(Closed) PCOS anyone? Insulin Resistance? HELP :[

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Could it be tinea versicolor? If so, you can get a topical anti-fungal cream that will clear it up quickly. I get tinea versicolor outbreaks in the summer a lot. 

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I am insulin resistant – it runs in my family on my mother’s side. I do not (at this stage) have PCOS, I got this checked out last year due to the link that exists. I also don’t have any dark spots on my skin – hadn’t come across this being a sympton of IR though actually but a quick google says it’s tied with severe cases of IR?  IR is definitely is linked with developing diabetes down the road – have you been tested for this as well lately or to see how your insulin levels are faring? On my mother’s side the three oldest siblings have diabetes, and my mother – the next in line – is still only IR and trying to ensure she doesn’t develop diabetes. Hopefully she is not fighting a losing genetic battle though. It’s so unjust as she does everything right food and exercise wise.

Both PCOS and IR are linked with weight gain and making it hard to lose weight, as I’m sure you well know! I’ve just lost nearly 50 pounds but it is hard work when you have this, so I sympathise with you 🙁 Definitely can’t eat what my ‘normal’ friends do and stay slim.

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I have PCOS, but I didn’t have the spots you are mentioning. I did have really bad cystic acne and thinning hair, though.

My PCOS went away when I lost some weight, and more importantly, started taking birth control. I take the standard bc pill, and I think that is generally better for women with PCOS than Nuvaring because it regulates hormone levels more. I’m not positive, though, so ask a doctor about it. Right now, I just take Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo. I haven’t needed any other medication in years, and my PCOS is under control. I get regular periods, don’t have symptoms of insulin resistance. My hair and skin look really healthy, too.

If your OBGYN thinks you might have PCOS, I definitely encourage you to see an endocrinologist. They specialize in hormonal issues like PCOS, so they really could help a lot. If they suspect you could have PCOS, they will want to do a fullwork on you- bloodwork, and probably an ultrasound to see if you have cysts on your ovaries.

You are doing the right thing by getting this checked out! I know it is scary, but PCOS is not a life sentence. If you get on meds and control your diet, you can see improvements quickly.

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I would definitely have some labwork done to rule out diabetes, thyroid problems, etc. There is a thing called acanthosis nigricans which is a darkening of skin commonly found on the neck and skin folds.  Now, I obviously don’t know that this is what you have for certain; but I am a healthcare provider and in school they always taught us to watch out for this as a sign to check for underlying health problems, particularly insulin resistance/diabetes in younger people.  I hope you find a Dr. who will listen to your concerns and do a full evaluation.   

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I have PCOS and also a blood clotting disorder.  I clot to much… I cannot be on birth control because of that to treat my PCOS… so be careful and make sure you tal with your doctor <<<< get a second opinion if you current doctor is blowing it off.  My OBGYN for years kept trying to put me on birth control and I constantly had to tell her do you even look at my charts?  I have a blood clotting disorder I can’t be on brith control… she would laugh and be like oh yeah I forgot. 

Try to find a doctor who is familiar with PCOS and insulin resistant issues!  Good luck!

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