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Yep, diagnosed with PCOS earlier this year. I kinda always knew something was wrong. I been seeing a gynaecologist since I was 16 due to absent or very infrequent periods (2-3 times a year if I was lucky). Did countless bloodtests, ultrasounds, etc. and they couldn’t figure it out. Finally went back again at the beginning of the year since my lovely monthy visitor overstayed its visit for 3 months. They finally diagnosed me with the bad news.

My doctor tells me that it runs in the family. My sister has had it for years and her symptoms are worse than mine. I’m considered a lean PCOS which seems to be a minority. I only weigh 115 lbs. My symptoms are very mild… Infrequent periods, anxiety, dealt with depression-like symptoms, mild acne… It’s really not bad compare to the majority of those who struggle with PCOS.

As for TTC… Well I’m not planning to try anytime soon. But yes, it is more difficult. Not impossible…  Just harder. Don’t rule it out though ๐Ÿ™‚

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@OhBeeHive84:  Hi there! I was just diagnosed back in the spring, but I feel that I have a fairly “typical” case of PCOS. Here’s my experience.

1) Did you have any symptoms? YES – long, irregular cycles that were occasionally annovulatory, extreme trouble losing weight, insulin resistance/sensitivity, acne, weight gain around my stomach, possible cysts on my ovaries, plus a myriad of other symptoms.

2) How did you find out you had it? After a year of TTC with no results, and cycles that averaged around 60 days, I headed to the doctor and naturopath. I had an ultrasound to check out my ovaries, and a blood test to look at my hormone levels.

3) Does it run in your family? Not that I know of, though the cysts definitely do.

4) What does it mean for TTCing..is it harder? YES. Because my cycles are so unpredictable, it makes it very difficult to know when to do the deed.

Hope this helps!


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Another thing about TTC… I’ve read that miscarriage rates can be as high as 30-50%. ๐Ÿ™  which can get quite discouraging 

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symptoms: Irregular cycles, although I have a period every month I cant pinpoint on which day it would fall.Its a case of luck of the draw!Im not overweight,although I do find it hard to lose weight.

Discovery: I went to the docs after we had been trying for over 2 years, and also because I had a 49 day cycle, way longer than normal for me. I was sent for two ultrasounds which concluded a “strong possibility of PCOS” Ive had bloods takem but not yet got the results.

Family?: Not that I know of, although my Mum and Dad struggled to conceive me for a few years!so its a possibility that its just never been previously diagnosed.

TTC?:Its good to know why we were struggling to conceive after so long, and Im relieved theyve found a cause so quickly,but its made things more difficult,definately. Its hard making appointments (which we sometimes have to wait weeks for) getting test after test,waiting for results,then more appointments…it gets frustrating to say the least.


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@Azyriah:  I heard 50-60% chance,another thing to check next time I see my doc!

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Symptoms: Do not have periods on my own (without medication), I am an average PCOSer (meaning I am not obese due to PCOS; however, I do find it hard to lose weight), I also notice that I am greasier, and my hair is thinner when I am not treating the symptoms. (I am not treating because I am TTC)

Diagnoses: at 13 years old, I got my period and then it stopped, my physician did a blood panel and ultrasound and diagnosed me with PCOS.

Family: My Reproductive endocrinologist suspects that my mom also had PCOS but was undiagnosed.

TTC: YES! I do not ovulate on my own and now I am on my 5th clomid cycle (which is a fertily drug) and I have not ovulated yet. If I don’t ovulate this month I will be moving on to another treatment plan! ๐Ÿ™

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I’m an odd case. I was diagnosed a little over ten years ago, but told by a doctor 6 months ago that she thinks I was misdiagnosed. I’ll get another Opinion when I next live in an English speaking country.

Symptoms: hair on my neck (thick and coarse. I pluck daily. I do have insanely thick head hair though). Moderatly severe acne until I was 24, when it magically cleared up apart from a few spots around my period (but from age 12 to age 24 there literally wasnt one pimple free day). The acne thing happened to my mother though, so may be unrelated (she definitely doesn’t have PCOS). I’m overweight, not obese, a but I believe that’s my unhealthy lifestyle. In the past, when I ate healthier and exercised frequently, there was no more difficulty than the average person in losing weight. I also am very curvy, and carry no more on my stomach than is proportianally expected (my boobs and butt, on the other hand!).

My periods are oddly regular, in that they can shift by a day or 2, and have gradually shifted between three and five weekly, but I absolutely get one monthly, and can predict it within a 5 day period. These shifts happen over months and months though, not 5 weeks to 3 weeks in one month. I used to occasionally skip periods, or have them very late, but the last time that happened was when I was 18, I’m 27 now. I also get severe period pain, my ultrasound that undiagnosed” me was actually to look for endometriosis signs (none were found).

I have no insulin resistance (last checked 9 months ago) and I believe from CM signs and obvioushormonal changes that I ovulate.

How did I find out: When I was 16, through a pelvic ultrasound and blood work. “undiagnosed” through a transvaginal ultrasound and discussion of symptoms.

Family: none, but a tonne of diabetes. 

