I’ve had with my mac is cosmetic — because it is white, it gets grimy where you rest your hands.  I wipe it down with a cotton ball lightly soaked in nail polish remover (non-acetone) and it comes right off. 

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    I would say that a Mac is better for more people, but I will always have a PC (Desktop) because both Fiance and I like to tinker & upgrade parts on our own, and we are both big gamers. If I ever got a laptop though, I think I would have to go with Mac.

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    Macs are the bizzomb!!

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    I like the aesthetics of Macs, but their computing power is so meh. I think they’re just now releasing i7 processors and only by special order. I ordered a PC last June for $800- it included the i7 processor, 6 gb ram, 1 tb hard drive, and a decent video card. Macs just can’t compete with that.

    Also, Windows 7 is really the shit. I love the Mac OS, so if you enjoy that functionality, 7 just about matches it. For at least half the cost.

    I do heavy gaming and design – Macs are good for design but uck for gaming. If you’re a light computer user – internet browsing – I would just get a Netbook and save yourelf the 1500.

    Edit: one more tidbit! My fiance is a Mac user and has had generally bad experiences with PCs. When he tried out Windows 7 on my computer, he was really blown away. It is a monumental improvement over their operating systems.

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    i just think the wonders of mac’s os are proved by windows developers themselves. the past few versions of windows have been increasingly more like mac. they have “copied” so many of the things that make macs so much easier to use, and given them different names. gadgets? haha. it’s all kind of funny to me.

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    I think no matter what, you have to test out both. Go to a store like Best Buy that has both and fool around a bit. Talk to them about your needs. For example, I see a lot of gamers like PCs but with my photography, I NEED my Mac. That’s the best way to figure out what is best for you.

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    kjpugs has an excellent point – what will YOU be using it for, and what makes YOU feel comfortable??

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    I had a PC for years, I switched to a MAC last year January so I have had it for about a year. Although I LOVE my MAC and the customer service when stuff breaks. I would not buy another one because they are WAY over priced. You can get a PC with twice the computing specs and memory of a MAC for half the price. Also, things break way too easily on a MAC – my keyboard and disc drive stopped working for no reason (no spills or drops). Luckily they fix it quick and easy if you have the warranty but it really shouldn’t break in the first place when it is less than 6 months old. I have had friends that similar stuff happened to – almost all the hard drive crashed in a little over a year – back stuff up! 

    So my advice, I like MAC if you have money to burn but make sure to buy the extended warranty cause you WILL need it! 

    Happy computer shopping 🙂

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    Full disclosure: My fiance is a software developer for Apple. He works on Charts, so if you’ve ever made a graph with anything in iWork, he likely had something to do with it.

    With that said – I originally did NOT want to switch to a Mac. I hadn’t used one since high school, and I was extremely comfortable using my PC. My fiance had to FIGHT me tooth and nail, and I finally consented to him buying me a MacBook as a Christmas present. It took me about two days to get used to it, and I will never go back.

    I’m most definitely not a gamer, so I have no idea about Mac’s gaming performance. And as for Office/iWork incompatibilities – some PC users have complained that Pages (Apple’s Word) documents won’t open in Word, but it’s *really* easy to just convert it to a PDF. If someone sends me a Word document, I’ve never had a problem opening it inPages.

    Keynote (Apple’s PowerPoint) is so superior to PowerPoint, it’s not even funny. And strangely, even PowerPoint documents run better on my Mac than on a PC – there are features when using a Mac that PC’s don’t have. And if you create something in Keynote and are worried about compatibility issues, just bring your laptop to wherever you’re giving the presentation.

    And if you’re worried about getting used to using a Mac, the Apple Store has employees specifically devoted to teaching you how to use your new toy.

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    I HATE Macs.  HATE HATE HATE HATE.  And iPods and iPhones and anything Apple makes.  I don’t know what it is, but every one I run across is a lemon.  I have had five iPods and only one has made it past 1 yr (I’m not dumb enough to keep buying them – fortunately their replacement policy is pretty good).  Every Mac I borrow or use is much, much slower than my home or work PCs.  I have serious freezing/crashing issues with them.

    I have considered the possibility that there is something in my personal electro-magnetic field that breaks Apple products.  I mean, they work well for other people, but NEVER EVER for me.  I’m generally pretty good with non-Apple electronics.  But soemthing about the not-working matched with the simplified, happy-cartoon interface drives me absolutely bonkers.  In my experience, though, Apple products have zero reliability and a high potential for just being lemons that never really work in the first place.

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    wow, sorry to hear that entangled!

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