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My doc diagnosed me with PCOS but I’m still not completely sure I have it.  Post BC my cycles were ALL over the place. 60 – 45 – 60 – 53 etc etc.  I went to see the doc after 7 or 8 months to talk about it. After a couple questions he diagnosed me with PCOS and wanted to start meds but I was gun shy. I had just had 1 semi nomal cycle and wasn’t convinced my body was ‘still adjusting’. Strange to me this could be diagnosed without ‘tests’. I told him we’d keep trying for another 6 months and see what happened before starting meds.

My next cycle was long again – I ovulated a week late… but we must have timed things right because we got our miracle who is now almost 5 mos old ๐Ÿ™‚

Like the reader above there is a broad spectrum of PCOS. From long cycles to no ovulation at all. I may be on the mild end of the spectrum.

I’m still breastfeeding and have not started my period yet – but I’m very curious to see if my cycles will sort themselves out back to my pre-BC days or if they’ll continue to be irregular.

I have other friends with PCOS with success stories as well.

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I wish there was a “like” button for these posts!  It is so encouraging to read these stories!

@angela2011bride:  Great thread idea!!!!

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@thelovecats: Thank you so much for sharing!  It gives me hope that it can happen!

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@MrsMaine: Thank you and you’re welcome!


@Candy_Nee: You’re welcome! Glad I could help!

 Also if this makes it any more helpful, I am 37 and I really felt like the odds were against me, but I’m doing just fine.  I got pg with no help from Clomid or anything. My doctor was pushing Clomid on me, and I was going to take it if I didn’t get pg right away, because I thought it might give me a stronger O even though I knew I was O’ing. I figured it couldn’t hurt, but luckily I didn’t need it. Another thing that made me adamant to go natural was because I couldn’t take the pill due to the clotting disorder. So I had to research and figure stuff out on my own. Definitely the 25 pounds has made some sort of crazy difference in my body. I read that weight bearing/weight lifting exercises are great for PCOS. I think the P90X being that way and the low carb made the difference. I used to run 3-4 miles a day and could not drop a pound! I started P90X and the weight fell off. WEIRD! I mean I know that building muscle increases metabolism but I didn’t realize how much of a difference that it would really make. As soon as this baby comes, my love affair with Tony Horton is back on! lol

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I have PCOS and I have a daughter.  All I did was change my eating pattern to vegetarian stirfries for 2 months and I concieved – by accident.  Something to consider?

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@angela2011bride:  I wasn’t.  I wasn’t getting periods or anything.  Just that shock to my system to eat better really kickstarted me.  I got a period, got another one, then got pregnant ๐Ÿ™‚  I can’t say I lost any weight, but I felt better y’know?

It just takes some real dedication and drive.  Give it a go.  Fresh veges.  Cut back the carbs and fruit and eat those veges.  See how it makes you feel.

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I’m entering this discussion late. I’m 37 with PCOS and TTC.  I haven’t gotten pregnant, but I’ve seen impressive results through losing weight, acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. The book, Making Babies really helped me get a grip on what is in my control.  My whole life I had been told that just about the only thing I can do is take the pill and not worry about it until I want to get pregnant.  And now I’m 37 and just really learning that there’s a lot more that I can do to help this condition and build my fertility.  I frankly feel cheated.

I just came off the pill a month ago and sought an herbalist for help.  Going off the pill is awful for me normally.  With the help of herbs, it was smooth as I could imagine it.  I’m doing BBT charting and found that my cycle was near perfect: ovulation on day 15 and a 12-day luteal phase. After years of wondering if I could dare to dream of having children, I have hope.


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I was diagnosed with pcos when I was about 20 years. my periods were so irregular and most of my doctors gave up on me. I got married at 25 and 4 years later now I have a beautiful little girl. She is gonna be 1 year old now. my doctor put me on clomid and metformin 3 times daily 500 mg. I was asked to reduce weight. that is definitely one hell of a task. And girls please make sure that u don’t get into depression or worries. eat as u like. Stop worrying and stressing yourself. Keep yourself busy with anything to do that also has some physical activity. take your medicines according to your body because u know it best. You will get through it.

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I was diagnosed with PCOS (through bloodwork and ultrasound) in June of 2014. I was 31 at the time. I was devastated by the diagnosis because at that time all I had heard about were the fertility implications.

I had been on birth control pretty much uninterrupted since I was around 16 so it wasn’t until I went off the BCP about a year prior to diagnosis that I realized how irregular my cycles were.

For the majority of my adult life I have been overweight but it has always fluctuated from about 10 pounds overweight to 30 pounds. Trying to eat healthy and lose weight were already on my radar years before any sort of diagnosis. Thankfully, I didn’t seem to suffer from any of the other symptoms.

So when I went off the BCP I got two relatively regular periods and then they stopped completely. I went around 200 days without a period and this was when I was diagnosed. At this point I had a chemically induced period but no cycles seemed to happen on their own after that either (cue the fertility panic).

Since my husband was living 10 hours away for about 6 months we had planned to just wait and see what happened with my cycles and then when he returned home we would try Clomid and hope that it was enough to get some cycles going for TTC.

Coincidentally, I got a period a few weeks before he came home and then the next month I got a BFP. I’m now 14 weeks pregnant and so far everything seems to be progressing normally.

We were SHOCKED as we clearly just got really lucky with our timing as we weren’t even TTC (clearly not preventing either though). I took the test on a whim assuming there was NO way so when it came out positive I couldnt believe it. Then I continued with my denial up until I was about 6 weeks as I was terrified of the increased miscarriage rates and all the other fun PCOS/early pregnancy stuff. Once I saw the gestational sac on ultrasound I finally started to accept that this was actually happening.

Hope this story gives some a good read. I’m happy to discuss more if anyone is looking for some further info. Feel free to message me.

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