TTC: from what I know it can be harder to concieve and the risks of miscarriage go up. Certain drugs can help with this. Fiance and I plan on TTC in about 2 years (we need to be living in the same country and married first). This is be no means ideal, our money will be very, very tight (although we are saving ahead), but we wanted to leave time for fertility treatments if they are needed. I did read a stat that around 80% of women with PCOS will be able to have a baby somehow though (treatments or naturally).

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I was diagnosed over 2.5 years ago, but have always suspected that I had it, but don’t have the typical symptoms…

1) Did you have any symptoms? Some, but not all.  I have basically no period unless it’s medically induced, I don’t ovulate, I’m slightly overweight but not obese, it’s pretty hard for me to lose weight, hormonal acne breakouts on my chin.  But, I don’t have the insulin resistance, hair growth issues, or any of the other symptoms.

2) How did you find out you had it?  After not having a preriod for 7 months and beginning to TTC, my GYN did bloodwork and determined I have a slightly elevated testosterone level and diagnosed me with PCOS.  I’ve been tested before, but it didn’t show up then

3) Does it run in your family?  Not as far as I know.  Of my mom and sisters, I’m the only one with any issues.  I don’t even think I have an aunt or female cousin with it.

4) What does it mean for TTCing..is it harder?  Yes, it was harder for me.  I tried 2 different oral meds (Femara and Clomid) to make me ovulate which I did not respond to. I also did 2 injectable with timed intercourse cycles.  The injectables did make me ovulate.  It was finally injectables paired with IUI that got me pregnant. 

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@OhBeeHive84: I have PCOS.. 

1) Did you have any symptoms? Acne. This was under control for years when I was on birth control. Long irregular cycles was the other tell tale symptom. 

2) How did you find out you had it? I suspected my whole life due to long irregular cycles but only had it confirmed at my first ultrasound when I was pregnant. 

3) Does it run in your family? I don’t know. My mother has never been tested for it. 

4) What does it mean for TTCing..is it harder? I got lucky and was pregnant 4 months after we started trying. My cycles were longer so I had less chances to get pregnant. Sometimes PCOS cause annovulation, but it seems I was ovulating (lucky I guess). 


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Add me to the list!


1) My symptoms were irregular period cycles and extra hair growth

2) I had severe pain due to a cyst and after an ultrasound at my gyno’s I got diagnosed, around 1.5 yrs ago.

3) It does run in my family, my mother and aunt both have it.

4) We plan to TTC starting this summer. I am trying to heal myself holistically first: I am losing weight and taking some herbal pills. I plan on considering medication like clomid and metformin if I don’t get pregnant naturally within a year.

I have lots of anxiety over all of this, but am hopeful that a healthy diet and exercise may be the key to conception.

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Yup! for years. I had horrible painful periods. Starting when I was only 11. When I was 16 I passed out from the pain and heavy bleeding. I was told by my pediatrician at the time I was “SENSITIVE” to pain.


When I was 18. A grape fruit sized cyst on my ovary ruptured whiel I was sleeping. I woke up in pain and covered in blood. I went to a urologist thinking I had passed a kidney stone.. They did a sonogram and saw free floating fluid in my abdomen and referred me to the gyno. I went and was diagnosed. I was never over weight, never had facial hair but my horome were out of whack.


It does run in my family. I am adopted. My birth mother had similar issues with her periods but was never diagnosed. There is also a long standing history of twins in my biological family. Which is thought to be from hyperovulation (which could be causing the PCOS)

I was told it would be near impossible for me to concieve alone ๐Ÿ™ but no one in my biological family was ever infertile so I am hopeful


ANOTHER NOTE- I was reccently diagnosed with hashimotos thyrioditis. Its fairly common in people with PCOS. Its an autoimmune disease which also complicated TTC, weight gain, horomonal imbalances and much more.

4) What does it mean for TTCing..is it harder?

Thanks Bee’s

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1) Did you have any symptoms? Yes! Tracing back to puberty even, I think alot about how I developed as a woman can be traced back to PCOS. I have “man hands”, wide shoulders, and big feet. Not to mention your textbook lack of ovulation, excess hair growth, hard time loosing weight, the carbohydrate addiction which makes gaining weight, especially in my belly much easier. Most of my symptoms (with the exception of the permanent ones, ie my body structure) are relieved with managing diet and excercise, and homeopathic medications; unfortunately though, with my work tempo and the wedding stress, i gained the 50lbs I lost 3 years ago back, in a matter of 8 months. I got back into the horrible habit of “eating my stress”. With the weight all my symptoms came back, actually even worse than before, as they caused fibroids, which I’d never had before.

2) How did you find out you had it? I “WebMD” diagnosed myself, after years of symptoms. Since menarche at 12, i’ve had maybe 10 normal cycles. 10 in 10 years.

3) Does it run in your family? It does not, but female hormone based disorders do. My mother and her mother both had breast cancer, my aunt had endometriosis, and my sisters acne has pretty much been pinpointed as estrogen-based by her dermatologist, They

4) What does it mean for TTCing..is it harder?  I can’t definitively say, as I have never been pregnant, but i feel that for me, when I was at a healthier size,  I had every chance that a sexually active “normal” woman would have. However, now that my symptoms are back, i haven’t ovulated since before last Christmas; it definetly has made an impact on TTC. If I am unable to lose my weight, or if my weightloss doesnt result in the remission of my symptoms, I will see a specialist for help.

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