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Buzzing bee
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Stubborn belly weight, hirsutism, acne, and painful ovulation were my primary symptoms.  For quite some time, doctors ruled out PCOS because I often have shorter cycles (23-26 days isn’t unusual for me, but I’ve had a few longer cycles as well).  My current OB/GYN only caught it on a blood test because of my LH:FSH ratio…the levels themselves are within range, but not in proportion to each other.  I don’t have any detectable cysts (though I haven’t had an ultrasound), so apparently my case is mild/caught early.

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Busy bee
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Um, yeah. My periods were very rare. I would wait and wait for them to come growing up, and they wouldn’t come except one time in a few years. I was worried. Went to the doctor and was diagnosed with PCOS and ovarian cysts. My mother had it as well, so it wasn’t a big surprise. 

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I came off depo provera as BC and did not have a period for about a year. I do have mild acne – worse skin now than I did in my teens. I also have the low slung lower abdo weight and gained that very quickly when it became an issue. It took me about a year to be diagnosed (stupid university free doctors) but I’ve now had it controlled for six years – I’m looking forward to having another ultrasound later this year to see if there have been any changes to my ovarian cysts over the years.

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I had the typical symptoms – irregular periods, long cycles, no signs of ovulation, weight gain after pill, acne, hair growth in random places {particularly neck/chin, it’s AWFUL} and what-not. It’s kind of frustrating. 

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Sugar bee
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I went on the pill in high school and stayed on it for 5 years. After I went off it, I didn’t have a period for over a year– still haven’t had one since.  I’ve got the awkward hair– hello mustache! And I gained 30 pounds in the year after stopping BC.  I don’t have cysts, but I do have elevated testosterone.

I just started Metformin two weeks ago, no period yet but I have lost 7 pounds! (Totally worth the occasional stomach pain!) 

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Mine was hard to diagnose because I’m thin and while I don’t have perfect skin when not on BC, I don’t really have acne either. No hair growth in random places. The main sign was my irregular periods. I finally had an ultrasound and it revealed more follicles than normal. Apparently, there is a huge range of mild to moderate cases and mine is on the very mild side. The normal amount of follicles is around 12, I had about 22. Some people have over 50. Your ultrasound will be able to give you some answers–good luck! (Also, just FYI, I was able to conceive without meds, it just took a little longer due to long cycles). 

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Buzzing bee
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I don’t have cysts, but I do have:

-Weight gain in my stomach

-Some dark hair on my face and stomach

-Borderline insulin resistance

-Irregular periods and no ovulation


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awful pain. first it was cysts. then it was kidney stones. then it was my appendix. and back to the kidney stones. then endometriosis. and on and on. doctors would tell me it was one thing after another. my periods when i was on BC were looong. 20-30 days. now being off of BC, i hadnt had a period for 9 months. then i got one regularly for 2 months and they were both short. now im on my 3rd month without nothing. if you think you have it straight up ask a doctor to test. good luck!

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Honey bee
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I don’t have the cysts either, but I have pretty much every other textbook symptom.

Basically no period whatsoever. High testosterone levels leading to hirsutism. Terrible acne that’s only helped by high doses of estrogen. Metabolism issues. Hormone imbalance was treated for a time with meds but it didn’t seem to do much good so I’ve gone off of them. Since I absolutely don’t want kids, I’m hoping I also have the infertility symptom,lol.

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@kala_way: I flipflop between thinking the anovulation is the best BC and then getting scared because I do want children someday!

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I don’t have the typical symptoms either.  Here’s what I do have:

*difficult to lose weight

*acne on chin (when not on BCP)

*no ovulation

*very irregular periods

*slightly elevated testosterone levels

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Sugar bee
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* Long, irregular cycles (Usually 40ish days, but sometimes up to 60+)

* Annovulatory cycles

* Tummy weight, difficult to lose no matter what I try

* Neck/chin/tummy hair (the WORST part)

* Elevated testosterone levels

* Poly-cystic ovaries

* Enlarged ovary



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Busy bee
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I have:

* Irregular cycles (although now that I am on Metformin they are like clockwork – 32 days)

* Painful ovulation/ovarian cysts

*Ugh the tummy weight!

*Slightly Elevated testosterone levels

* Insulin Resistance

*I also suspect that I didn’t ovulate for a long time before going on Metformin.  Honestly, I wasn’t really paying much attention until the end of the 18 months since I went off BC (that was when we started TTC).

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