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I have recently been diagnosed with PCOS. Two of my friends have also gone through diagnosis (one has it, one doesnt). I went to my GP (orginally because I thought I had Hashimoto disease… still might – long story) and got some blood tests done. They look for a range of things including insulin resistance. I wil also be getting an ultrasound done (external only) to see if I have cysts. 

Family history is apparently important when it comes to PCOS. You can, surprisingly, see evidence of it in my mothers family going about 4 generations back. I see you are in Australia. Just head on down to your GP (take a list of symptoms with you – I kept a diary for a month of everything I felt on a day-to-day basis) and they should be able to help you from there.

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I have this. 

I just went to my local GP and described the symptoms (I didn’t specifically think at this point that it was anything specific).  They booked me an appointment at another surgery for a scan.  It’s internal so a bit intrusive but not too bad.  And then called me back for the results.

It was all very simple and straight forward.  I’ve not done anything with the knowledge since though, I’m not sure what there really is you can do, although I guess that probably depends on the symptoms.

But I would suggest just going to your normal doctor.



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I was diagnosed with an extremely bad case of PCOS (my free androgen levels are approximately 3x that of the average 18 year old male, and my insulin levels are likewise approximately3x what they should be) when I was 14 years old.  For a proper diagnosis,  your physician (whether GP, OBGYN, or endocrinologist) should have a glucose tolerance test, a hormone level panel, an insulin level test, and an insulin resistance test ordered.  I would really suggest seeing an endocrinologist about it, rather than a GP or OBGYN, but even they usually don’t specialize in this particular condition.   It’s one that is kind of overlooked by much of the medical community.  I would suggest going onto ProQuest or EbscoHost and reading through some clinical trials (scholarly reviewed articles) about PCOS and its cause and possible treatments.   I found that far more helpful than the doctors.


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I was diagnosed recently by going to a new obgyn for a checkup.  I moved from NY to SC and didn’t feel like going to find a new dr, but once I didn’t get my period for 4 months, I thought I’d have to.  I’ve always been irregular like this and I’ve gone 4+ months without getting my period before.  He went through the checklist – hard time losing weight even when dieting/eating right, irregular periods, facial hair (I get it lasered), cysts on my ovaries (he could feel them and I’ve been told before that I have them, but they go away when I get my period).  He gave me some pills to start my period and now I’m back on the birth control pill to regulate it.  I haven’t been TTC, but he said I need to lose some weight before I try.  He wants me at 105-120.  I’m about 150 now.  115-120 is my own personal goal weight anyway (bc I want to be muscular, and thus weigh more).  So, I cut out all carbs from my diet (following Paleo, essentially) and seeing if that helps. 

I don’t know if there are blood tests to run or not, I don’t think he plans on doing that for me until I start TTC.  All the symptoms are related to your period and weight, so once I’m on the pill and my period is regulated and I lose all the excess weight, I should be fine until TTC and then I might have problems so I think there will be more testing done then. 

I would just go to your regular Dr. and see what he says. Take it from there. 

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I’d suggest going to a reproductive endocrinologist if you can. Mine does horomone panels and an ultrasound to look for ovarian cysts. After getting my bloodwork back, he started me on spirinolactone, which cleared up my acne, and metformin, which has really helped me lose weight and keep my blood sugar stable. A GP is a good place to start, but a RE or general endocrinologist is probably better at prescribing treatment beyond just birth control pills and ruling out whether you have pcos or a different disorder with similar symptoms like congenital adrenal hyperplasia. 

Soulcysters is also a great resource!

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