PCOS & Mirena – Cyst Burst :-(

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While I don’t have any recommendations I want to say I am so sorry about your cysts! I feel your pain, after developing many and having many burst my obgyn told me that someone with PCOS should never have Mirena as there aren’t enough hormones to regulate your body which in return equals ovarian cysts. 

I got mi Mirena removed and haven’t had a cysts sense. I was told that if I am to go back into BC is needs to be a pill Version to prevent cysts. Probably not what you want to hear as I agree the Mirena wAs amazing every other way 🙁

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I’ve been in the SAME exact situation. I got my Mirena removed 2 months ago because of reoccurring cysts (and bursts…yay). I didn’t want to go on the birth control pill either. I got the arm implant Nexplanon- no issues so far! One and done. I would recommend going that route; it’s good for 3 years. Good luck!

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I had Mirena removed after 2 months of just plain awful days,


I have approx 30+ cycts on each of my ovaries, but I don’t have PCOS (just found out after being diagnosed 3 years ago)
It’s just a symptom of my VERY out of wack hormones. (we hope)

BEFORE I had this new dianonsis, mostly just delt with and was told to just deal (by doctors) with the bursts/pain & symptoms.

i’m only week 1/6 of my new hormone treatment but I am already feeling 100x better.


I now refuse to put any hormone BC in my body, i’ve essentially ruined my own body by messing with things since being on the BCP at 13-14. 

I now use the Daysy and take my BBT every morning, it turns Birth control into a team effort instead of all being on me…


But with you being CFBC, I don’t know if thats enough of a barrier to make you feel confident in its protection. Although, done correctly can be 99.4% accurate at predicting your fertile days.


I hope the doctors go well and they are able to come up with something to help you!

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I have PCOS and have had my Mirena for the past 9 months or so. I was taken off BC pills because I have hypertension and the pills could increase my chance of a stroke. I wasn’t aware of the potential issues of the Mirena and PCOS! No one informed me of this! I will be on the lookout now. 

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sweetdee89 :  mirena frequently causes cysts even when there is no underlying PCOS. I’ve had cysts with my mirena before. Unfortunately although it’s convenient for BC, I don’t think it would be the best option for PCOS!

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sweetdee89 :   I don’t have PCOS but I got the NovaSure procedure done when I hit 40. Very simple procedure and it was done in 1 1/2 minutes after putting me out. Some doctor’s won’t do it before than but it is less drastic than having your tubes tied.  It has mostly stopped my periods for me.  If you are CFBC, you should look into it.  I am not sure if is a solution for your exact situation but I am sure you want to look at all options when speaking to your doctor. 

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ow gal, it can feel a little disheartening to find ‘another’ thing.

But a diagnosis can be life changing, wait, see how it goes & get the answers you need.


I was put on the pill early to ‘regulate’ my hormones because I was a ‘difficult child’ & I had acne as well and they wanted a quick fix.


I hope the next 2 weeks fly and you’re feeling better, let us know how you go, sending all the positive vibes I can muster.

hc. x

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